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Low demand is a key attribute of the treatment approach utilized across all three Housing First programs. Low demand is an intervention designed to reduce harm, or risk of harm, associated with ongoing addictive behaviors, without requiring abstinence. Following are two examples of the low demand approach.

Method for preparing iron phosphate from ferrophosphorus

InactiveCN101659406AOvercome the problem of difficult ratioWide variety of sourcesPhosphorus compoundsLow demandResource utilization
The invention relates to a method for preparing iron phosphate from ferrophosphorus. The ferrophosphorus is used as a part or the whole of a phosphorus source and an iron source for preparing the ironphosphate. The phosphorus source or the iron source is supplemented according to a mol ratio of (0.8-1.2):1.0 between total phosphorus elements and total iron elements. The ferrophosphorus is roastedin a dry and oxygen-containing atmosphere. The iron phosphate product is obtained by means of dry or wet oxidation product reaction. The method adopts the ferrophosphorus as the raw material for preparing the iron phosphate, makes full use of elements in the ferrophosphorus and creates a novel preparing process of iron phosphate. In addition, as the reaction process can be used for weakening or eliminating the influence of impurity elements in the ferrophosphorus on the iron phosphate product, the method indirectly purifies the ferrophosphorus and eliminates the influence of the impurities inthe ferrophosphorus and the problem of severe corrosion caused by the existence of water during the roasting of ferrophosphorus. The reaction process has relatively low demand on apparatuses. The preparing method has simple process, short production flow and low production cost, is clean and environment-friendly, realizes high resource utilization rate, low investment and good benefit and is suitable for large-scale, industrial, low-cost and clean preparation of iron phosphate.
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