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Traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating fracture and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating fracture, comprising an orally-taken medicament and an external medicament, wherein the orally-taken medicament comprises 10-20 parts of Chinese angelica, 10-20 parts of ligusticum chuanxiong hort, 10-20 parts of gentiana macrophylla, 10-20 parts of panaxnotoginseng, 10-20 parts of achyranthes, 10-20 parts of safflower, 10-20 parts of woodlouse, 10-20 parts of spatholobus stem, 10-20 parts of rhizoma drynariae, 10-20 parts of giant knotweed, 10-20 parts of scurfpea fruit, 10-20 parts of erberry, 10-20 parts of lycopodium calvatum, 10-20 parts of lespedeza, 10-20 parts of earthworm and 10-20 parts of red paeony root; and the external medicament comprises 10-20 parts of myrrh, 10-20 parts of mastic, 10-20 parts of teasel root, 10-20 parts of panaxnotoginseng, 10-20 parts of safflower, 10-20 parts of dragon blood, 10-20 parts of poison nut, one zaocys dhumnade, 1-5 parts of prepared monkshd moter root, 10-20 parts of carpet bugle and 10-20 parts of garden balsam stem. By being orally taken, the traditional Chinese medicinal composition has the functions of dissipating swelling and relieving pain, eliminating blood stasis and promoting tissue regeneration and promoting the growth of poroma; and by being applied externally, the traditional Chinese medicinal composition can promote the poroma to be quickly formed and remarkably bring forward the physiological self-rehabilitation period.

Traditional Chinese medicine for treating rheumatism

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for treating rheumatism. The traditional Chinese medicine is prepared by 10 grams of sanguis draxonis, 15 grams of amber, 20 grams of zoacys dhumnades, 15 grams of ground beetle, 15 grams of lumbricus, 12 grams of prepared frankincense, 12 grams of prepared myrrh, 20 grams of eucommia bark, 15 grams of radix achyranthis, 10 grams of rhizoma atractylodis, 15 grams of safflower, 10 grams of peach seed, 15 grams of red peony root, 10 grams of rhizoma chuanxiong, 8 grams of dahurian angelica root, 10 grams of prepared common monkshood daughter root, 15 grams of pyrola herb, 20 grams of pubescent angelica root, 20 grams of notopterygium root, 20 grams of radix gentianae macrophyllae, 15 grams of cassia twig, 20 grams of suberect spatholobus stem, 5 grams of processed radix aconiti, 5 grams of radix aconiti kusnezoffii preparata, 25 grams of rhizoma drynariae, 30 grams of radix clematidis, 30 grams of angelicae sinensis, 20 grams of garden balsam stem, 30 grams of radix astragali, 20 grams of radix saposhnikoviae, 20 grams of rhizoma corydalis, 20 grams of Chinese starjasmine stem, 20 grams of obscured homalomena rhizome, 6 agkistrodons, 8 scorpions and 5 centipede wirh head and feet removed. The traditional Chinese medicine is mainly used for treating rheumatism diseases such as rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and the like, has very good effect for treating the rheumatism diseases and has high curative rate, with little relapse possibility.

Traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating cervical vertebra diseases and preparation method of traditional Chinese medicine preparation

The invention provides a traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating cervical vertebra diseases and a preparation method of the traditional Chinese medicine preparation, and belongs to the technical field of traditional Chinese medicines. The traditional Chinese medicine preparation provided by the invention is prepared by processing the 22 traditional Chinese medicinal materials namely pseudo-ginseng, safflower carthamus, angelica sinensis, scorpio, centipede, herb pyrolae, ramulus mori, radix puerariae, earthworm, uncaria, large-leaved gentian, radix paeoniae alba, notopterygium root, radix achyranthis bidentatae, dogwood, radix clematidis, divaricate saposhnikovia root, salvia miltiorrhiza, cortex acanthopanacis, frankincense, myrrh and liquorice in a ratio according to the preparation method provided by the invention, and the preparation has a quite remarkable treatment effect on the cervical vertebra diseases of cervical vertebra osteoarthritis, proliferative cervical vertebra inflammation, cervical nerve root syndrome, cervical intervertebral disc extrusion and the like; moreover, the preparation is stable in efficacy, less in individual difference, low in preparation process difficulty and low in cost, and easily realizes large-scale production, thus benefiting for more patients.

Plaster for curing zoster and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to the traditional Chinese medicine field, in particular to a plaster which is used for treating shingles caused by the outside raid on skin by toxic fire and a preparation method thereof. The plaster comprises fifteen traditional Chinese medicine materials that are Caulis Spatholobi, Caulis Lonicerae, gardenia, rhubarb, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, salvia, castor seeds, centipedes, olibanum, myrrh, realgar, borneol, camphor, red lead, and balm. The fifteen traditional Chinese medicine materials have the weight proportions that: the Caulis Spatholobi is 400 to 600g, the Caulis Lonicerae is 100 to 300g, the gardenia is 50 to 150g, the rhubarb is 50 to 150g, the Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi is 50 to 150g, the salvia is 50 to 150g, the castor seeds are 50 to 150g, the centipedes are 8 to 12, the olibanum is 50 to 150g, the myrrh is 50 to 150g, the realgar is 8 to 12g, the borneol is 40 to 60g, the camphor is 5 to 15g, the red lead is 400 to 600g, and the balm is 1500 to 2500g. The plaster and the preparation method thereof have the advantages that: the time is short, the cure rate is high, the curative effect is quick, the effect is good, the cost is low, the medication is convenient without work influence and sequela by using the plaster to treat the shingles.
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