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Thermal processing system with across-flow liner

An apparatus is provided for thermally processing substrates held in a carrier. The apparatus includes an across-flow liner to improve gas flow uniformity across the surface of each substrate. The across-flow liner of the present invention includes a longitudinal bulging section to accommodate a across-flow injection system. The liner is patterned and sized so that it is conformal to the wafer carrier, and as a result, reduces the gap between the liner and the wafer carrier to reduce or eliminate vortices and stagnation in the gap areas between the wafer carrier and the liner inner wall.

Biodegradable vehicle and filler

A biodegradable vehicle and filler (referred to in this invention as biodegradable vehicle), which can be mixed with one or more biologically active substances (BAS), or can be used as a biodegradable filler to fill in cavities or body tissues in animals, birds and humans. The consistency and rheology, hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, and in vivo degradation rates of the biodegradable vehicle is controlled by modulating the molecular weight of polymers and copolymers, concentration of plasticizers, ratios of two or more plasticizer in the blends, types of polymers and copolymers, copolymer ratios, and ratios of blends of polymers with different molecular weights or different copolymers. The biodegradable vehicle is mixed with one or more BAS (which is separately stored away from the biodegradable vehicle in an appropriate container) just prior to use. Mixing of the BAS with the biodegradable vehicle can be accomplished by simply stirring the mixture with a stirring device, or by triturating the mixture or employing an ointment mill or a suitable device or apparatus or equipment that can be used for blending / mixing. Alternatively, a device, which resembles two syringes, attached together with a removable partition or a valve assembly can also be used to uniformly mix the BAS with the biodegradable vehicle. The mixing is performed in order to dissolve or uniformly suspend the BAS particles in the biodegradable vehicle. Modulating the polymer to plasticizer ratio, polymer molecular weight, copolymer ratio, and hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity of the plasticizer controls the release of the BAS from the biodegradable vehicle.
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