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2025 results about "Modular structure" patented technology

A modular organizational structure refers to a business that can be separated and recombined to work more efficiently. Automotive, computer and appliance manufacturers have been on the cutting edge of modular study, but the principle can be applied to any business, large or small.

System and method for data synchronization for a computer architecture for broadband networks

A computer architecture and programming model for high speed processing over broadband networks are provided. The architecture employs a consistent modular structure, a common computing module and uniform software cells. The common computing module includes a control processor, a plurality of processing units, a plurality of local memories from which the processing units process programs, a direct memory access controller and a shared main memory. A synchronized system and method for the coordinated reading and writing of data to and from the shared main memory by the processing units also are provided. A processing system for processing tasks is also provided. The processing system includes processing devices and an absolute timer. The absolute timer defines a time budget. The time budget provides a time period for the completion of tasks by selected processing devices independent of clock frequencies employed by the processing devices for processing the tasks.

Interbody fusion system with intervertebral implant retention assembly

ActiveUS20100217393A1Eliminating exacerbation of instabilityImprove stabilitySpinal implantsFastenersPosterior instrumentationCorpectomy
The present disclosure is directed towards a biomechanical implant and anterior, lateral or posterior instrumentation construct. The construct may be of unitary or modular construction, whereby a single molded construction can form the entire assembly, in which case the through holes may be adapted to receive a metallic insert for screw fixation; or alternatively be of a modular construction wherein the anterior/lateral instrumentation and intervertebral spacer are designed for removable locking engagement, one with the other, for insertion by the surgeon as a unitary construct. A unique feature of the construct resides within the instrumentation construction, whereby a single opening formed therein permits two bone screws, or the like fastener device, to be positioned within both the superior and inferior vertebral bodies surrounding the spacer implant, or, for example in the case of a corpectomy or diskectomy with cage insertion, wherein two screws can be fixed within a single vertebral body through a single through hole, and wherein the bone screws are constructed and arranged to cooperate with the retention plate so as to provide locking engagement, one to the other, with the retention plate, upon final fixation thereof. Screw retention elements of alternative shape, based upon the choice of vertical or horizontal orientation, based upon an opened figure eight design, are provided for insertion in a groove formed in the borehole of the instrumentation plate which allows insertion of each fixation element but will prevent a loosened fixation element from falling out of the plate.

Control system and method for an equipment service vehicle

An aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicle comprises a chassis module, a cab module, and a control system. The control system further comprises a plurality of input devices, a plurality of output devices, a plurality of interface modules, and a communication network. The plurality of interface modules is distributed throughout the fire fighting vehicle and are coupled to each other by way of the communication network. The plurality of interface modules are each coupled to the plurality of input devices and output devices. The plurality of interface modules are operative to control the output devices based on input status information from the plurality of input devices. Some of the plurality of interface modules are mounted on the chassis module and other ones of the plurality of interface modules are mounted on the cab module. The cab module is mounted on top of the chassis and is modular in construction such that the cab module is mounted on top of the chassis module as a substantially complete stand-alone unit.

Rack for supporting circularly symmetrical containers

The invention relates to a rack for supporting cask-type containers. The rack comprises a plurality of modular structures each suitable for receiving a single container, each modular structure presenting a back vertical mean plane and a substantially parallel front vertical mean plane, and having top fixing points, bottom fixing points, and support means close to said bottom fixing points, said support means being substantially contained in a horizontal plane so as to support a container. The modular structures are connected to one another via their fixing points on a horizontal axis and on a vertical axis so that each upper modular structure straddles two lower modular structures.

Protective cushion and cooperatively engageable helmet casing for anesthetized patient

InactiveUS6490737B1Aid in temperature controlEasy to viewOperating tablesEye treatmentTemperature controlChin
A protective helmet apparatus of modular construction to be worn by anesthetized patients for facial support during surgery. The helmet apparatus is assembled using one of a plurality of interchangeable, substantially transparent helmet casings, which are removably attachable to a plurality of dismountable facial cushions providing even support to the facial surface of a patient. The removable facial cushions are dimensioned on and interior surface to accommodate different sized facial structures of different patients to yield maximum pressure diffusion on the face and chin of the patient and are replaceable when worn. The exterior surface of the facial cushions are dimensioned for cooperative engagement with the interior surface of the helmet casing. A plurality of different facial cushions and helmet casings are modular in design and dimension to be interchangeable with each other thus providing accommodate the broad differences in facial structure and size of patients using them for surgery. The cushions may be marked with printed or color coded indicia to designate size. A view of the patients eyes and surrounding area is afforded through in line ocular apertures extending around a front surface area and up at least one sidewall. The ocular aperture is in line with a cushion ocular aperture when the cushion is engaged with the casing thereby allowing a view of the patent eye and surrounding face through the ocular aperture from the side of the device. Additional utility is provided by variable elevation above a registered engagement with a mount which also may provide a mirrored surface to reflect the patent facial features for viewing by upright doctors and operating staff. An optional integral heating element aids in temperature control of the patient's head during surgery.

Modular construction element

An elongate modular decking plank is provided for assembly on a supporting subfloor together with a plurality of like planks to form a decking structure. The decking plank has a top wall spaced-apart from a bottom wall, and opposing laterally spaced downwardly converging side walls interconnecting the top and bottom walls. An integrally-formed flange extends outwardly from the bottom wall on one of said sides of the decoding plank. The flange includes a fastening portion for receiving fasteners therethrough to the supporting subfloor to mount the decking plank on the supporting subfloor, and a connecting portion for connecting the plank to an adjacent like plank in a manner which permits limited lateral and angular adjustment between adjacent planks. The plank is preferably extruded from high-impact polymeric material, such as PVC plastic.

Modular command structure for memory and memory system

A system including a memory system and a memory controller is connected to a host system. The memory system has at least one memory device storing data. The controller translates the requests from the host system to one or more separatable commands interpretable by the at least one memory device. Each command has a modular structure including an address identifier for one of the at least one memory devices and a command identifier representing an operation to be performed by the one of the at least one memory devices. The at least one memory device and the controller are in a series-connection configuration for communication such that only one memory device is in communication with the controller for input into the memory system. The memory system can include a plurality of memory devices connected to a common bus.

DNA modular cloning vector plasmids and methods for their use

A group of modular cloning vector plasmids for the synthesis of a transgene or other complicated DNA construct, by providing a backbone having docking points therein, for the purpose of gene expression or analysis of gene expression. The invention is useful for assembling a variety of DNA fragments into a de novo DNA construct or transgene by using cloning vectors optimized to reduce the amount of manipulation frequently needed. The module vector contains at least one multiple cloning site (MCS) and multiple sets of rare restriction and / or unique homing endonuclease (“HE”) sites, arranged in a linear pattern. This arrangement defines a modular architecture that allows the user to place domain modules or inserts into a PE3 transgene vector construct without disturbing the integrity of DNA elements already incorporated into the PE3 vector in previous cloning steps. The PE3 transgenes produced using the invention may be used in a single organism, or in a variety of organisms including bacteria, yeast, mice, and other eukaryotes with little or no further modification.

Four dimension mixed linking robot

A 4-freedom robot with series-parallel connection is composed of the parallel mechanism for two translational freedoms, the rotation mechanism for two rotational freedoms, which is serially connected to said parallel mechanism, and the executing mechanism installed to said rotation mechanism. Its advantages are modular design, effective generation of dominant feed direction, and wide job range.

Slickline Conveyed Debris Management System

A wellbore cleanup tool is run on slickline. It has an onboard power supply and circulation pump. Inlet flow is at the lower end into an inlet pipe that keeps up fluid velocity. The inlet pipe opens to a surrounding annular volume for sand containment and the fluid continues through a screen and into the pump for eventual exhaust back into the water in the wellbore. A modular structure is envisioned to add debris carrying capacity. Various ways to energize the device are possible. Other tools run on slickline are described such as a cutter, a scraper and a shifting tool. A motor driven by an onboard power supply operates the circulation pump as well as a vibration device to agitate the debris and prevent coring into the debris if compacted. A shroud presents an alternate flow path if the housing lower end is embedded in debris.

Full-automatic biological chips detection system

The invention discloses a full automatic biochip detection system belonging to the clinical detection field of multi-marker biochips. The system adopts modular structure and comprises an automatic sample processing module, a reaction washing module, a detection module, a Tip head storage module, a reagent storage module, a biochip storage module, a sample storage module, a system base, an electric control box and a computer, the electric control box and all the modules are operated under the control of software, so as to realize the automatic sampling, the sample adding, the reaction, the washing, the detection and other processes. All the modules can work independently and can also be combined together and matched for work. The full automatic biochip detection system can overcome the shortcomings of the existing biochip detector and reduce the errors caused by human operation, and has stable and reliable detection result and good flexibility, so that the full automatic biochip detection system can not only greatly improve the detection efficiency, but also can be conductive to the accuracy of the detection result; the system has simple operation, therefore, the system is not only applicable to the scientific research and the applications of laboratories and hospitals, but also can be used for large-scale sample screening of large-scale hospitals and blood stations.

Quick-disconnect storage box modular structure

InactiveUS20130048632A1Quick assemblyAssembled easily and conveniently and quicklyRigid containersDismountable cabinetsModularityEngineering
A storage box modular structure fastened by a biaxial positioning method is provided to facilitate assembling and disassembling a storage box manually and quickly. The storage box is formed by combining panels, and the modular structure is installed between two adjacent panels. A first joint surface and a second joint surface are disposed on the two panels respectively. The modular structure includes a containing hole formed on the first joint surface, a through hole formed between the second joint surface of the panel and an external wall. A fastener and a spring are installed in the containing hole, and the spring drives the fastener to be implemented into the through hole to fasten two panels. An external object is inserted from the external wall into the through hole to push the fastener to resume its original position, so as to separate the two panels and improve the convenience of use.

Modular bridge structure construction and repair system

InactiveUS6857156B1Fast and efficient constructionFast and efficient and repair processBridge structural detailsBridge erection/assemblyModular structureEngineering
A modular structure construction and repair system for use in new bridge construction and old bridge repair. The invention comprises a plurality of prefabricated modules which have a plurality of longitudinally extending beams and deck portions molded thereto. The modules are positioned over a plurality of girders so that longitudinal joints are formed above the girder. In the repair of an old bridge, an old section of the bridge deck is removed, and the modules are positioned on the existing girders. The modules are attached to the girders such that a shear connection is provided therebetween. Precompression may also be applied to clamp the sides of adjacent deck portions together. Various embodiments disclose this precompression and the shear connections.

Appliance with refuelable and rechargeable metal-air fuel cell battery power supply unit integrated therein

A device / system having an integrated refuelable and rechargable metal-air FCB based power supply unit for generating and providing electrical power to at least one electrical-energy-consuming load device disposed therein. An external power source is used to recharge the metal-air FCB subsystems embodied therein. A control subsystem automatically transitions between discharging mode (wherein at least one metal-air FCB subsystem supplies electrical power to the electrical power-consuming load device) and a recharging mode (wherein the external power source is electrically coupled to at least one metal-air FCB subsystem to thereby recharge the metal-air FCB subsystem(s). The metal-air FCB subsystem(s) are refueled by manually loading and unloading metal-fuel from the metal-air FCB subsystem(s). Preferably, electrical power provided to the at least one electrical power-consuming load device is supplied solely by electrical power generated by discharging metal-fuel in the metal-air fuel cell battery subsystem(s). In addition, the metal-air FCB subsystem(s) preferably has a modular architecture that enable flexible and user-friendly operations in loading of metal-fuel, unloading of consumed metal-fuel, replacement of the ionic-conducting medium, and replacement of the cathode.

Modular mechanical crab

InactiveCN101088835AWith self-turning walking functionHas shock-absorbing and shock-resistant propertiesSelf-moving toy figuresMechanical energy handlingRemote controlComputer module
The modular mechanical crab includes one trunk and at least one pair of walking legs, the trunk has one mounted controller and one remote control device, and each of the walking legs consists of three modular structures, one front section, one middle section and one end section, connected serially. It has also fixed board for connecting the walking legs to the trunk, and damping modules and 3D force sensors mounted in the front sections of the walking legs. Each of the modular structures includes one DC servo motor, one transmission mechanism connected to the DC servo motor, and one transfer joint block connecting the transmission mechanism to other structural module. The modular mechanical crab in modular structure with self locking and adjustable motor protecting characteristic has function of self turning and walking in complicated conditions, capacity of moving and operating in amphibious environment, and other functions and advantages.

Modular construction system

A system for modular construction comprising a plurality of structural members. Each of the plurality of structural members comprises a first lengthwise side and a second lengthwise side opposite the first lengthwise side. Each of the lengthwise sides are generally parallel to each other. Each of the plurality of structural members also comprises a first widthwise side and a second widthwise side opposite the first widthwise side. Each of the widthwise sides are generally parallel to each other. Each of the plurality of structural members also comprises at least two slots along one of said lengthwise sides. Each of the slots comprise a pair of generally parallel slot sides, an open end along one of the lengthwise sides, a slot axis parallel to and disposed equally between the slot sides. A first one of the at least two slots defines a first outside slot which is located nearest to the first widthwise side and a second one of the at least two slots defines a second outside slot which is located nearest to the second widthwise side. The distance between the slot axis of the first outside slot and the first widthwise side is a predetermined slot-to-side distance, and the distance between the slot axis of the second outside slot and the second widthwise side is a whole-number multiple of the predetermined slot-to-side distance. The distance between each of the slot axes of the at least two slots along one of said lengthwise sides is a whole-number multiple of the predetermined slot-to-side distance. Each of the at least two slots along one of the lengthwise sides of one of the plurality of structural members is detachably and selectively connected slot-to-slot to one of all of the at least two slots along one of the lengthwise sides of each of the other of the plurality of structural members.

Real-time video coding/decoding

A video codec having a modular structure for encoding / decoding a digitized sequence of video frames in a multi-core system is described. The video codec comprises a memory unit; a multithreading engine. and a plurality of control and task modules organized in a tree structure, each module corresponding to a coding operation. The modules communicate with each other by control messages and shared memory. The control modules control all coding logic and workflow, and lower level task modules perform tasks and provide calculations upon receiving messages from the control task modules. The multithreading engine maintains context of each task and assigns at least one core to each task for execution. The method of coding / decoding comprises denoising, core motion estimation, distributed motion estimation, weighted texture prediction and error resilient decoding.
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