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Fully-automatic mahjong machine

The invention relates to a fully-automatic mahjong machine comprising a board sending system, a board loading system, a board lifting system and a large shuffling disc. The board sending system comprises four board sending mechanisms, each board sending mechanism comprises a transmission rack, and a board sending motor, a board absorbing wheel, a transmission belt, a transmission platform, a board inlet guiding piece and a board outlet guiding piece fixed on the transmission rack; a board sending channel is arranged at the upper end of the transmission platform, the board absorbing wheel is tightly attached at the lower end of a board inlet opening of the board sending channel, the board inlet guiding piece is positioned above the board absorbing wheel, the board outlet guiding piece is positioned at a board outlet opening of the board inlet channel, the board sending motor is used for driving a motor guiding wheel, the motor guiding wheel is positioned below the transmission platform, and the transmission belt loops the motor guiding wheel, the board absorbing wheel and the transmission platform. In the invention, for the mahjong boards with different widths, the board sending mechanism of the mahjong machine can run normally by only replacing the corresponding board inlet guiding piece and the board outlet guiding piece, and a transmission rack cover does not need to be changed, so that the operation is simple and convenient, and the board inlet guiding piece and the board outlet guiding piece has extremely low production cost relative to the transmission rack cover.

Large-capacity high power polymer ferric lithium phosphate power cell and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a large-capacity high-power polymer lithium iron phosphate power battery. The weight ratio of anode slurry is as follows: 81 to 85 percent of lithium iron phosphate, 1 to 5.5 percent of superconduction carbon, 0 to 2.5 percent of conductive carbon soot, 0 to 4 percent of conductive black lead, 0 to 2.5 percent of crystalline flake graphite, 0 to 2 percent of carbon nanometer tube as well as 6 to 7.5 percent of polyvinylidene fluoride; the weight ratio of cathode slurry is as follows: 89 to 91 percent of cathode material, 1 to 3.5 percent of superconduction carbon, 0 to 2 percent of conductive carbon soot, 0 to 4 percent of conductive black lead, 2.5 to 3.5 percent of styrene-butadiene rubber as well as 1.5 to 2 percent of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose; the steps for preparing the battery are as follows: preparing slurry, coating the anode and the cathode, rolling and pressing a polar plate, transversely and separately cutting the polar plate, baking the polar plate, welding the polar ears of the anode and the cathode, preparing a battery cell, putting the electric core into a shell and sealing, baking the electric core, injecting liquid into the battery as well as forming the battery and dividing the volume of the battery. The invention relates to a lithium-ion secondary battery which can provide drive energies for electric tools, electric bicycles, motor cars and electric vehicles.

Magic rollator

The present utility model disclosed a main support frame, which has two bushings each set on the right and left side of said main support frame respectively; two supporting pipes, each inserted in one of the bushings of the main support frame; two P-shaped armrests, each connects with one of the supporting pipes; two pairs of front-wheel assembly and rear wheel assembly, each pair of front-wheel assembly and rear wheel assembly is connected with the main support frame; and a seat component comprising a seat body and a folding mechanism, said seat component can be folded in the middle and is set between the left side and right side of main support frame. Said folding mechanism consists of a first branch pipe and a second branch pipe, which hinge joint with each other in the middle, one end of the first branch pipe and the second branch pipe hinge joint with the left side and right side of the main support frame respectively, the other end connect with the two ends of said seat body respectively. The improvements of the magic rollator are that: the structure is simple, it is easy to be folded and the folded volume of it is small, it stands stably and is convenient for storing and transporting, the height of it is adjustable to meet the requirements of different users; the components of it are easy to be processed, the cost is low, meanwhile the components are assembled by bushing parts and jointed together by elastic blocking joints, it is unnecessary to use special tool to mount or dismount it, so it is suitable for customers to use.
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