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Classifying toxic materials. Toxic materials are poisonous byproducts as a result of industries such as manufacturing, farming, construction, automotive, laboratories, and hospitals which may contain heavy metals, radiation, dangerous pathogens, or other toxins.

Oral administration Chinese traditional medicine for treating acne and preparing method thereof

The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine for treating acne through oral administration and is prepared by more than fifty traditional Chinese medicinal materials of gamene, broom cypress fruit, cortex dictamni, and so on; moreover, the invention is added with proper amount of pangolin so as to strengthen the effect of pus evacuation. According to the traditional Chinese theory of clearing away heat and toxic material, clearing lung heat, invigorating the spleen, relieving dyspepsia, promoting qi, removing dampness, dispelling wind, arresting itching, strengthening interior, relieving superficies, activating blood circulation, cooling the blood, removing stagnation, dredging the collaterals, resisting bacterium and diminishing inflammation, the invention makes use of the synergetic effect of the components to treat acne. The medicine for oral administration has short treatment course, stable curative effect and no recurrence; mild acne can be cured in about 30 days, moderate acne about 45 days and severe acne about 60 days; through the clinical observation of 100 cases of patients with acne, the effective rate of the invention can be 100 percent and the cure rate thereof can reach 62 percent; therefore the invention solves the problems of long treatment course, insignificant curative effect, easy recurrence and certain side effect on the human body in the existing medicines used for treating acne. .

Thermosetting acrylic resin for powder coating as well as synthesis method and applications of thermosetting acrylic resin

The invention relates to thermosetting acrylic resin for a powder coating. The thermosetting acrylic resin is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by mass: 4-14 parts of an initiator, 110-280 parts of soft monomers, 400-570 parts of hard monomers, 192-450 parts of functional monomers, and 1-8 parts of a molecular weight regulator, wherein the soft monomers refer to acrylic acid alkyl ester compounds, and the hard monomers refer to methacrylate, styrene, or compounds of derivatives of methacrylate and styrene. The acrylic resin contains epoxy functional groups and hydroxyl functional groups simultaneously, wherein the epoxy equivalent is 570-630g/mol and the hydroxyl value is 40-50mgKOH/g; the acrylic resin can react with various substances such as carboxyl, amidogen and isocyanate and can be used for powder coating. A coating film, which is formed after the thermosetting powder coating prepared from the acrylic resin in combination with other materials is sprayed, has excellent weather resistance, good leveling performance, outstanding surface hardness, and high glossiness, durability and decorating performance; the powder coating can be used for indoor or outdoor metal sectional materials or building materials. The thermosetting acrylic resin can substitute for TGIC (triglycidyl isocyanurate) to a certain extent so as to avoid the use of the toxic substances.

Chinese medicinal powder for treating psoriasis

The invention relates to a Chinese medicine for treating psoriasis, in particular to Chinese medicinal powder for treating psoriasis. The Chinese medicinal powder for treating psoriasis consists of Chinese medicinal powder for oral administration and external embrocation, wherein the Chinese medicinal powder for oral administration consists of 45 Chinese medicines of angelica dahurica, cicada slough and the like; and the external embrocation consists of 18 Chinese medicines of centipede, scorpion and the like and medicinal ethanol and dimethyl sulfoxide. In the Chinese medicinal powder for treating psoriasis, on the basis of a secret recipe handed down in the family, the pathogenesis of psoriasis is found, and Chinese medicinal decoction tablets which are beneficial for clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxicating, dispelling wind, arresting itching and detoxicating, removing dampness, promoting blood circulation and detoxicating, enriching blood, moistening dryness and detoxicating or Chinese medicinal decoction tablets of insects medicines for detoxicating and eliminating toxic materials and the like are subjected to compatibility scientifically by many years of clinical experiences, and medicines for oral administration and external use are prepared by the conventional process; and due to the adoption of the conventional preparation technology, the Chinese medicinal powder for treating psoriasis is a pure Chinese medicinal preparation, has the characteristics of addressing both symptoms and root causes along with no toxic or side effect, relapse prevention and the like, is convenient to use, economic and practical, and patients can use safely and have light burden.

Method for producing baking-free bricks by using phosphorous gypsum based cementitious material to solidify yellow phosphorous slags

The invention provides a method for producing baking-free bricks by using phosphorous gypsum based cementitious material to solidify yellow phosphorous slags. 1) The raw materials and formula of the invention are as follows: (1) the phosphorous gypsum cementitious material: 40-60 parts of phosphorous gypsum, 0-30 parts of yellow phosphorous slags, 0-30 parts of pulverized fuel ash, 0-5 parts of blast furnace slag, 10-15 parts of calcined lime, and 0-10 parts of carbide slag; (2) the mateirals of the baking-free brick green bodies: 100 parts of phosphorous gypsum cementitious material, 150-300parts of yellow phosphorous slags raw materials, 2-4 parts of activator, 0.2-1 part of auxiliary agent, and 10-40 parts of water. 2) The preparation method: the baking-free bricks are produced throughthe steps of treating raw materials, mixing the solution with additive, preparing brick blanks and moulding and conserving. In the production process of the invention, no organic matter is added, thus completely avoiding the pollution problems of toxic substance caused by degradation of organic materials, and the release of additive and volatilization of residues, and having the advantages of lowcost, good physical property, high production efficiency, saving of energy consumption and non environmental pollution.

Capsules capable of greatly improving immunity and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a capsule for forcedly improving the immunity, which is a capsule formulation prepared by traditional Chinese medicines of parasites detoxifying and destroying type, heat dry dampness clearing, detoxifying and blood cooling type, cough and asthma relieving and phlegm reducing type, temperature cooling and exterior relieving type, kidney warming and yang enhancing type, health building type, resolving damp with aromatics and blood enriching type, qi invigorating type, spleen and stomach strengthening and interior warming type, invigorating blood circulation by removing blood stasis type, liver soothing and qi regulating type, yin tonifying and converging type, digestion helping type, liver clearing, vision helping and resuscitation inducing type, deswelling and pain stopping type, heart nourishing as well as fever reducing and fire purging type according to a certain preparation method. The capsule has the functions as follows: forcedly improving the immunity, clearing away heat and toxic material, detoxifying and destroying parasites, soothing the liver and regulating qi, invigorating blood circulation by removing blood stasis, building health, invigorating qi and enriching blood, regulating qi and stopping pain, inducing diuresis and excreting dampness, eliminating phlegm, relieving cough and asthma, warming kidney and enhancing yang, invigorating the spleen and stomach and the like. The capsule has effects for various headaches, dizzy and neurasthenia, and various intestinal tract diseases, abdominal pains and abdominal distension, and various waist and leg pains and various tumors, and can cure diseases when in ill, build body when not in ill, and can achieve the goal of healthy and long life if the long-term or discontinuous taking is carried out.

Feed additive for increasing egg yield of hens and preparation method thereof

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The invention discloses a feed additive for increasing the egg yield of hens and a preparation method thereof. The feed additive is prepared by fermenting the following traditional Chinese medicine raw materials of radix codonopsis, poria cocos, bighead atractylodes rhizome, malt, medicated leaven, semen cuscutae, epimedium and common cnidium fruit with lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, microzyme and bacillus subtilis. For the feed additive for increasing the egg yield of the hens, disclosed by the invention, traditional Chinese medicine components are compounded with microorganisms to form a composite traditional Chinese medicine micro-ecological preparation to be used as the feed additive, so that the number of beneficial bacteria can be increased, the ecological balance of intestinal tracts of organisms can be maintained, the growth of harmful bacteria is restrained, and the health of the intestinal tracts of the organisms can be improved; macromolecular substances, such as starches and proteins, in the feed, can be effectively decomposed, small molecular nutrient substances which are easy to digest and absorb for laying hens are released, and the utilization rate of the feed is increased; the egg laying rate, the production performance and the reproductive performance are obviously improved, the quality of eggs is improved, and the peak period of egg laying is prolonged; and the toxic substance is decomposed in the fermentation process, and the feed additive dost not have medicine residue and is free of toxic and side effects, so that the feed additive is safe and reliable.

Apparatus and method for entire journey autotrophy denitrification of digested sludge dewatered liquid biomembrane

The invention relates to a biofilm full-rang autotrophic nitrogen removal device of digested sludge dehydrolysis liquid and a method thereof; wherein, the device is provided with a digested sludge dehydrolysis liquid pool, a pre-hypoxia denitrification pool, a short-range biofilm nitrification pool, a sedimentation pool, an intermediate pool and a biofilm anaerobic ammonia oxidation pool; the method consists of the following steps: 1. the pre-hypoxia denitrification pool and the short-range biofilm nitrification pool are started to operate; 2. the biofilm anaerobic ammonia oxidation pool is started; 3. the biofilm full-rang autotrophic nitrogen removal system of the digested sludge dehydrolysis liquid is operated in series. The device is suitable for biological nitrogen removal of wastewater containing high ammonia nitrogen, such as the digested sludge dehydrolysis liquid, late landfill percolate, coking wastewater, monosodium glutamate wastewater, etc. The device realizes efficient biological nitrogen removal of wastewater with high NH4<+>-N and low ratio of C/N, greatly decreases the construction and operation cost of nitrogen removal of wastewater, reduces alkalinity demand of the nitrification, runs stably, operates easily and has stronger shock resistance loading capability; meanwhile, the device is strongly adaptable to temperature fluctuation and toxic substances, which is easy to recover after being restrained.

Preparation method of nanometer zinc oxide-bamboo charcoal composite particle with antibacterial and adsorption functions

The invention relates to a preparation method of nanometer zinc oxide-bamboo charcoal composite particle with antibacterial and adsorption functions. The preparation method comprises the following steps: (1) adding a bamboo raw material into a mixed acid solution, reacting at 50-90 DEG C for 1-20 hours, adding alkali liquor to neutralize the solution after the reaction to obtain a carboxylated bamboo cellulose nanocrystals; (2) adding the carboxylated bamboo cellulose nanocrystals into a solution of 0.005-5 mol/L zinc ions, adding alkali liquor to neutralize, diluting the reaction product through deionized water, centrifuging and freeze drying or vacuum drying the reaction product, and then, vacuum calcining the reaction product at 200-600 DEG C for 1-8 hours to obtain the nanometer zinc oxide-bamboo charcoal composite particle. The process disclosed by the invention is simple, convenient, easy to operate and free of environmental pollution, and the preparation period of the composite particle is shortened; the prepared nanometer zinc oxide-bamboo charcoal composite particle is small in size, easy to regulate and control and large in specific surface area, the bamboo charcoal is very firmly combined with the nanometer zinc oxide, so that the antibacterial effect is durable, and the nanometer zinc oxide-bamboo charcoal composite particle has good adsorption capacity on toxic substance, thereby having a wide application prospect.

Snow pear, banana and corn jam and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a snow pear, banana and corn jam which is prepared from the following raw materials by weight parts: 198-215 parts of the snow pear, 66-75 parts of the banana, 55-64 parts of the corn powder, 13-16 parts of peach blossoms, 6-9 parts of Radix Ranunculi Ternati, 4-6 parts of Codonopsis Lanceolata, 5-7 parts of Cornus officinalis, 6-8 parts of pseudo-ginseng, 3-4 parts of pawpaw kernels, 4-5 parts of Epimedium davidii franch, 55-58 parts of white sugar, 26-32 parts of chocolate powder, 3-6 parts of black tea powder, 12-15 parts of sesame oil, 28-33 parts of jujube flower honey, and a proper amount of purified water. The jam provided by the invention, during preparation, is added with the corn powder with healthcare effects; the Cornus officinalis which can tonify the liver and kidney, induce astringency, control nocturnal emission and reduce urination, and help produce saliva and slake thirst; the Radix Ranunculi Ternati which can reduce phlegm and resolving masses and reduce swelling and detoxify; the Codonopsis Lanceolata which can enrich the blood, promote lactation, clear away heat and toxic materials, reduce swelling and eliminate pus; the pawpaw kernels which can remove evil and relieve restlessness; the pseudo-ginseng which can clear away the liver-fire and dispell stagnation; and, Epimedium davidii franch which can tonify the kidney and yang, dry damp and dispell pathogenic wind. The jam provided by the invention is bright in color, sour and sweet, fine and soft in mouthfeel, unique in fruit and corn fragrance, high in nutrition and health value, and thus is wide in market prospect.
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