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Low-glycemic-index biscuits and making method thereof

InactiveCN106614916AEnhanced GI valueLow GI valueDough treatmentModified nutritive productsFiberSodium bicarbonate
The invention relates to low- glycemic-index biscuits and a making method thereof. The making method comprises the following steps: taking raw materials in parts by weight, mixing table salt with konjaku flour and inulin, and adding water for stirring so as to obtain a mixture A; heating anhydrous butter until the anhydrous butter is melted, performing rapid stirring to get foam, adding eggs, and continuing to quickly get foam so as to obtain a mixture B; adding water to ammonium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate for stirring and dissolving so as to obtain a mixture C; uniformly mixing flour with maltitol, xylitol, defatted soy flour, tartarian buckwheat powder, wheat dietary fibers, green bean powder, scindapsus aureus, resistant dextrin, buckwheat, nonfat dry milk powder and celery powder, enabling the prepared mixture A, the mixture B and the mixture C to be concocted into dough by a dough mixer, and performing refrigeration standing; pressing the dough into sheets with a noodle press, so as to obtain shaped biscuit blanks; and putting the biscuit blanks in an oven, performing baking under 180 DEG C for 10min, then performing cooling, and performing packaging so as to obtain the low- glycemic-index biscuits. The GI value of the made biscuits made by the method disclosed by the invention is 41.8 or below, so that the made biscuits are really suitable for diabetics to eat.

Novel microalgal food compositions

The invention provides novel microalgal food compositions comprising microalgal biomass that have been processed into flakes, powders and flours. The microalgal biomass of the invention is low in saturated fats, high in monounsaturated triglyceride oil and can be a good source of fiber. The invention also comprises microalgal biomass that is suitable as a vegetarian protein source and also as a good source of fiber. Novel methods of formulating food compositions with the microalgal biomass of the invention are also disclosed herein including beverages, baked goods, egg products, reduced fat foods and gluten-free foods. The provision of food compositions incorporating the microalgal biomass of the invention to a human have the further benefit of providing healthful ingredients while achieving levels of satiety sufficient to reduce further caloric intake. The invention also provides novel strains of microalgae that have been subject to non-transgenic methods of mutation sufficient to reduce the coloration of the biomass produced by the strains. Oil from the microalgal biomass can be extracted and is an edible oil that is heart-healthy. The novel microalgal biomass and oil therefrom can be manufactured from edible and inedible heterotrophic fermentation feedstocks, including corn starch, sugar cane, glycerol, and depolymerized cellulose that are purpose-grown or byproducts of existing agricultural processes from an extremely broad diversity of geographic regions.

Method for making health-care mung bean bread

InactiveCN103404555ARich onionDelicious and softDough treatmentModified nutritive productsPorphyraHuman health
A method for making health-care mung bean bread is characterized by comprising the following raw materials, by weight, 80-100 parts of wheatmeal, 4-5 parts of Chinese chestnut powder, 2-3 parts of walnut powder, 2-3 parts of nori powder, 20-25 parts of mung beans, 5-10 parts of mulberries, 4-5 parts of dried small shrimp powder, 1-2 parts of eucommia ulmoides, 1-2 parts of semen allii tuberosi, 2-3 parts of lotus leaves, 1-2 parts of roots of Woods Greenstar, 1-2 parts of stellaria yunnanensis, 1-3 parts of yeast powder, 2-4 parts of salt, 1-2 parts of chopped chive and appropriate water and palm oil. The Chinese chestnut powder, the walnut powder, the nori powder, the dried small shrimp powder and the like are added in the recipe, abundant nutrient substances such as the protein, the vitamin and the mineral substances are provided, and the bread has the functions of invigorating the stomach, tonifying the kidney, benefiting qi and nourishing blood and the heart. Meanwhile, the added eucommia ulmoides, the semen allii tuberosi, the roots of Woods Greenstar and the stellaria yunnanensis have the functions of tonifying the liver and the kidney and strengthening the essence. The bread made through the method is fragrant in chive, delicious and mellow in flavor, suitable for being eaten for a long term, is beneficial to human health and is suitable for being eaten by sub-health people.
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