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Capacitive touch screen stylus

In some embodiments, a stylus for providing input to a capacitive touch screen, having a tip including or consisting of conductive felt, which provides a deformable conductive surface for contacting the touch screen. The tip is produced by felting base fibers (which are typically non-conductive) with conductive fibers. In other embodiments, a capacitive touch stylus having at least a first mode of operation and a second mode of operation, and including at least one conductive tip and switched circuitry (preferably, passive circuitry) including at least one switch biased in a default state indicative of the first mode of operation but switchable into a second state indicative of the second mode of operation in response to movement of the tip (typically, in response to exertion of not less than a threshold force on the tip). In some embodiments, a stylus having a conductive tip (e.g., a conductive, felted tip) and including switched circuitry (preferably, passive circuitry) having a first state which couples a capacitance to the tip, where the capacitance is sufficient to allow a capacitive touch screen device to recognize (as a touch) simple contact of the tip on the screen of the touch screen device, and a second state which decouples the capacitance from the tip, thereby preventing the touch screen device from recognizing (as a touch) simple contact of the tip on the screen.

Process for producing nano graphene reinforced composite particles for lithium battery electrodes

A process for producing solid nanocomposite particles for lithium metal or lithium ion battery electrode applications is provided. In one preferred embodiment, the process comprises: (A) Preparing an electrode active material in a form of fine particles, rods, wires, fibers, or tubes with a dimension smaller than 1 μm; (B) Preparing separated or isolated nano graphene platelets with a thickness less than 50 nm; (C) Dispersing the nano graphene platelets and the electrode active material in a precursor fluid medium to form a suspension wherein the fluid medium contains a precursor matrix material dispersed or dissolved therein; and (D) Converting the suspension to the solid nanocomposite particles, wherein the precursor matrix material is converted into a protective matrix material reinforced by the nano graphene platelets and the electrode active material is substantially dispersed in the protective matrix material. For a lithium ion battery anode application, the matrix material is preferably amorphous carbon, polymeric carbon, or meso-phase carbon. Such solid nanocomposite particles provide a high anode capacity and good cycling stability. For a cathode application, the resulting lithium metal or lithium ion battery exhibits an exceptionally high cycle life.

System and method for creating and posting media lists for purposes of subsequent playback

A method and apparatus for creating and posting media is provided. For example, the invention allows a user to quickly create, signal process, encode, and transfer media files to a server for storage, posting, distribution, and retrieval. Thus, media such as audio, video, display, photo, spreadsheet, Web Clips, and HTML pages can be combined into a media file for uploading to a server and accessed from listings posted at web sites. In accordance with embodiments, a user downloads and installs a plug-in at the user's client computer. The user then registers and logs onto the server to perform various tasks. For example, the user can create a combined audio and photo media file at the client computer, in accordance with server based control parameters received from the system server. The plug-in then allows the user to perform digital signal processing and encoding of the media file at the client computer. After the file is encoded, it may be uploaded to a server for storage, posting, distribution, and retrieval. A file management system provides copies and listings of the file to other servers and web sites as permitted. Thus, other user having access to the database or web site lists via other client computers may select the file for retrieval. In accordance with another aspect of the invention, an information management system provides file and file list rankings based upon selection or click through of files and file listings.
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