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Method for breeding beef cattle and mutton sheep standardly on large scale through photovoltaic facilities

A method for breeding beef cattle and mutton sheep standardly on a large scale through photovoltaic facilities includes the four parts that first, a photovoltaic facility greenhouse is built, maize seedlings or high-quality green forage grass Zea mexicana is produced throughout the year to be used as green fodder of beef cattle and mutton sheep; second, the beef cattle and the mutton sheep are bred and bio-organic fertilizer is produced standardly on a large scale through the photovoltaic facility greenhouse; third, photovoltaic power generation is performed for self use, and excessive electricity is connected into the state grid; fourth, a beef cattle and mutton sheep traceable system is built, and foods are made safe and sanitary. Through the method, not only can solar resources be effectively utilized to output clean and green energy, but also efficient planting and breeding can be achieved, by-products are processed into organic fertilizer, and a new path is provided for green agricultural production. Because a full-frame high-standard support system is adopted for the photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse and photovoltaic modules are arranged on the greenhouse, the space of the greenhouse can be effectively utilized, power utilized in the greenhouse can be supplied through a photovoltaic power station, and equivalently, stereoscopic production is formed on the land with the same area.
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Air indirect cooling refrigerator and temperature control method thereof

The invention provides a temperature control method of an air indirect cooling refrigerator. The temperature control method includes steps of A, dividing n equal parts between upper limit voltage V1 and lower limit voltage Vn+1 according to the preset value n to acquire n+1 voltage values V1 to Vn+1, and acquiring upper limit temperature Tu and lower limit temperature Td according to preset temperature Ts of a refrigerating chamber and preset difference temperature delta T; B, detecting current temperature Tc of the refrigerating chamber, comparing the Tc with the Td, starting counting, and setting a counting initial value as 0; C, respectively applying V1 or Vn+1 to a first fan within a preset time period if Tc is larger than or equal to Tu or if Tc is smaller than Td, setting a counting value as 0, and returning to the step B; and D, applying voltage Vx+2 to the first fan within a preset time period if Tu is larger than Tc and Tc is larger than or equal to Td, and simultaneously adding 1 to x which is a current counting value. By the aid of the method, a fluctuation range of temperature of the refrigerating chamber is small, and preservation capacity is improved. The invention further provides the air indirect cooling refrigerator. The refrigerator prevents humidity loss of the refrigerating chamber.

Method for double cropping leisure plantation of wheat and corn in North China

InactiveCN103609319AEfficient use ofImprove annual productionHorticultureSeederTillage
The invention belongs to the technical field of wheat and corn cultivation and particularly relates to a method for double cropping leisure plantation of wheat and corn in North China. According to a corn planting mode, the ridge width is 110-120cm, the ridge face width is 80-90cm, the furrow width is 30-40cm, the ridge height is 10-15cm, two rows of corn is planted on one ridge, wide and narrow row plantation is adopted, wide rows are 80-90cm wide, narrow rows are 30-40cm wide, and the planting distance is 10-15cm; after the corn is harvested, rotary tillage is performed on the wide rows through a strip rotary cultivator, high stubble of 35-45cm remains in the narrow rows to naturally rot and return to fields, the wide rows are ridged through a ridger, wheat is sown on the ridges through a ridge culture seeding machine, every ridge is divided into six rows for seeding, equidistant row seeding is performed, and the row space is 15-20cm; after the wheat is harvested, a corn planter is used to directly seed the corn on the ridges, and circulation is performed in a whole year. The optimized alternate leisure plantation method is adopted, reasonable water and fertilizer management, deinsectization and weeding management are adopted, all links are collaborative with each other, and the remarkable effect is achieved.

Rhodiola rosea fermentation protoplasm cosmetic and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses rhodiola rosea fermentation protoplasm cosmetic and a preparation method thereof. Efficient ingredients of the rhodiola rosea fermentation protoplasm cosmetic are supernate obtained by mixing powder of rhodiola rosea root, water and zymophyte to obtain an initial system, fermenting the initial system to obtain zymotic fluid and sterilizing and centrifuging the zymotic fluid. The zymophyte is saccharomycete. The rhodiola rosea root is subjected to whole plant fermentation by adopting the saccharomycete, all functional ingredients and activity of the plant are kept, and loss of active ingredients caused by an extracting method is avoided. Any organic reagents are not added during extraction, fermentation temperature and fermentation pH are mild, structure of plant active ingredients is not damaged, natural activity of the plant is kept, and chemical components of essence and the like are not added in the fermentation protoplasm so as to ensure the safety of products on the human body. The rhodiola rosea fermentation protoplasm cosmetic is rich in salidroside, arbutin and the like having activities of restraining tyrosinase activity and restraining melanin synthesis so as to have a relatively strong whitening function on skin and has a synergistic effect with the components in the fermentation filtrate simultaneously.

Phytoremediation method for managing composite cadmium-lead-arsenic contaminated soil

ActiveCN103894401ADoes not destroy physical and chemical propertiesAvoid churnContaminated soil reclamationAlkalinityGrowth height
The invention provides a phytoremediation method for managing composite cadmium-lead-arsenic contaminated soil. The method comprises the following steps: step S1: selecting a cadmium-enriched castor-oil plant variety; step S2: obtaining cadmium-lead-arsenic composite contaminated soil with neutral acidity and alkalinity; step S3: planting cadmium-enriched castor-oil plants and ciliate desert-grass in an intercropping manner in the cadmium-lead-arsenic composite contaminated soil with neutral acidity and alkalinity for surviving and growth, and harvesting matured castor-oil plants at regular intervals, and carrying out step S5; step S4: harvesting the upper part of the ciliate desert-grass according to the growth height of the ciliate desert-grass, and carrying out the step S5; retaining stubble of the ciliate desert-grass on the soil surface, and carrying out the step S3; step S5: feeding the harvested and matured castor-oil plants and ciliate desert-grass to an exclusive place for concentration and carrying out innocent treatment. The invention further provides a phytoremediation method for managing cadmium contaminated soil. The phytoremediation method is suitable for managing and repairing cadmium-lead-arsenic moderately and slightly contaminated soil, and has good practical application prospect.

Pollution-free grape planting method

The invention relates to a pollution-free grape planting method, comprising the steps of before field planting of a grape seedling, performing different treatments on soil and a grape seedling root; paving straws on the soil, then scattering quick lime, paulownia saw dust, castor leaf powder, vinasse and other sterilization components, deeply tilling the oil and laminating a film for hard light irradiation, so germs in the soil can be effectively killed, and a well environment is provided for grape growth; dipping the root with mud prepared from nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium compound fertilizer, calcium superphosphate, urea, attapulgite, polyacrylamide, bamboo vinegar and sea mud, and then coating a layer of plant ash, wherein the mud contains the slow-release fertilizers, and water retention, so fertilizing and watering times can be effectively reduced, and the grape planting cost is reduced; after field planting, applying straw powder and vermiculite to the root, thus improving the soil, preventing the loss of the mud coated to the root of the grape and improving the use rate of the fertilizers. The pollution-free grape planting method has the beneficial effect that a safe and environment-friendly prevention and control method is adopted for preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests.
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