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Optimization method of network variable structure with distributed type power supply distribution system

The invention discloses an optimization method of a network variable structure with a distributed type power supply distribution system. The optimization method includes that basic static data of electric power network structure parameters, distributed type power supply distribution, load capacity, faulty lines and the like are extracted, under the condition of present line fault, the basic static data are utilized to perform islanding scheme calculation and correction, survivability indexes constructed by the method are combined to perform an online evaluation for islanding network safe operation performances and implement immediate control measures, finally, on account of residual network structure data after final islanding electric power network division is performed, by means of an ant colony algorithm, a reconfiguration optimal computation is performed for residual network with minimum network loss as a target, and finally the electric power network structure with high safe operation level is obtained. On the basis of the developed algorism and function modules, the invention further provides a large-scale power distribution network intelligent optimization decision system based on multi-stage computation correction and survivability evaluation, according to the technical scheme, the division and reconstruction of the network with the generalized model distributed type power supply distribution system are achieved, and accurate reference of network structure adjustment, schedule and operation can be excellently provided for regional electric power network schedule staffs.
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