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The PHP Extension and Application Repository, or PEAR, is a repository of PHP software code. Stig S. Bakken founded the PEAR project in 1999 to promote the re-use of code that performs common functions. The project seeks to provide a structured library of code, maintain a system for distributing code and for managing code packages, and promote a standard coding style. Though community-driven, the PEAR project has a PEAR Group which serves as the governing body and takes care of administrative tasks. Each PEAR code package comprises an independent project under the PEAR umbrella. It has its own development team, versioning-control and documentation.

Integrated enzyme powder having effects of reducing fat and losing weight and application thereof

The invention relates to integrated enzyme powder having effects of reducing fat and losing weight. The integrated enzyme powder is characterized by being prepared from powders which are, by weight parts, 62.8-71.8 parts of integrated enzyme raw powder, 8-15 parts of konjac flour, 10 parts of pumpkin powder, 1 part of papaya powder, 3 parts of pineapple powder, 1 part of mango powder, 1 part of sweet orange powder, 1 part of snow pear powder, 3-5 parts of dietary fiber powder and 0.2 part of compound lactobacillus powder. 43 fruits, 20 vegetables, 4 cereal nuts and 11 medicinal and edible herbaceous plants and natto are selected in total to serve as fermentation raw materials; through yeast and lactobacillus fementation, generated enzymes are total nutrients needed by humans, and the enzyme powder contains activity probiotics which are resistant to acid and heat; and through testing, the probiotics in artificial gastric juice still have ultrahigh vigor; at normal temperature (37 DEG C), the probiotics still maintain activity, can regulate intestinal flora of the human body, promote digestion and avoid constipation. The mixed integrated enzyme powder not only can achieve the goal of losing weight, but also can meet the basic nutrition requirements of the human body, and it is a healthy and effective method of reducing fat and losing weight to use the enzyme powder.

Special-purpose nutritive food for diabetes patient and its preparation method

The invention discloses a nutritious food especially for diabetes patient and a manufacturing method. The nutritious food consists, according to the weight percentage, of 8 percent to 16 percent of tuckahoe, 8 percent to 16 percent of medlar, 8 percent to 16 percent of white hyacinth bean, 6 percent to 12 percent of semen phaseoli, 8 percent to 16 percent of tartary buck wheat, 3 percent to 10 percent of chitosan, 3 percent to 10 percent of dioscorea opposite, 3 percent to 10 percent of coix seed, 3 percent to 12 percent of isolated protein of peanut, 1 percent to 5 percent of whey condensed protein, 3 percent to 10 percent of sealwort, and 3 percent to 10 percent of polygonatum. The above nutritious food also consists of one or a plurality of kinds of the following componets: 0.5 percent to 2 percent of spirulina platensis, 0.5 percent to 2 percent of low ester pectin, 1 percent to 5 percent of cinnamon, 1 percent to 5 percent of cactus, 1 percent to 5 percent of balsam pear, 0.04 percent to 0.2 percent of tea polyphenols, 0.03 percent to 0.05 percent of zinc gluconate, 0.0001 percent to 0.0005 percent of sodium selenite, 1 percent to 4 percent of milk calcium, 0.2 percent to 0.8 percent of magnesium carbonate, 0.1 percent to 0.5 percent of vitamin C, 0.01 percent to 0.05 percent of vitamin B1, and 0.01 percent to 0.05 percent of vitamin B2. The invention has a double regulation function of the blood sugar of diabetes patients, helps diabetes patients to keep the relative stability of the blood sugar, and at the same time reduces the sense of hunger, thus beneficial to lose weight and reduce blood fat. The invention supplements nutrition and is beneficial to cooperate with the diet control and treatment of diabetes patients.

Snow pear, banana and corn jam and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a snow pear, banana and corn jam which is prepared from the following raw materials by weight parts: 198-215 parts of the snow pear, 66-75 parts of the banana, 55-64 parts of the corn powder, 13-16 parts of peach blossoms, 6-9 parts of Radix Ranunculi Ternati, 4-6 parts of Codonopsis Lanceolata, 5-7 parts of Cornus officinalis, 6-8 parts of pseudo-ginseng, 3-4 parts of pawpaw kernels, 4-5 parts of Epimedium davidii franch, 55-58 parts of white sugar, 26-32 parts of chocolate powder, 3-6 parts of black tea powder, 12-15 parts of sesame oil, 28-33 parts of jujube flower honey, and a proper amount of purified water. The jam provided by the invention, during preparation, is added with the corn powder with healthcare effects; the Cornus officinalis which can tonify the liver and kidney, induce astringency, control nocturnal emission and reduce urination, and help produce saliva and slake thirst; the Radix Ranunculi Ternati which can reduce phlegm and resolving masses and reduce swelling and detoxify; the Codonopsis Lanceolata which can enrich the blood, promote lactation, clear away heat and toxic materials, reduce swelling and eliminate pus; the pawpaw kernels which can remove evil and relieve restlessness; the pseudo-ginseng which can clear away the liver-fire and dispell stagnation; and, Epimedium davidii franch which can tonify the kidney and yang, dry damp and dispell pathogenic wind. The jam provided by the invention is bright in color, sour and sweet, fine and soft in mouthfeel, unique in fruit and corn fragrance, high in nutrition and health value, and thus is wide in market prospect.

Fungal pharmaceutical mycoplasm with blood sugar lowering efficacy and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the field of biofermentation engineering. A pharmaceutical medium and a fungal strain which have blood sugar lowering efficacy are used as bidirectional fermentation raw materials, wherein the pharmaceutical medium is mainly composed of the following raw materials: cornel, gynostemma, momordica grosvenori, winged euony twigs, balsam pear and polyrhachis vicina; the fungalstrain is composed of the following strains: inonotus obliquus, cordyceps, phellinus igniarius, polystictus versicolor, and grifola frondosa; and bi-directional multi-fungi fermentation is carried out between multiple edible and pharmaceutical fungi and Chinese herbal medicines by a bidirectional fermentation process, thus organisms in two kingdoms or three kingdoms are organically combined to obtain an entirely new blood-sugar-lowering pharmaceutical mycoplasm product. The obtained product can generate 1+1>2 physiological function efficiency for hypoimmunity, has the actions of obviously lowering blood sugar but not increasing insulin concentration, has significant positive effects on helping treating and controlling diabetic complications, and can be used as an oral medicament for preventing and treating diabetes or a health-care product for adjusting blood sugar.

Cassia obtusifolia tea bag with functions of weight reduction, hypotension and hypoglycemic effect and its production process

The invention provides a cassia obtusifolia tea bag with functions of weight reduction, hypotension and hypoglycemic effect, which is characterized in that the production process comprises the following steps: washing, cleaning and drying the cassia obtusifolia stem, leaf and grain, crushing by a pulverizer to 280 meshes, uniformly stirring, packing, disinfecting to obtain the cassia obtusifolia tea bag with functions of lipid lowering, hypotension and hypoglycemic effect. The optimal composition and the weight part ratio of the tea bag are: 40-60 parts of dried cassia obtusifolia stem, leaf and grain, 10 parts of dried lotus leaf, 5 parts of haw, 5 parts of dried balsam pear, 5 parts of Chinese wolfberry, 10 parts of Pu'er tea, 10 parts of cassia seed, 5 parts of mulberry leaf, 5 parts of folium apocyni veneti, 5 parts of Chinese yam as medicine, 3 parts of rhubarb, 2 parts of chrysanthemum, 2 parts of honeysuckle flower, 1 part of boat-fruited sterculia, 5 parts of cassia seed, 5 parts of kudzu root and 10 parts of additive. The additive is composed of fatty acid sucrose ester, xylitol, mannitol crystal, natural menthol, citric acid, trisodium phosphate, sodium saccharin and steviosid; the above components are carried out the processes of crushing, mixing, uniformly stirring, packing and disinfecting to obtain the tea bag.
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