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Black soybean cake processing method

The invention provides a black soybean cake processing method. The processing comprises the steps that 1, black soybean powder, glutinous rice flour, rice flour, red dates, lily, sweet-scented osmanthus, the fruits of Chinese wolfberry, mint leaves, granulated sugar, sesame powder and palm oil are weighed; 2, the red dates, the lily, the sweet-scented osmanthus, the fruits of Chinese wolfberry and the mint leaves are heated and decocted; 3, the granulated sugar is heated to be dissolved; 4, the black soybean powder, the glutinous rice flour and the rice flour are mixed, and then mixed liquid and the palm oil are added in the mixture for high-temperature steaming; 5, the steamed cake is coated with the sesame powder in a rolling mode. The black soybean cake processing method has simple steps, the black soybean cake is crisp and delicious and makes people enjoy aftertaste, and black soybeans have rich nutrients and have the effects of promoting cholesterol metabolism, lowering blood lipid, preventing cardiovascular disease and the like. Meanwhile, due to the fact that the red dates, the lily, the sweet-scented osmanthus, the fruits of Chinese wolfberry, the mint leaves and the like are added in the formula, the black soybean cake has the effects of enriching yin, nourishing kidney, protecting the liver, nourishing the stomach, discharging toxicant, keeping beauty and the like.

Baby formula milk rice flour containing chicken gizzard membrane, fructus cannabis, dried orange peel and radish seed and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN101904471AImprove digestive indexImprove gelatinizationFood preparationCannabisOligosaccharide
The invention relates to baby formula milk rice flour containing chicken gizzard membrane, fructus cannabis, dried orange peel and radish seeds and a preparation method thereof. The baby formula milk rice flour containing chicken gizzard membrane, fructus cannabis, dried orange peel is refined mainly by rice meal, white granulated sugar, defatted milk powder, calcium hydrophosphate, biological calcium, composite vitamin and traditional Chinese medicines which comprise radish seeds, chicken gizzard membrane, fructus cannabis, and dried orange peel. Partial starch is hydrolyzed into a mixture of dextrin, oligosaccharide, maltose, glucose, and the like by utilizing a biological enzymolysis technology, the gelatinization degree of rice starch is further improved, the dextrin content is obviously increased, and a starch digesting index is obviously improved; and in addition, by adding effective components of the traditional Chinese medicines which comprise chicken gizzard membrane, fructus cannabis, dried orange peel and radish seeds, the baby nutritive milk rice flour has special health-care effects of moistening the intestine, defaecating, digesting, nourishing the stomach, activating qi, reducing phlegm, and the like on the basis of having rich nutrition and is suitable for a baby at 6-24 ages of the moon to have.

Method for preparing low-alcohol light type red yeast rice wine

ActiveCN103789144AReduce drunkennessMake drinking more funAlcoholic beverage preparationBiotechnologyRed yeast rice
The invention relates to a method for brewing low-alcohol light type red yeast rice wine. According to the method, a tan-fan-method mature fermented mash is formed through sticky rice steaming, wheat koji and red yeast rice adding, jar entering and saccharification, stirring and cooling and fermentation; a lin-fan-method mature fermented mash is formed through sticky rice steaming, rhizopus rice flour and red yeast rice flour adding, hole forming and saccharification, yeast adding and fermentation; the tan-fan-method mature fermented mash and the lin-fan method mature fermented mash are merged and bred, and squeezing and clarification, component adjustment, alcohol content dropping through flash, high-temperature sterilization, jar filling and aging, blending and sterilization are performed on the mature fermented mash to obtain the low-alcohol light type red yeast rice wine brewed through a new technology. Compared with a traditional brewing technology, by the utilization of the new technology, the fermentation period is shortened, the productivity is high, and the low-alcohol light type red yeast rice wine which is good in flavor is brewed. The low-alcohol light type red yeast rice wine serves as brewed wine which is low in alcohol, low in sugar and good in flavor and conforms to the ideas of modern wine consumption, environmental protection and health, the high-grade low-alcohol light type red yeast rice wine is developed, and the method has practical significance and application prospects for improving economic benefits of enterprises.

Corn-flavored potato chips and producing method thereof

The invention discloses corn-flavored potato chips and a production method thereof. The corn-flavored potato chips are made of raw materials including, by weight, 100 parts of mashed potatoes, 20-35 parts of corn flour, 8-15 parts of glutinous rice flour, 25-40 parts of corn stigma decoction fluid, 5-10 parts of mint powder, 7-12 parts of licorice powder, 1-5 parts of fruit puree, 5-12 parts of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, 0.5-3 parts of orange peel powder, 0.5-2 parts of baking soda powder, 2-5 parts of salt, 5-10 parts of sugar, 0.5-1 part of gourmet powder and a moderate amount of water. By adopting the mashed potatoes, the corn flour, the glutinous rice flour, the mint powder, the mint powder, the licorice powder, the corn stigma decoction fluid and the traditional Chinese medicine decoction and by matching with moderate seasonings, the chips are processed via the steps of producing the meshed potatoes, producing the traditional Chinese medicine juice, producing paste, blending, producing wrappers, slicing, baking and the like. The corn-flavored potato chips having faint scent of corn, unique taste and high nutritional value do not undergo a frying process, are green and environmentally friendly and good for health, and are of the highest grade of leisure home food.

Special color dough for children's handcraft dough molding

The invention discloses a special color dough for children's handcraft dough molding, which comprises 4 parts of wheat flour, 2 parts of glutinous rice flour, 1.5 parts of glycerin, 0.1 part of wheat starch, 0.6 part of edible preservative, 0.1 part of common salt, 0.2 part of honey and appropriate mount of edible pigment and water. The special color dough can be prepared by a method comprising the following steps of: putting the wheat flour, the glutinous rice flour, the wheat starch, the edible preservative, the common salt and the honey into a container; adding a appropriate amount of water, uniformly stirring and standing still for 20 minutes; smearing one half of the glycerin on a disk, placing the proofed dough on the disk, and steaming for 50-60 minutes with boiling water to obtain pulpy dough; cooling the dough till not scalding hands, mixing the rest half of glycerin in the dough; and finally adding the edible pigment. The invention improves the formula of traditional dough molding so that the finished color dough overcomes the defects of the traditional color dough which is not transparent, has dark color and is difficult to color after pigments are added. By the invention, the cost is reduced and the teaching requirements are met, the prepared finished dough product has better quality, no toxicity and no odor, and is suitable for childerns to use for a long term.

Preparation method of preserved rice noodles

InactiveCN102178179ASolve the problem of resurrectionSolve cohesionFood preparationWater bathsFiltration
The invention relates to a preparation method of preserved rice noodles. The preparation method includes the steps of rice machining and sand filtration, smashing, humidity adjustment, extrusion for gelatinization, extrusion for emerging of silk noodles, cutting off, checking and packaging. The preparation method is characterized by taking the rice noodles before extrusion for emerging of silk noodle and drying as materials, wherein the water content of the rice noodles at the moment is 25wt%-30wt% and the temperature is 40-60 DEG C; cutting the rice noodles to 17-19cm; soaking the rice noodles for 60-100min in Didazuril bactericide solution with concentration of 50%-60% and temperature of 35-45 DEG C, wherein the ratio of material to liquid is 1wt%:5wt%; conducting vacuum packaging, wherein the vacuum degree is 0.09MPa-0.092Mpa; thermally sterilizing the rice noodles for 0.5h-1h in a water bath maintained at the temperature of 90-95 DEG C; cooling packaging bags with circulating cold water so as to fast reduce the temperature in the center of the packaged material to 30-35 5 DEG C; blowing the water at the outer surfaces of the packaging bags to dry; checking whether the packaging bags bulge and break and conducing metal detection; putting the rice noodles together with auxiliary materials such as matched sauce bags in a packaging box; and sealing the packaging box, thus obtaining a finished product. For the preserved rice noodles produced according to the preparation method, the water content is higher than 60% and the quality guarantee period is longer than 6 months; the infusing and dispersing performance is good; caking does not happen and undesirable odor does not emerge; the dissolving starch rate of the rice noodles is low; after culture for 1 month at the temperature of 37 DEG C, the rice noodles achieve 1426g of hardness, 26.14gs of crisp performance, 512 of viscosity, 0.513s of viscoelasticity.

Glutinous rice product and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to the technical field of food processing, in particular to a glutinous rice product and a preparation method thereof. The glutinous rice product has an improved preparation recipe consisting of 80 to 120 parts of high-quality glutinous rice flour, 10 to 20 parts of corn modified starch, 300 to 400 parts of high maltose syrup, 50 to 70 parts of water and compound improving agents which are 5 to 10 percent of the weight of the glutinous rice flour, wherein wrappers account for 70 to 80 percent of the total weight, and the stuffing accounts for 30 to 20 percent of the total weight. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: preparing wrapper, preparing stuffing, filling stuffing automatically, shaping and processing by smoothening agent; then, carrying out ozone sterilization for 1h; and packing to obtain finished products. The invention is characterized in that through the recipe and the process optimization, the preparation process has high automation degree, and the prepared glutinous rice product has strong water preservation performance, high elasticity, good flavor and rich nutrition and is convenient to eat. The problem that the traditional glutinous rice product has short shelf life and can be easily hardened is solved, and the shelf life of the glutinous rice product can reach more than 6 months.

Production method of small rice vinegar

The invention belongs to the technical field of edible vinegar, in particular to a production method of small rice vinegar. The invention aims at solving the technical problems of low production efficiency, unstable process conditions, high labor intensity of workers, impacts on quality and taste of the rice vinegar and the like in manual control which is mostly adopted for making the vinegar at present. The production method of the small rice vinegar comprises the following steps: 1) taking small rice, preparing into rice flour, and adding a certain amount of water for preparing into slurry; 2) adding amylase and glucoamylase into the slurry, and preparing into serous fluid; 3) adding brewing yeast and Daqu into the serous fluid for preparing into wine mash; 4) taking a certain proportion of the wine mash, rice hull and wheat bran, placing into a fermentation tank, adding acetic bacteria, preparing into fermented material, further using water to leach acetic acid in the fermentation tank and preparing into vinegar liquor; 5) sterilizing the vinegar liquor, placing the vinegar liquor after sterilization into an aging tank for hermetical aging for at least 90 days, and preparing into mature vinegar; and 6) filtering the mature vinegar, carrying out instantaneous sterilization at 125-135 DEG C for 4-6s, and preparing into the small rice vinegar. The production method of the small rice vinegar adopts the automatic mechanical vinegar making way, has high production efficiency and stable process conditions, and can reduce the labor intensity of the workers and meet the market demand.
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