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Topical Composition for Treating Pain

ActiveUS20080311167A1Ameliorate and eliminate painBiocideHydrocarbon active ingredientsSequelaPreventing pain
Topical compositions having as the active ingredient a lipid, fatty acid ester, natural wax, sterol, or combinations thereof referred to herein as “lipophilic vehicle” or “LV” and methods of use, have been developed for the amelioration or prevention of pain or the sequelae of pain. The composition may be in the form of an ointment, cream, gel, lotion, spray, foam, paste, patch, suspension or dispersion. In the preferred embodiment, the formulation is a gel. The LV may contain a penetration enhancer, most preferably one with membrane disruptive properties. The formulation may be applied to or impregnated into a gauze, wrap, bandage, cotton-tipped stick, adhesive bandage strip, or other support wrap or medical bandage or wound cover. For example, the compositions may be are incorporated onto or into disposables such as hemorrhoid wipes, sponge, mouth guards, dental trays; needles or catheters; adult diapers; gloves, socks or wrist bands, for ease of application. The composition is applied topically to a site at or adjacent to a painful region. The composition is reapplied as necessary. Pain relief is typically obtained within minutes and lasts for periods of variable duration ranging from minutes to several hours and even, in some cases, days. The composition is variably effective to treat visceral, somatic and neuropathic pain both acute and chronic as well as muscle pain and stiffness and joint pain and stiffness.
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