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Plasma protein matrices and methods for their preparation

InactiveUS7009039B2Rapid cell growthRapid vascularizationBiocidePeptide/protein ingredientsBiological propertyFreeze-drying
A freeze dried biocompatible matrix comprising plasma proteins, useful as implants for tissue engineering as well as in biotechnology, and methods of producing the matrix are provided. Mechanical and physical parameters can be controlled by use of auxiliary components or additives which may be removed after the matrix is formed in order to improve the biological properties of the matrix. The matrices according to the present invention may be used clinically per se, or as a cell-bearing implant.

Wound closure material

Articles are provided having no orientation or a multi-directional orientation. Such articles may be in the form of films, ribbons, sheets, and / or tapes and may be utilized as buttresses with a surgical stapling apparatus or as reinforcing means for suture lines. The articles may be produced with a polymeric material having an agent, such as a chemotherapeutic agent or a radiotherapeutic agent, incorporated therein or applied as a coating thereon.

Synergetic functionalized spiral-in-tubular bone scaffolds

An integrated scaffold for bone tissue engineering has a tubular outer shell and a spiral scaffold made of a porous sheet. The spiral scaffold is formed such that the porous sheet defines a series of spiral coils with gaps of controlled width between the coils to provide an open geometry for enhanced cell growth. The spiral scaffold resides within the bore of the shell and is integrated with the shell to fix the geometry of the spiral scaffold. Nanofibers may be deposited on the porous sheet to enhance cell penetration into the spiral scaffold. The spiral scaffold may have alternating layers of polymer and ceramic on the porous sheet that have been built up using a layer-by-layer method. The spiral scaffold may be seeded with cells by growing a cell sheet and placing the cell sheet on the porous sheet before it is rolled.

Delivery and formulation of engineered nucleic acids

ActiveUS20120251618A1Improve the level ofIncrease in level of polypeptideNervous disorderAntipyreticNucleic acidProtein expression
Provided are formulations, compositions and methods for delivering biological moieties such as modified nucleic acids into cells to modulate protein expression. Such compositions and methods include the delivery of biological moieties, and are useful for production of proteins.

Isoindole-imide compounds, compositions, and uses thereof

The invention relates to isoindole-imide compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates, solvates, clathrates, enantiomers, diastereomers, racemates, or mixtures of stereoisomers thereof, pharmaceutical compositions comprising these isoindole-imide compounds, and methods for reducing the level of cytokines and their precursors in mammals. In particular, the invention pertains to isoindole-imide compounds that are potent inhibitors of the production of TNF-alpha in mammals. The isoindole-imides described herein are useful for treating or preventing diseases or disorders in mammals, for example, cancers, such as solid tumors and blood-born tumors; heart disease, such as congestive heart failure; osteoporosis; and genetic, inflammatory; allergic; and autoimmune diseases.

In situ formation of intervertebral disc implants

Nucleus pulposus implants that are resistant to migration in and / or expulsion from an intervertebral disc space are provided. In one form of the invention, an implant includes a load bearing elastic body surrounded in the disc space by an anchoring, preferably resorbable, biocompatible material which may be in the form of an outer shell. In certain forms of the invention, the elastic body is surrounded by a supporting member, such as a band or jacket, and the supporting member is surrounded by the outer shell. Kits for forming such implants are also provided. In another form of the invention, an implant is provided that has locking features and optional shape memory characteristics. In yet another aspect of the invention, nucleus pulposus implants are provided that have shape memory characteristics and are configured to allow short-term manual, or other deformation without permanent deformation, cracks, tears, breakage or other damage. Methods of forming and implanting the implants are also described, as are delivery devices and components thereof for delivering the implants.

FcgammaRIIB-specific antibodies and methods of use thereof

ActiveUS20040185045A1Strong therapeutic activityEnhancing antibody-mediated effector functionSenses disorderAntipyreticTherapeutic antibodyTreatment effect
The present invention relates to antibodies or fragments thereof that specifically bind FcgammaRIIB, particularly human FcgammaRIIB, with greater affinity than said antibodies or fragments thereof bind FcgammaRIIA, particularly human FcgammaRIIA. The invention provides methods of enhancing the therapeutic effect of therapeutic antibodies by administering the antibodies of the invention to enhance the effector function of the therapeutic antibodies. The invention also provides methods of enhancing efficacy of a vaccine composition by administering the antibodies of the invention.

Methods and compositions for the specific inhibition of gene expression by double-stranded RNA

The invention is directed to compositions and methods for selectively reducing the expression of a gene product from a desired target gene in a cell, as well as for treating diseases caused by the expression of the gene. More particularly, the invention is directed to compositions that contain double stranded RNA (“dsRNA”), and methods for preparing them, that are capable of reducing the expression of target genes in eukaryotic cells. The dsRNA has a first oligonucleotide sequence that is between 25 and about 30 nucleotides in length and a second oligonucleotide sequence that anneals to the first sequence under biological conditions. In addition, a region of one of the sequences of the dsRNA having a sequence length of at least 19 nucleotides is sufficiently complementary to a nucleotide sequence of the RNA produced from the target gene to trigger the destruction of the target RNA by the RNAi machinery.

Compositions for regeneration and repair of cartilage lesions

Disclosed is a cartilage repair product that induces both cell ingrowth into a bioresorbable material and cell differentiation into cartilage tissue. Such a product is useful for regenerating and / or repairing both vascular and avascular cartilage lesions, particularly articular cartilage lesions, and even more particularly mensical tissue lesions, including tears as well as segmental defects. Also disclosed is a method of regenerating and repairing cartilage lesions using such a product.

Human Antibodies to PD-1

The present invention provides antibodies that bind to the T-cell co-inhibitor programmed death-1 (PD-1) protein, and methods of use. In various embodiments of the invention, the antibodies are fully human antibodies that bind to PD-1. In certain embodiments, the present invention provides multi-specific antigen-binding molecules comprising a first binding specificity that binds to PD-1 and a second binding specificity that binds to an autoimmune tissue antigen, another T-cell co-inhibitor, an Fc receptor, or a T-cell receptor. In some embodiments, the antibodies of the invention are useful for inhibiting or neutralizing PD-1 activity, thus providing a means of treating a disease or disorder such as cancer or a chronic viral infection. In other embodiments, the antibodies are useful for enhancing or stimulating PD-1 activity, thus providing a means of treating, for example, an autoimmune disease or disorder.
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