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Inulins are a group of naturally occurring polysaccharides produced by many types of plants, industrially most often extracted from chicory. The inulins belong to a class of dietary fibers known as fructans. Inulin is used by some plants as a means of storing energy and is typically found in roots or rhizomes. Most plants that synthesize and store inulin do not store other forms of carbohydrate such as starch. In the United States in 2018, the Food and Drug Administration approved inulin as a dietary fiber ingredient used to improve the nutritional value of manufactured food products. Using inulin to measure kidney function is the "gold standard" for comparison with other means of estimating glomerular filtration rate..

Compound powder product for nutritious meal and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a compound powder product for nutritious meal and a preparation method thereof. The compound powder product for the nutritious meal is prepared by taking brown rice, quinoa, oats, corns, other cereals, hericium blazei tremella, other edible fungus, pumpkins, papayas, apples, other fruits and vegetables, roots and stems of Chinese yams, kudzu roots, konjak and other plants, semen cassiae, lotus leaves, medicinal and edible Chinese herbal medicines and the like as raw materials, respectively crushing, puffing, hydrolyzing, high-pressure homogenizing, filtering, concentrating and spray-drying to obtain dry matter fine powder, then blending and mixing with collagen protein powder, whey protein powder, soyabean protein powder and inulin and other series processes. The compound powder product for the nutritious meal, disclosed by the invention, is rich in dietary fibers and natural active substances, compound, multi-component, more nutritious, simple and convenient to eat, favorable for improvement in body vitality and normal digestive system, and the like; the preparation method integrates puffing, enzymolysis, filtration, concentration, spray-drying and blending, is higher in extraction rate compared with a traditional production method and is more comprehensive in component compared with a single production method.

Low-glycemic-index biscuits and making method thereof

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The invention relates to low- glycemic-index biscuits and a making method thereof. The making method comprises the following steps: taking raw materials in parts by weight, mixing table salt with konjaku flour and inulin, and adding water for stirring so as to obtain a mixture A; heating anhydrous butter until the anhydrous butter is melted, performing rapid stirring to get foam, adding eggs, and continuing to quickly get foam so as to obtain a mixture B; adding water to ammonium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate for stirring and dissolving so as to obtain a mixture C; uniformly mixing flour with maltitol, xylitol, defatted soy flour, tartarian buckwheat powder, wheat dietary fibers, green bean powder, scindapsus aureus, resistant dextrin, buckwheat, nonfat dry milk powder and celery powder, enabling the prepared mixture A, the mixture B and the mixture C to be concocted into dough by a dough mixer, and performing refrigeration standing; pressing the dough into sheets with a noodle press, so as to obtain shaped biscuit blanks; and putting the biscuit blanks in an oven, performing baking under 180 DEG C for 10min, then performing cooling, and performing packaging so as to obtain the low- glycemic-index biscuits. The GI value of the made biscuits made by the method disclosed by the invention is 41.8 or below, so that the made biscuits are really suitable for diabetics to eat.
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