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Method Validation. Method validation is the process used to confirm that the analytical procedure employed for a specific test is suitable for its intended use. Results from method validation can be used to judge the quality, reliability and consistency of analytical results; it is an integral part of any good analytical practice.

Data hierarchy layout correction and verification method and apparatus

A method and apparatus for the correction of integrated circuit layouts for optical proximity effects which maintains the original true hierarchy of the original layout is provided. Also provided is a method and apparatus for the design rule checking of layouts which have been corrected for optical proximity effects. The OPC correction method comprises providing a hierarchically described integrated circuit layout as a first input, and a particular set of OPC correction criteria as a second input. The integrated circuit layout is then analyzed to identify features of the layout which meet the provided OPC correction criteria. After the areas on the mask which need correction have been identified, optical proximity correction data is generated in response to the particular set of correction criteria. Finally, a first program data is generated which stores the generated optical proximity correction data in a hierarchical structure that corresponds to the hierarchical structure of the integrated circuit layout. As the output correction data is maintained in true hierarchical format, layouts which are OPC corrected according to this method are able to be processed through conventional design rule checkers with no altering of the data.

Automatic vulnerability validation method

The invention provides an automatic vulnerability validation method. The method comprises the steps that firstly, validation information is collected, wherein an active detection way is adopted for carrying out information detection, topological detection, vulnerability detection and website directory structure detection on a target; secondly, the validation information is packaged, wherein suspicious vulnerability key information in vulnerability detection results is extracted, uniform-interface modularized packaging is carried out on the data; thirdly, a validation strategy is searched for, wherein according to the suspicious vulnerability identity and variety information, an appropriate attack script template and a vulnerability utilizing tool are selected; vulnerability validation is carried out, wherein scripts are called to be loaded into the packaged vulnerability information to carry out validation attack, and an utilization voucher is obtained and stored; fifthly, validation traces are removed, wherein validation attack traces are removed, sessions are recycled; finally, a scanning report is generated. The automatic vulnerability validation method solves the problem that an existing vulnerability scanning system is high in false alarm rate and cannot carry out effective validation, is automatic and procedural, can automatically recognize and validate vulnerabilities, lowers the requirement for the ability of non-professional staff and improves the vulnerability validation efficiency.

System and Method of Selectively Notifying Consumers of Product Recalls

Described herein is a system and method of using the system for notifying consumers regarding product recall comprising: assignment of a unique user account to a newly registered consumer by an internet-based product recall notification system, the user account comprising a database wherein all products registered by that consumer are listed and a web interface whereon the products the consumer has listed as owned are listed with product recall alert-level status shown, and the unique user account requiring a logon verification method that is selected from the group consisting of username-and-password match, username match, and password match; the product recall notification system collecting consumer contact information; the product recall notification system collecting product information from the consumer about one or more products that the consumer has acquired; the product recall notification system sending regular periodic email to the registered consumers; the product recall notification system responding to email returned undeliverable; the product recall notification system receiving information about a product recall; the product recall notification system comparing the information received about the product recall to the consumer's data; the product recall notification system generating an email alert at a level determined by the match between the consumer's registered product and a recalled product to the consumer notifying the consumer about the recall of the registered product; and the product recall notification system generating a flashing screen alert at a level determined by the match between the consumer's registered product and a previously recalled product when the consumer enters information about a product that has previously been recalled.

Flight program design system for performance-based navigation, verification platform and verification method

The invention discloses a flight program design system for performance-based navigation (PBN), a verification platform and a verification method, belonging to the field of aerial navigation. The program design system is based on an AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) core database; a program protection region can be automatically drawn, an obstacle is evaluated, and a chart is generated; and thus, functions such as seamless connection and the like of the PBN program protection region and the conventional flight program protection region can be realized. According to the system, the chart can be automatically generated according to data finished by the flight program design, customized edition and modification can also be realized according to requirement, and program design and publishing are finished at one time. By using the flight program design system, the verification platform and the verification method, the PBN program can be directly added in a navigation database of the verification platform, and the navigation database can be edited and modified in a verification process. In addition, a visual scene database is increased; the defects and the disadvantages of the program design can be directly discovered according to geomorphology in a visual scene when the PBN flight program is verified; and the program is further modified perfectly.

Node consensus verification method under league chain network through asynchronous mode

The invention discloses a node consensus verification method under a league chain network through an asynchronous mode. Each node takes a transaction request from the head of a buffer queue to act as a transaction sequence to be submitted and then encrypts the sequence by using threshold encryption; each node broadcasts the encrypted transaction sequence, ensures the integrity of the transmitted message by using an erasure code and ensures message consistency of different nodes by using a Merkle tree; and all the nodes vote the transaction sequences by using the binary Byzantine consensus agreement to reach a consensus, each node waits for local receiving all the voted transaction sequences and then decrypts the transaction sequences by using threshold decryption so as to finally obtain the decrypted transaction information to act as the transaction request written in blocks within the period. The method is completely decentralized, the system has no timeout mechanism and the broadcast message completely depends on the network bandwidth so that the method has higher network throughput when a large number of nodes exist in the network in comparison with the conventional synchronization Byzantine fault tolerance consensus method.

Auto-recoverable and auto-certifiable cryptostem using zero-knowledge proofs for key escrow in general exponential ciphers

A method is provided for an escrow cryptosystem that is essentially overhead-free, does not require a cryptographic tamper-proof hardware implementation (i.e., can be done in software), is publicly verifiable, and cannot be used subliminally to enable a shadow public key system. A shadow public key system is an unescrowed public key system that is publicly displayed in a covert fashion. The keys generated by the method are auto-recoverable and auto-certifiable (abbrev. ARC). The ARC Cryptosystem is based on a key generation mechanism that outputs a public/private key pair, and a certificate of proof that the key is recoverable by the escrow authorities. Each generated public/private key pair can be verified efficiently to be escrowed properly by anyone. The verification procedure does not use the private key. Hence, the general public has an efficient way of making sure that any given individual's private key is escrowed properly, and the trusted authorities will be able to access the private key if needed. Since the verification can be performed by anyone, there is no need for a special trusted entity, known in the art as a "trusted third party". The proof and verification method involves one party proving to a second party that a third party can gain access to an encrypted value. In addition, the system is designed so that its internals can be made publicly scrutinizable (e.g., it can be distributed in source code form). This differs from many schemes which require that the escrowing device be tamper-proof hardware. The system is efficient and can be implemented as a "drop-in" replacement to an RSA or ElGamal cryptosystem. The system is applicable for lawenforcement, file systems, e-mail systems, certified e-mail systems, and any scenario in which public key cryptography can be employed and where private keys or information encrypted under public keys need to be recoverable. The system security relies solely on the security of cipher systems involved whose security has been extensively studied in the past.
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