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Mechanical locking system for panels and method of installing same

ActiveUS20080034708A1Simple horizontal displacementReduces snapping resistanceCovering/liningsWallsMechanical engineeringEngineering
Floor panels ( 1, 1 ') are provided with a mechanical locking system including a flexible locking element 15 in a locking groove 14 which during a horizontal motion is displaced vertically.

Glider bar for flooring system

InactiveUS6134854AUniversal utilityCeilingsTreadsEngineeringMechanical engineering
A flooring system for use with floating floors is described which includes a glider bar having base portions including extending rails in the form of dovetail protrusions. The bases and rails are longitudinally moveable relative to anchoring plates, which anchoring plates are affixed to a subflooring. Flush finished floor moldings are slid longitudinally along the rails and are glued or mechanically fixed, at one side only, to the adjacent floating laminate flooring. By this assembly, smooth transitions between adjacent floating floors, or where floating floors meet another hard floor covering, or carpet, can be achieved. The system can also be used with flush stair nosing elements.

Self-insulation wall with high energy conservation property

The invention discloses a self-insulation wall with a high energy conservation property, and belongs to the field of building wall materials. The self-insulation wall with the high energy conservation property is mainly characterized in that building blocks of a self-insulation wall body are shaped like a T, building blocks of a self-insulation right-angle wall corner are in a flower shape and a scissor shape, building blocks of a self-insulation T-shaped wall corner are provided with either a T-shaped top with a handle or a T-shaped bottom with a handle, when the wall body is built, one of every two horizontally adjacent self-insulation wall bricks is placed in a T shape, the other one is placed in a reverse T shape, when the right-angle wall corner is built, the flower-shaped and scissor-shaped building blocks of the self-insulation right-angle wall corner are alternatively placed, and when the T-shaped wall corner is built, the building blocks, provided with either the T-shaped top with the handle or the T-shaped bottom with the handle, of the self-insulation T-shaped wall corner are alternatively placed. The self-insulation wall with the high energy conservation property has the advantage of improving the energy conservation property.

Tile spacer and leveler

A method for installing tiles includes the steps of positioning a base in overlying relation to cementitious material. First and second spacer arms are formed on the base in normal relation to one another. Preselected corners of four tiles are positioned in overlying relation to the base and are spaced apart from one another by the spacer arms. A post having ratchet teeth is formed integrally with the base at the center of the base. A disc receives the post and a pawl formed in the disc prevents displacement of the disc away from the base. The disc is positioned in overlying relation to the four corners of the tiles so that it overlies and holds the tiles level between the base and the disc. After curing of the cementitious material, an installer twists the disc in a plane parallel to the tiles until the post breaks off.

Mechanical locking of floor panels with vertical folding

ActiveUS8689512B2Easy to installCounteract and prevent separationSnap fastenersCovering/liningsMechanical engineering
Floor panels (1, 1′, 1″) are shown, which are provided with a mechanical locking system on long and short edges (5a, 5b, 4a, 4b) allowing installation with vertical folding and where the long edge (5a, 5b) locking system prevents separation of the short edges (4a, 4b) during the folding action.

Substrate and the application

This invention relates to a substrate and the application. In particular, this invention discloses a substrate which has at least one contact structure at least on one side and at least one contact structure at least on one surface of the substrate. The substrate includes a thermal insulation material comprising at least two materials selecting from a thermal energy reflecting material, a homogeneous foam material, a heterogeneous foam material, a skin material, a skeleton structured material, an electromagnetic wave shielding material. The substrate may be used to construct various articles with different features of energy saving, decoration and protection as well as simple installation for various applications.

Flooring Boards With Press Down Locking Mechanism

InactiveUS20100031594A1Improved press down locking mechanismWallsFloorsRoof tileLocking mechanism
A hardwood floor system with press down locking mechanism. Each floor board is equipped with both male and female locking mechanisms. The male locking mechanism of a floor bard can be locked into the female locking mechanism of an adjacent floor board by simply exerting downward force on the floor board. The female locking mechanism is equipped with a spring slot that enables easy engagement of male and female locking mechanisms. The invention may be applied not only floor boards, but also to wall tiles and roof tiles.
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