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Method for acquiring highly-adaptive abrasion-proof titanium-based composite material on titanium alloy surface

InactiveCN101139709AReduce stressReduced tendency to crackMetallic material coating processesLaser beam welding apparatusIn situ reactionHigh power lasers
The invention discloses a method for preparing a Ti-based composite with high adaptability on a Ti-alloy surface, which pertains to the field of surface modification of metallic materials. The method comprises such procedures as: weighing by certain proportion spherical Ti alloy powder particles in proper particle sizes (45-150 micro meter) and TiB2, Cr3C2, TiC or B4C powder particles (3.4-30vol%, particle size 38-106 micrometer); mixing the powder evenly by a mechanical way; sending at the set powder-feeding rate the mixed powder by a powder feeder and coaxial powder-feeding nozzles into a molten bath formed by a high-power laser at the surface of a Ti-alloy substrate; the mixed powder carrying out in-situ reaction by the high temperature from the molten bath, and forming such steady and dispersion reinforced phases as in-situ self-grown TiC or TiB. The reinforced phases are featured by small particle size, steady thermal and mechanical properties, free pollution in interfaces, and high bond strength with the substrate. The method can substantially improve the hardness and wear resistance of Ti alloy surfaces, guarantees the high adaptability between the surface modified layer and the substrate, can be used for repairing and surface reinforcing treatment of Ti alloy parts bearing impact vibration load and thermal fatigue, etc.

Friction stir additive manufacturing method for metal materials

The invention discloses a friction stir additive manufacturing method for metal materials and belongs to the field of additive manufacturing (3D printing) of metal materials. The method is based on the technical principle of layer-by-layer accumulation of additive manufacturing, a friction stir head stirs two layers of metals to connect the two layers of metals, after a certain number of layers are accumulated through layer-by-layer stirring and connection, a cutter is switched for cutting to make plates of a friction stir part and a non-friction stir part separated, and the separated plates are not taken away but used as a support for subsequent friction stir. The materials are not melted in the welding process through the friction stir welding solid material connection technology, so that metal metallurgical defects such as pores and cracks are avoided, and the strength of a connection area is high. Meanwhile, welding energy input is low, and workpieces are low in stress and small in deformation after being welded. By means of the technical advantages of low stress and high performance of the friction stir welding solid connection, the low-cost and high-performance rapid manufacturing of large non-ferrous metal integral components like aluminum alloy can be achieved.

An operation right judgment system and method realized by introducing right judgment client end

The invention discloses a system used for realizing the business authentication by adopting an authentication client end, and comprises an application client side, an authentication server, an authentication client side and a business platform; wherein, the authentication client side which is communicatively connected with the application client side is used for the pre-store of authentication data, receiving the request instructions of authentication data of the application client side and returning the related authentication data to the application client side; the business platform which is communicatively connected with the application client side is used for receiving business requests consisting of the authentication data sent by the application client side, verifying the authentication data and returning verifying results to the application client side. The invention also discloses a method which realizes the business authentication by adopting the authentication client side based on the system. The invention which increases a new module of the authentication client side finishes the function of business authentication together with the authentication server and the business platform and has the advantages of reducing the processing pressure of the authentication server, improving the expansibility of the business authentication system and decreasing the construction and dilation cost of the authentication server.

Organic adhesive for aluminum paste of silicon solar cells and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN101555394AReduce stressReduce Fragmentation RateFinal product manufactureCellulose adhesivesAluminum Oxide PasteChemistry
The invention provides organic adhesive for the aluminum paste of silicon solar cells and a preparation method thereof. The organic adhesive comprises the following components by the weight part: 23% of ethyl cellulose, 1% to 5% of cellulose acetate butyrate, 88% to 94% of organic solvent, 0.2% to 1% of wetting dispersant and 1% to 3% of defoamer with the total amount being 100%. The preparation method comprises the following steps: putting the components into a reaction kettle; heating the components up to the temperature of 120 to 140 DEG C while stirring at the speed of 60 to 80 RPM and holding at a constant temperature for 2 to 4 hours to ensure that the components in the reaction kettle can be evenly stirred and subjected to complete reaction; and cooling the reactant and filtering the reactant with mesh to obtain the final product of the organic adhesive. The aluminum paste prepared from the organic adhesive has the advantages that the dispersibility or the suspensibility thereof is high, the aluminum paste does not laminate or precipitate after long-time storage and the aluminum paste can be uniformly coated so that the solid powder in the dried aluminum powder has the advantages of high adhesive strength and low stress generated on silicon chips.
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