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Sea observation platform for unmanned and automatic navigation

The invention discloses a sea observation platform for unmanned and automatic navigation. According to upward and downward movement of a water turbine which is arranged under sea and is pulled by a sea floating platform driven by wave, water flow entering into a water turbine casing is enabled to be guided by upper part guide blades and lower part guide blades to act on a one-way rotating rotor, the up and down movement is converted into one-way rotation of the rotor, by the adoption of the rotor, according to a transmission mechanism, and kinetic energy of rotation is transmitted into the rotor of a generation set which is accelerated by a speed shifting mechanism, so that sea wave energy is enabled to be converted into electrical energy; and a power supply system further comprises a solar photovoltaic system, the electrical energy generated by the solar photovoltaic system is taken as an auxiliary power supply for an observation platform, the electric energy converted from the sea wave energy is used as a main power supply for various systems, and a complemented method of the main power supply and the auxiliary power supply is used for providing power source for a propelling system and an intelligent control system. By providing adequate electric energy, the sea observation platform becomes the observation platform with functions of remote control, multi-method communication, visualized remote online monitoring and observing and the like, and the possibility of transparently supervising all sea observation stations in the country is realized.
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