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Botanically, fruits and vegetables are classified depending on which part of the plant they come from. A fruit develops from the flower of a plant, while the other parts of the plant are categorized as vegetables. Fruits contain seeds, while vegetables can consist of roots, stems and leaves.

Robot mechanical picker system and method

Embodiments of the invention comprise a system and method that enable robotic harvesting of agricultural crops. One approach for automating the harvesting of fresh fruits and vegetables is to use a robot comprising a machine-vision system containing rugged solid-state digital cameras to identify and locate the fruit on each tree, coupled with a picking system to perform the picking. In one embodiment of the invention a robot moves through a field first to “map” the field to determine plant locations, the number and size of fruit on the plants and the approximate positions of the fruit on each plant. A robot employed in this embodiment may comprise a GPS sensor to simplify the mapping process. At least one camera on at least one arm of a robot may be mounted in appropriately shaped protective enclosure so that a camera can be physically moved into the canopy of the plant if necessary to map fruit locations from inside the canopy. Once the map of the fruit is complete for a field, the robot can plan and implement an efficient picking plan for itself or another robot. In one embodiment of the invention, a scout robot or harvest robot determines a picking plan in advance of picking a tree. This may be done if the map is finished hours, days or weeks before a robot is scheduled to harvest, or if the picking plan algorithm selected requires significant computational time and cannot be implemented in “real time” by the harvesting robot as it is picking the field. If the picking algorithm selected is less computationally intense, the harvester may calculate the plan as it is harvesting. The system harvests according to the selected picking plan. The picking plan may be generated in the scout robot, harvest robot or on a server. Each of the elements in the system may be configured to communicate with each other using wireless communications technologies.

Process for preparing composite enzyme and product thereof

A compound ferment production process and a product thereof are applicable to the technical field of foods. The formulation of the product comprises fruit vegetable ferment raw juice, plant ferment raw juice, corn ferment, peas ferment and multielement alditol. The production process comprises the following: a step of preparing fruit vegetable ferment liquid, during which, selecting and cutting fresh fruits and vegetables into slices or pieces, blending the slices or pieces, adding apple vinegar on the slices or the pieces, and storing the fruits and vegetables hermetically at room temperature to prepare the fruit vegetable ferment raw juice through natural fermentation; a step of preparing the plant ferment liquid, during which, selecting, chipping and blending herbal plants, adding common salt into the sliced herbal plants, and storing the sliced herbal plants hermetically at room temperature to prepare the plant ferment raw juice through natural fermentation; and a step of fermentation and product processing, during which, taking the fruit vegetable ferment raw juice, the plant ferment raw juice, the corn ferment and the peas ferment, carrying out the second fermentation at room temperature, adding the multielement alditol during the second fermentation, using a sealed jar during the fermentation, preparing the compound ferment product after a postmaturation process, and preparing the liquid, powdery and solid particle ferment through mechanical processing and forming. The process and the product thereof which have a novel and scientific design and long-term maturation through the natural fermentation can increase the vitality of the ferment, facilitate the demand of a human body and improve the health of the human body through frequent edibility.

Natural fruit and vegetable ferment beverage, and preparation method thereof

The present invention discloses a natural fruit and vegetable ferment beverage, and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method for the ferment beverage comprises: adding freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juice to marine fish skin collagen peptide; adopting the resulting mixture as a fermentation substrate; carrying out dilution, slurry mixing and sterilization, and then adopting a direct vat and freeze-dried type lactic acid starter to carry out fermentation; stopping the fermentation after 7-11 days until the pH value is 4.3; adding a supplementary feed and carrying out sterilization; then adding high-activity dried yeast to carry out fermentation; stopping the fermentation after 5-7 days until the pH value is 4.0; after storing the fermentation broth at the low temperature, carrying out homogenization, concentration, centrifugation, blending, sterilization and bulking to finally prepare the novel natural fruit and vegetable ferment beverage. According to the ferment beverage of the present invention, the stepwise fermentation is adopted for the freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juice by using the lactic acid bacteria and the yeast; the marine fish skin collagen peptide is added to promote the growth and the metabolism of fermentation bacteria, such that metabolic products of nutritional ingredients in the natural fruits and vegetables are rich so as to provide a beneficial nutrition and health effect.

Fruit and vegetable jam and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a fruit and vegetable jam and a preparation method thereof. The fruit and vegetable jam is characterized by being prepared from the following components: 50-99.8% of fruit and vegetable concentrated pulps, 0.01-0.5% of Sodium D-isoascorbate or vitamin C, 0.01-0.5% of citric acid and 0-49.8% of syrup or substitute sugar. The preparation method comprises the following steps:pulping or juicing fruits and vegetables, and then concentrating the pulped or juiced fruits and vegetables 0-10 times; evenly stirring the components in proportion, and sterilizing the components atthe temperature of 75-132 DEG C for 2 seconds-50 minutes; and cooling the sterilized fruit and vegetable pulp to 20-45 DEG C, inoculating lactic acid bacteria into the sterilized and cooled fruit andvegetable pulp at a ratio of 103-109 cfu/mL, and fermenting the pulp at the temperature of 25-45 DEG C for 6-96 hours until the pH value is 2.5-5.0. The method has the following characteristics: (1) obtaining natural tender tart flavor is obtained, the astringent flavor of the fruits and the wild artemisia flavor of the vegetables are effectively removed; (2) by means of lactic acid bacteria fermentation, the content of amino acid in the fruits and vegetables can be improved by more than 20%, the contents of substances with special flavor are improved by more than 30%, and the flavor and taste of products are effectively improved; (3) nutrient components in the fruits and vegetables, such as vitamins, dietary fibers and the like, in the fruits and vegetables are fully maintained; and (4) the quality guarantee period of food is prolonged, and corruption is avoided.

Composite enzyme beverage and preparation process method thereof

The invention discloses a composite enzyme beverage and a preparation process method thereof. The composite enzyme beverage is prepared from five cereals, fruits and vegetables, edible plants and edible fungi as main raw materials through common fermentation; three-step fermentation is realized by using microzyme, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria; and substep fermentation for different strains is adopted at different stages in the manufacturing process, so that the demands of a human body on the efficacies of health and nutrition are met. According to the composite enzyme beverage disclosed by the invention, the mixture ratio of the raw materials is more gentle, more pure natural organic raw materials are used and the three-step fermentation is realized by the microzyme, the acetic acid bacteria and the lactic acid bacteria; and the composite enzyme beverage retains original vitamins and carbohydrate of the fruits and vegetables, is rich in various B-group vitamins and various amino acids, is a nutrient necessary for eliminating the human fatigue and particularly benefits people suffered from chronic disease syndrome. Particularly after coarse grains are fermented, insoluble dietary fibers can be dissolved into small molecular substances which are easily digested and absorbed by the human body, and thus the digestion and intake of nutritive substances by the human body can be enhanced.

Enzyme containing medicinal and edible homologous plants and preparation method of enzyme

The invention provides an enzyme containing medicinal and edible homologous plants and a preparation method of the enzyme. The enzyme is prepared by fermenting the following components in parts by weight: 55-65 parts of fruits and vegetables, 8-12 parts of fungus, 8-12 parts of medicinal and edible homologous plants, 15-20 parts of sugar and 0.2-0.8 part of probiotics. The preparation method of the enzyme comprises the following steps: preparing medicinal and edible homologous plant powder, preparing an initial enzyme solution and preparing medicinal and edible homologous plant enzymes. According to the preparation method of the enzyme, the medicinal and edible homologous plants are processed by ultrafine pulverization, so that the cell-wall breaking ratio is high; the release and homogenization of effective components in the medicinal and edible homologous plants are facilitated; the effect of the medicine is improved; the plant enzymes are extracted from pure nature plants by adopting a multi-flora mixed fermentation technology; the prepared enzyme contains protein, amino acids, vitamins and enzyme materials essential to the human body; the functional components in the medicinal and edible homologous plants are effectively accumulated; various healthcare functions of the enzyme are improved; the raw materials are pulped; the fermentation period is shortened.

Double-manipulator fruit and vegetable harvesting robot system and fruit and vegetable harvesting method thereof

The invention discloses a double-manipulator fruit and vegetable harvesting robot system and a fruit and vegetable harvesting robot method of the double-manipulator fruit and vegetable harvesting robot system. According to the system, a binocular stereoscopic vision system is used for visual navigation of walking motion of a robot and obtaining of position information of harvested targets and barriers; a manipulator device is used for grasping and separating according to the positions of the harvested targets and the barriers; a robot movement platform is used for autonomous moving under the operation environment; a main control computer is a control center, integrates a control interface and all software modules, and controls the whole system. The binocular stereoscopic vision system comprises two color vidicons, an image collection card and an intelligent control cloud deck; the manipulator device comprises two five degree-of-freedom manipulator bodies, a joint servo driver, an actuator motor and the like; the robot movement platform comprises a wheel-type body, a power source and power control device and a fruit and vegetable harvesting device. Binocular vision and the double-manipulator bionic personification are used for building the fruit and vegetable harvesting robot, and autonomous navigation walking and automatic harvesting of the fruit and vegetable targets are achieved.

Sodium alginate oligosaccharide coated slow-release fertilizer and preparation and application thereof

The invention discloses a sodium alginate oligosaccharide coated slow-release fertilizer. Coated materials of the slow-release fertilizer contain sodium alginate oligosaccharide and an auxiliary coated material, wherein sodium alginate oligosaccharide is composed of two structural units, namely a-L-mannuronic acid and b-D-guluronic acid. The two structural units are linked in three ways by 1,4-glucosidic bond, so as to form a unbranched linear segmented copolymer. The coated slow-release fertilizer is mainly applied in commercial crops, fruit and vegetable crops, grain crops, economic forest, flowers and plants, traditional Chinese medicinal materials, lawn and the like. By introducing organism-derived sodium alginate oligosaccharide into the coated materials of the slow-release fertilizer, nutritive elements required by plant growth and development can be supplemented by a slow-release approach, and the plant growth promoting effect of sodium alginate oligosaccharide also can be performed so as to finally achieve the yield-increasing effect. In addition, a medicament prepared by using sodium alginate oligosaccharide as the main coated material composition is safe and nontoxic and has advantages of low cost, small application amount and the like.

Nonlinear System Identification Techniques and Devices for Discovering Dynamic and Static Tissue Properties

ActiveUS20110054354A1Quickly mechanical propertyDiagnostics using suctionDiagnostics using pressureAccelerometerEngineering
A device for measuring a mechanical property of a tissue includes a probe configured to perturb the tissue with movement relative to a surface of the tissue, an actuator coupled to the probe to move the probe, a detector configured to measure a response of the tissue to the perturbation, and a controller coupled to the actuator and the detector. The controller drives the actuator using a stochastic sequence and determines the mechanical property of the tissue using the measured response received from the detector. The probe can be coupled to the tissue surface. The device can include a reference surface configured to contact the tissue surface. The probe may include a set of interchangeable heads, the set including a head for lateral movement of the probe and a head for perpendicular movement of the probe. The perturbation can include extension of the tissue with the probe or sliding the probe across the tissue surface and may also include indentation of the tissue with the probe. In some embodiments, the actuator includes a Lorentz force linear actuator. The mechanical property may be determined using non-linear stochastic system identification. The mechanical property may be indicative of, for example, tissue compliance and tissue elasticity. The device can further include a handle for manual application of the probe to the surface of the tissue and may include an accelerometer detecting an orientation of the probe. The device can be used to test skin tissue of an animal, plant tissue, such as fruit and vegetables, or any other biological tissue.

Health mushroom fruit and vegetable enzyme and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to health mushroom fruit and vegetable enzyme and a preparation method thereof. The health mushroom fruit and vegetable enzyme is prepared from the following raw materials which are added to enzyme strains for fermentation in parts by weight: 30-55 parts of vegetables, 20-40 parts of fruits, 10-20 parts of edible mushrooms, 5-12 parts of Chinese herb extracts and 3-5 parts of mushroom extracting solution. The health mushroom fruit and vegetable enzyme disclosed by the invention has the characteristics of variety, balance property and easiness in absorption; a secondary fermentation method is adopted, so that enzymes in the vegetables, the fruits and the mushrooms are naturally combined together, and the Chinese herb extracts prepared from various Chinese herbs which are beneficial to a human body are also added, so that the health mushroom fruit and vegetable enzyme can improve the immunity of the human body; by the virtue of the health effect, the components, which are beneficial to the human body, in the fruit and vegetable enzyme are further increased; the preparation technology is sophisticated, the health mushroom fruit and vegetable enzyme is rich in nutrition, the enzyme is safe to eat, natural fermentation and long-term maturing are realized, and the activity of the enzyme is enhanced.

Optical sensor device and image processing unit for measuring chemical concentrations, chemical saturations and biophysical parameters

Optical sensor devices, image processing devices, methods and computer readable code computer-readable storage media for detecting biophysical parameters, chemical concentrations, chemical saturations, vital signs and physiological information such as a malignant condition are provided. In some embodiments, the optical sensor includes an array of photodetectors, where each photodetector is configured to detect a spectrum of light. In some embodiments, the image processing device receives a live still or video electronic image, or alternatively, the electronic image is provided from an electronic storage media. Exemplary physiological parameters include but are not limited to a pulse rate, a biophysical or physiological property of skin, a cardiovascular property, a property related to an organ such as the liver or the kidneys, and a temperature fluctuation. In some embodiments, the physiological parameter is indicative of a malady including but not limited to an autoimmune disease, a cancer, a nutritional deficiency, a malignant condition of bone marrow, a present of an infectious microbe such as a fungus, a present of hepatitis, and a cardiovascular disorder a pulmonary disorder. Exemplary chemical concentrations include but are not limited to a chemical saturation, a pH level, a pH level in blood vessels such as capillarys or in skin, a glucose level such as a blood glucose level, a urea nitrogen level such as a blood urea nitrogen level, a CO2 level such as a blood CO2 level or a CO2 saturation level, and an oxygen level such as a blood oxygen level or a blood oxygen saturation level. In some embodiments, the biophysical parameter, physiological parameter or chemical concentration is obtained from reflecting light from tissue from a mammalian subject. Alternatively one or more of these parameters are detected from a food item such as food tissue, a consumable beverage such as an alcoholic beverage, a dairy product, wine, a baked good, a fruit and a vegetable. Exemplary parameters related to food items include but are not limited to a parameter indicative of cooking or spoilage, a pH, a concentration of an antioxidant, and a concentration of an anti-inflammatory agent.

Broad-spectrum antibacterial bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain and application thereof

The invention relates to bacillus amyloliquefaciens NCPSJ7 and further relates to an application of the strain in treating plant diseases, diseases before and after harvesting fruits and vegetables as well as in preventing food-borne pathogenic bacteria and putrefying bacteria. The strain is preserved in China Center for Type Culture Collection (CCTCC) on March 22, 2013, wherein the preservation number is CCTCC NO: M2013098 and the strain is named as bacillus amyloliquefaciens NCPSJ7. The thallus and fermentation liquor of the strain disclosed by the invention has the effects of treating plant diseases caused by plant pathogenic fungus including antagonistic peach root rotten disease, fusarium wilt of cucumber, botrytis cinerea, jujube anthracnose, pear black spot, pear blue mould, apple brown rot, apple altermaria leaf spot, watermelon fusarium wilt and the like, as well as diseases after harvesting fruits and vegetables and food-borne pathogenic bacteria and putrefying bacteria including antagonistic staphylococcus aureus, salmonella paratyphi A, vibrio parahaemolyticus, yeast and the like; moreover, the bacillus amyloliquefaciens is broad in spectrum and antibacterial and great in potential in developing novel, efficient and natural biological control and biological preservative and fresh-keeping preparation.

Compound amino acid organic fertilizer and production method of compound amino acid organic fertilizer

The invention disclose a compound amino acid organic fertilizer, which is characterized in that the compound amino acid organic fertilizer consists of the following ingredients in parts by weight: 5 to 10 of compound amino acid, 0.3 to 0.5 of microbial yeasts, 16 to 29 of inorganic fertilizers, 5 to 10 of humic acid fertilizers and 0.2 to 1 of trace elements. A production method of the compound amino acid organic fertilizer comprises the following steps that: firstly, compound amino acid water solution, the microbial yeasts and the humic acid fertilizers are respectively prepared, then, inorganic compounds containing boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc are added into the compound amino acid water solution, and the chelation is carried out at a temperature being 80 to 110 DEG C so that the mixture becomes free-state chelated amino acid salt; after the metering, 10 to 50kg of raw materials are added into each ton of farmyard manure to be mixed, then, the mixed materials are placed into a warehouse for natural stacking and curing for 3 to 5 days and can be pelletized and packed to leave factories. The compound amino acid organic fertilizer can be used as a base fertilizer and an additional fertilizer and belongs to a compound organic fertilizer capable of improving the amino acid content of high-quality fragrant rice and fruit and vegetables, improving the fruit and vegetable quality and improving the sugar content of sugarcanes.

Fish paste product and processing method thereof

The invention provides a fish paste product and a processing method thereof. The fish paste product is prepared by adding 0-3 percent of sauce, 25-60 percent of edible oil, 0-35 percent of nut type and bean type powdered particles, 0-15 percent of fruit and vegetable powdered particles, 0-30 percent of reorganized plant protein particles or filaments, 0-25 percent of medicine-food component powder, 0-15 percent of a nutrient improvement component, 0.1-5 percent of a product quality modifier, 0-10 percent of raw ginger or ginger juice, 0-5 percent of monosodium glutamate, 0-1 percent of I+G, 0-3 percent of sesames or sesame powder, 0.05-3 percent of salt, 0-5 percent of cooking wine, 0-6 percent of vinegar, 0-5 percent of white granulated sugar and 0.1-25 percent of spicy to 30-70 percent of fish meat silks or dried fish meat floss or fish meat particles serving as a raw material according to the weight percentage, mixing the materials, then frying or stewing in a sauce frying pan or a jacketed pan for 10-60 minutes, bottling, canning or bagging the fish paste, heating and sterilizing under the condition of the temperature of 80-145 DEG C, and performing cooling, cleaning and blow-drying in sequence. The fish paste product prepared by the processing method is rich in nutrition, tastes delicious, is convenient to carry and eat and is favored by customers.
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