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Compositions and methods for enhancing structural and functional nervous system reorganization and recovery

The present invention provides methods and compositions for enhancing recovery in a subject suffering from damage to the nervous system. In particular, the invention includes a method for promoting recovery and / or reorganization in the nervous system of a subject in need of enhancement of recovery and / or reorganization of the nervous system as a result of ischemic, hemorrhagic, neoplastic, degenerative, or traumatic damage by focally administering a composition comprising a proteolysis-enhancing agent such as tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), plasmin, or a PAI inhibitor to the nervous system of the subject. In some embodiments an additional active agent is also administered. The composition can be delivered using a variety of techniques including injection, via infusion pump, from an implantable microchip, or using a polymeric delivery vehicle. The composition can be administered, for example, to one or more subdivisions or areas of the brain, the spinal cord, or to one or more nerves or nerve tracts innervating diverse regions of the body. The invention also includes a drug delivery device for implantation into the nervous system to promote nervous system reorganization and / or recovery following ischemic, hemorrhagic, neoplastic, traumatic or degenerative damage, the drug delivery device comprising a biocompatible polymer and a proteolysis-enhancing agent such as tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), plasmin, or a PAI inhibitor, wherein the proteolysis-enhancing agent is released from the polymer in an amount effective to promote structural reorganization of the nervous system. In some embodiments the biocompatible polymer is a hydrogel.

Method of preparing a poorly crystalline calcium phosphate and methods of its use

The present invention provides a novel process for producing a calcium phosphate cement or filler which hardens in a temperature dependent fashion in association with an endothermic reaction. In the reaction a limited amount of water is mixed with dry calcium phosphate precursors to produce a hydrated precursor paste. Hardening of the paste occurs rapidly at body temperature and is accompanied by the conversion of one or more of the reactants to poorly crystalline apatitic calcium phosphate. The hardened cements, fillers, growth matrices, orthopedic and delivery devices of the invention are rapidly resorbable and stimulate hard tissue growth and healing. A composite material is provided including a strongly bioresorbable, poorly crystalline apatitic calcium phosphate composite and a supplementary material. The supplementary material is in intimate contact with the hydroxyapatite material in an amount effective to impart a selected characteristic to the composite. The supplemental material may be biocompatible, bioresorbable or non-resorbable. A method for treating a bone defect also is provided by identifying a bone site suitable for receiving an implant, and introducing a strongly resorbable, poorly crystalline apatitic calcium phosphate at the implant site, whereby bone is formed at the implant site. The implant site may be a variety of sites, such as a tooth socket, non-union bone, bone prosthesis, an osteoporotic bone, an intervertebral space, an alveolar ridge or a bone fracture.
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