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Centipedes (from the New Latin prefix centi-, "hundred", and the Latin word pes, pedis, "foot") are predatory arthropods belonging to the class Chilopoda of the subphylum Myriapoda, an arthropod group which also includes Millipedes and other multi-legged creatures. Centipedes are elongated metameric creatures with one pair of legs per body segment. Most centipedes are generally venomous and could inflict a painful bite, injecting their venom through pincer-like appendage known as forcipules. Despite the name, centipedes can have a varying number of legs, ranging from 30 to 354. Centipedes always have an odd number of pairs of legs. Therefore, no centipede has exactly 100 legs. Similar to spiders and scorpions, centipedes are predominantly carnivorous.

Plaster for activating blood and resolving stasis, dispelling wind and freeing collateral vessels and producing method thereof

The invention discloses a plaster which can activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis and dispel wind and remove obstruction in the meridians. The plaster is prepared according to a certain weight proportion by a plurality of Chinese medicines such as angelica, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, red sage root, semen persicae, safflower, eupatorium, rhizoma sparganii, zedoary root, leeches, chinese polyphaga, brazilwood, magnolia officinalis, asafetida, frankincense, myrrh, caulis spatholobi, polygonum cuspidatum, resina draconis, radices pseudoginseng, white mustard seed, pangolin, radices gentianae macrophyllae, radix clematidis, aristolochiae mollissimae, long-noded pit viper, wu chia pee, rhizoma homalomenae, herba siegesbeckiae, futokadsura stem, paniculate swallowwort root, yam, rhizoma dioscoreae hypoglaueae, rhizoma et radix notopterygii, chinese ephedra, radix sileris, szechuan aconite, cassia stem, centipedes, earthworms, cortex cercis, scorpion, seed of nuxvomica poison nut, tree peony bark, radix paeoniae rubra, gardenia, phellodendron, radix scutellariae, radix sophorae flavescentis, rhizoma atractylodis, honeysuckle, forsythia, radix semiaquilegiae, fourstamen stephania root, antler, radices morindae, cortex eucommiae, Himalayan teasel root, rhizoma cibotii, fructus broussonetiae, herba taxilli, camphor and musk, etc. The plaster of the invention has the functions of activating of blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, expelling wind and freeing channel, detumescence by detoxification, eliminating pathogenic heat from the blood, nourishing liver and kidneys and strengthening bones and tendons, etc., and has fast treatment effects and high recovery rate on treating diseases such as arthritis, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of the shoulder, closed fracture and facial paralysis, etc.

Medicament for treating rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis and pain in the neck, shoulders, waist and legs

The invention belongs to the field of traditional Chinese medicines, and relates to a medicament for treating rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis and pain in the neck, shoulders, waist and legs. The medicament consists of pills for oral administration and a washing liquid, wherein the pills for oral administration are prepared from earthworm, honeycomb, garter snake, whole worm, centipede, long-noded pit viper, pseudo-ginseng root, frankincense, myrrh, dragon's blood, wild ginger, cassia bark, clematis root, dried ginger, Chinese angelica, szechuan lovage rhizome, safflower, garden balsam stem, wooly datchmanspipe herb, suberect spatholobus stem, notopterygium root, wild celery, large-leaved gentian, divaricate saposhnikovia root, fortune's drynaria rhizome, cassia twig, rhizoma corydalis, honeysuckle flower, prepared rehmannia rhizome, cortex eucommiae and liquoric root; and the washing liquid is prepared from the garden balsam stem, the wooly datchmanspipe herb, the clematis root, erythrina bark, beautiful sweetgum fruit, mulberry twig, pepper, Chinese mugwort leaf, the cassia twig, the safflower, common monkshood mother root, kusnezoff monkshood root, red paeony root, orientvine, kadsura pepper stem, clove and dahurian angelica root. The medicament disclosed by the invention has the effects of treating internally and externally, expelling wind, removing dampness, dispellingcoldness, activating collateral flow and promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, has good curative effects on the rheumatism, the rheumatoid disease, proplapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, cervical spondylosis, gonitis and hyperosteogeny, has no any toxic or side effect, and has the advantages of quick response, short treatment course, high curative rate and low cost.

External-use medicinal liquor used for treating rheumatoid bone disease

The invention discloses an external-use medicinal liquor used for treating the rheumatoid bone disease, which is prepared from Han pseudo-ginseng, the root of red-rooted salvia, siegesbeckia orientalis, Chinese Polyphaga, root of common peony, scorpio, earthworm, centipede, myrrh, Angelica sinensis, polygonum multiflorum, astragalus mongholicus, ligusticum wallichii, corydalis tuber, cassia twig, monkshood, cinnamon, parasitic loranthus, achyranthes bidentata, rhizoma cibotii, geranium wilfordii, pyrola, garden balsam stem, long-noded pit viper, drynaria rhizome, mulberry twig, radix aconiti agrestis, fennel, honeycomb, monkshood, radix clematidis, fructus kochiae, Qiannian amaranth, caulis spatholobi, cortex acanthopanacis, cistanche, herba epimedii, the seed of Chinese dodder, eucommia ulmoides, teasel root, prepared rehmannia root, elecampane, frankincense, pawpaw, cortex dictamni, liquorice, rheum officinale and tortoise shell by the traditional Chinese herbal medicine processing technology. The external-use medicinal liquor is prepared from pure traditional Chinese medicine, does not have toxic or side effect, treats both principal and secondary aspect of diseases, has obvious curative effect and can be used for treating various symptoms, such as rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, sciatica, lumbar disc herniation, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra and lumbar spinal stenosis, joint gall and hyperplasia and the like, and clinical symptoms quickly disappear and do not recur after being cured.

Black plaster product for bone fracture and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a black plaster product for bone fracture and a preparation method thereof. The raw materials of the black plaster product comprise raw material medicaments and medicinal mud, wherein the ratio of the total weight of the raw material medicaments to the weight of the medicinal mud is (0.02-0.05):(30-50); and the raw material medicaments comprise nux vomica, natural copper, pedate pinallia jackinthepulpit rhizome, pseudoginseng root, raw common monkshood mother root, raw kusnezoff monkshood root, noded pit viper, cutch, raw blister beetle, centipedes, scorpion, frank incense, myrrh, vietnamese sophora root, divaricate saposhnikovia root, euphorbia kansui, rhubarb, Chinese angelica and the like. In the raw material medicaments, various Chinese plant herbal medicines are organically combined with minerals, and the black plaster product has the effects of activating blood and dissolving stasis, diminishing swelling and relieving pain, dispelling rheumatism, and relieving muscle and bone pain. The medicinal mud is prepared from natural mud, and the natural mud comprises various nutrients and has synergistic effect of improving curative effects with the raw material medicaments together. The raw materials do not comprise substances such as minium and the like, prevent lead elements from damaging human bodies, and are favorable for health of users.

Gout treatment traditional Chinese medicine preparation

The present invention provides a gout treatment traditional Chinese medicine preparation, which comprises an oral medicine and an external application medicine, wherein the oral medicine is prepared from raw materials such as common anemarrhena, blueberry, safflower, Chinese clematis root and rhizome, szechwan lovage rhizome, psoralea corylifolia, doubleteeth angelica root, ma-yuen jobstears seed, amur corktree bark, yam rhizome, giant knotweed rhizome, suberect spatholobus stem, fourstamen stephania root, medicinal cyathula officinalis root, costusroot, Chinese starasmine stem, nonglutinous rice, dandelion, myrrh, glabrous greenbrier rhizome, largehead atractylodes rhizome, kadsura pepper twig and leaf, oriental waterplantain tuber and asiatic plantain seed, and the external application medicine is prepared from raw materials such as sappsn wood, centipede, east asian tree fern, nux vomica, incised notopterygium rhizome and root, swordlike atractylodes rhizome, garter snake, different leaves pseudostellaria root tuber, dragon's blood, cassiabarktree twig and Haier tea. According to the present invention, the traditional Chinese herbs are adopted as the raw materials, repeated clinical trial verifications are performed to obtain the gout treatment traditional Chinese medicine preparation, the traditional Chinese medical science theory is met, the complete comprehensive therapy is performed through adopting the oral traditional Chinese medicine as the foundation and matching with the external application Chinese herbs, and the traditional Chinese medicine formula has characteristics of avoidance of side effects of the western medicine therapy unidirectional effect, and reinforcement and elimination in combination so as to ensure a treatment effect, and achieve purposes of symptom and root cause treatment, and recurrence resistance after prognosis.

Obstinate arthralgia wine used for treating rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis arthralgia and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to obstinate arthralgia wine used for treating rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis arthralgia and a preparation method thereof and belongs to the field of medicine. The obstinate arthralgia wine is prepared with, by weight, nidus vespae, bee larva, eel blood, garter snake, long-noded pit viper, little multibanded krait, earthworm, centipede, Chinese azalea flower, red fennel root, four-leaf clover, prepared aconite root, prepared kusnezoff monkshood root, siegesbeckia herb, obscured homalomena rhizome, pepper stem, Chinese starjasmine stem, himalayan coralbean bark, scarlet kadsura root, clematis root, pawpaw, Wu Chia Pee, teasel root, cibotii rhizome, mulberry twig, pine node, wooly datchmanspipe herb, cassia twig, notopterygium root, pubescent angelica root, white peony root, geranium herb, silkworm excrement, beautiful sweetgum fruit, Chinese taxillus twig, drynaria rhizome, red-rooted salvia root, common peony root, logwood, ground beeltle, peach kernel, safflower, myrrh, zedoary, bidentate achyranthes root, frankincense, suberect spathololus stem, hirudo, Szechuan lovage rhizome, Chinese angelica root, hairy asiabell root, astragalus, glossy privet fruit, prepared rehmannia rhizome, sealwort, Chinese wolfberry, licorice and encommia bark. The obstinate arthralgia wine is rich in nutrition and excellent in taste, has efficacy of reinforcing qi and blood, tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening tendons and bones, dispelling wind and cold and removing dampness, meets drinking habits of people and can treat rheumatic arthralgia.

Traditional Chinese medicine for curing cancer

The invention discloses a Chinese medicine for curing cancer, aiming at solving the problems of unsatisfactory effect and great side effect in the treatment of the cancer in the prior art. The medicine is made from the following Chinese medicine materials: medicated leaven, honeysuckle, tuchahoe, gyrophor, blackgerrykiky rhizome, umbellate pore fungus, parsnip, virgate wormwood herb, radix linderae, angelica dahurica, vietnamese sophora root, sandalwood, asarum, rhizoma zedoariae, Chinese eaglewood wood, cynanchum paniculatum, rhubarb, shell of areca nut, rhizoma paridis, mongolian snakegourdroot, akebia stem, scutellariae barbatae, centipede, scabrous doellingeria rhizome and root, herba lobeliae chinensis, turtle shell, royal jelly, goldthread root, oyster, toad, herba oldenlandiae, fig, clematis chinensis, black nightshade herb, ginseng, thinleaf milkwort root, woody nightshade, radix codonopsitis, radix stemonae, philippine violet herb, angelica, dandelion and coix seed. The Chinese medicine preparation prepared according to such a proposal has the functions of clearing away fever, detoxification, blood activation, bruise curing, softening hardness to dissipate stagnation, supporting healthy qi, removing pathogenic factors, eliminating cancer, etc. and can adjust the immunity, gradually recover the anti-cancer capability, relieve the pain of the sufferers, improve the survival quality and prolong the life of the sufferers.

Qi reinforcing qianzheng pills for cerebral thrombosis disease treatment

The present invention relates to qi reinforcing qianzheng pills for cerebral thrombosis disease treatment, wherein the qi reinforcing qianzheng pills are a traditional Chinese medicine water paste pill preparation, are prepared from pure traditional Chinese medicines, have characteristics of no toxic and side-effect, short term effect and long term cure, and have functions of platelet aggregation resistance, blood vessel expanding and enhancing, blood glutinousness eliminating, vessel wall elasticity enhancement promoting, brain ischemia improving, brain tissue function adjustment and restoration, blood pressure and blood sugar lowering, immunity increasing and the like. The pills comprise the following 15 traditional Chinese medicines: mongolian milkvetch root, angelica, red peony root, earthworm, szechwan lovage rhizome, peach seed, safflower, sanchi, acanthopanax, giant typhonium tuber, leech, stiff silkworm, scorpion, centipede and salvia miltiorrhiza, wherein the mongolian milkvetch root and the acanthopanax are tonification drugs, and provide functions of qi benefiting, superficial defence strengthening, spleen strengthening, and improvement of qi asthenia, acratia and blood stasis of cerebral thrombosis (qi is the commander of blood, blood is the mother of qi, blood can smoothly circulate if qi runs, and blood stasis can be eliminated if qi runs), and the angelica, the red peony root, the peach seed, the safflower, the sanchi and the acanthopanax are drugs with characteristics of blood circulation activating and blood stasis dissipating, and provide functions of blood circulation improving, blood lipid lowering, blood vessel softening, and blood glutinousness eliminating.

Rheumatism preparation used for treating rheumatism

The invention discloses a rheumatism preparation used for treating rheumatism, mainly solving the technical problems of treating both principal and secondary aspects of rheumatism, especially rheumatism arthritis, and causing rheumatism to be difficult to relapse after healing. The rheumatism preparation comprises the following components in parts by weight: 1-5000 parts of ants, 1-30 parts of scorpions, 1-500 parts of centipedes, 5-500 parts of radix astragali, 1-1000 parts of salvia miltiorrhiza, 1-300 parts of cortex acanthopanacis, 1-100 parts of tree peony bark and 1-100 parts of szechuan lovage rhizome. Compared with the prior art, the rheumatism preparation has the functions of tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening muscles and bones, replenishing qi and blood, expelling wind and removing dampness, reducing phlegm and removing blood stasis as well as dredging collaterals and relieving pain. While remaining all the active ingredients and active substances of the ant raw material, the preparation provided by the invention is directly absorbed and utilized by the human bodies in the form of enzyme, so that the absorption and utilization ratio is improved to more than 80% from 20%, and the preparation bidirectionally regulates the immunity, strengthens body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors and simultaneously treats different diseases, thus radically achieving the aim of comprehensively treating rheumatism.

Plaster used for promoting generation of bone callus and treating fracture

The invention provides a plaster used for promoting generation of bone callus and treating fracture. The plaster can overcome limitation of conventional plasters in treatment of bone fractures and canincrease healing of the bones. The plaster is composed of: one or more of 10-20g of davallia mariesii, 5-15g of dipsacus asperoids and 10-20g of eucommia ulmoides; one or more of 10-20g of angelica sinensis, 10-20g of safflowers, 10-15g of pseudo-ginseng, 3-5g of pangolin, 2-7g of semen strychni, 10-20g of frankincense, 10-20g of myrrh, 5-10g of rhizoma sparganic, 5-10g of curcuma zedoaria and 5-15g of resina draconis; one or more of 10-15g of cloves and 10-15g of cinnamon; one or more of 5-10g of scorpions, 5-10g of arisaema consanguineum schott, 10-15g of lumbricus, 10-15g of centipede, 5-10g of raw radix aconiti, 5-10g of raw kusnezoff monkshood roots, 15-20g of common clubmoss herb and 15-20g of garden balsam stem; one or more of 15-20g of fresh ginger, 10-20g of nepeta cataria, 5-15gof angelica dahurica, 5-15g of notopterygium incisum and 5-15g of angelica pubescens roots; 10-15g of coptidis rhizoma, 10-15g of cortex phellodendri and 10-15g of gardenia; and 10-15g of rhubarb, 10-15g of sophora flavescens, 5-15g of honeycomb, 5-15g of snake slough, 5-15g of momordica cochinchinensis, 10-15g of magnolia officinalis and 5-10g of borneol. The plaster is prepared through conventional boiling processes, is reasonable in formula, is simple in preparation, is convenient to use, is portable, is low in cost and is significant in economic value and social value.

Traditional Chinese medicine for treating rheumatism

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for treating rheumatism. The traditional Chinese medicine is prepared by 10 grams of sanguis draxonis, 15 grams of amber, 20 grams of zoacys dhumnades, 15 grams of ground beetle, 15 grams of lumbricus, 12 grams of prepared frankincense, 12 grams of prepared myrrh, 20 grams of eucommia bark, 15 grams of radix achyranthis, 10 grams of rhizoma atractylodis, 15 grams of safflower, 10 grams of peach seed, 15 grams of red peony root, 10 grams of rhizoma chuanxiong, 8 grams of dahurian angelica root, 10 grams of prepared common monkshood daughter root, 15 grams of pyrola herb, 20 grams of pubescent angelica root, 20 grams of notopterygium root, 20 grams of radix gentianae macrophyllae, 15 grams of cassia twig, 20 grams of suberect spatholobus stem, 5 grams of processed radix aconiti, 5 grams of radix aconiti kusnezoffii preparata, 25 grams of rhizoma drynariae, 30 grams of radix clematidis, 30 grams of angelicae sinensis, 20 grams of garden balsam stem, 30 grams of radix astragali, 20 grams of radix saposhnikoviae, 20 grams of rhizoma corydalis, 20 grams of Chinese starjasmine stem, 20 grams of obscured homalomena rhizome, 6 agkistrodons, 8 scorpions and 5 centipede wirh head and feet removed. The traditional Chinese medicine is mainly used for treating rheumatism diseases such as rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and the like, has very good effect for treating the rheumatism diseases and has high curative rate, with little relapse possibility.

Chinese medicinal ointment for treating herpes zoster and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses Chinese medicinal ointment for treating herpes zoster and a preparation method thereof, which belong to the technical field of Chinese medicinal ointment. The Chinese medicinal ointment consists of mongolian snakegourd root, red paeony root, cape jasmine fruit, baical skullcap root, amur corktree bark, rhubarb, swordlike atractylodes rhizome, officinal magnolia bark, tangerine peel, dahurian angelica root, curcuma longa, rhizoma kaempferiae, Chinese gall, flos caryophyllata, borneol, orpiment, alum, grilled nux vomica, centipede, myrrh, white pepper, yunnan manyleaf paris rhizome, raw arisaema root, raw pinellia rhizome and honey. According to the treatment principle of clearing heat and promoting diuresis, soothing liver-gallbladder, detoxicating and removing blood stasis, removing obstruction in channels to relieve pain, and purging the spleen and eliminating dampness, the Chinese medicinal ointment is selectively used aiming at the pathogeny and symptom of each patient during clinical treatment; the Chinese medicinal ointment has precise, appropriate and reasonable compatibility, and can be absorbed well by skins through the synthetic action of the medicaments; and after being absorbed, the medicaments perform function in vivo with blood circulation; the Chinese medicinal ointment has quick response, can treat the herpes zoster effectively and alleviate the pain of patients, and has the curative rate of 99 percent.

Formula of traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion

The invention discloses a formula of traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion. The traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion is prepared from the following traditional Chinese medicine materials in parts by weight: 0.5-2 parts of frankincense, 0.5-2 parts of myrrh, 2-5 parts of radices sileris, 2-6 parts of radix angelicae pubescentis, 2-3 parts of radix rehmanniae recen, 12-20 parts of crude astragalus mongholicus, 1-3 parts of burdock, 2-6 parts of peach kernel, 0.5-3 parts of coptis root, 20-25 parts of moxa, 1 part of honey-fried licorice root, 1-5 parts of pine stem, 3-8 parts of caulis spatholobi, 1-2 parts of centipede, 1-2 parts of earthworm, 0.5-2 parts of sandalwood, 0.5-3 parts of borneol and 2-8 parts of asarum. The combustion temperature of the traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion is higher than general moxibustion, the temperature is more stable, and the combustion time is longer. The materials are all natural medicine and have no toxic or side effect. The conductivity between the meridians and collaterals is enhanced and is greatly strengthened for patients with a weak moxibustion feeling. The bulk drugs are low in cost, and the traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion inherits a traditional Chinese medicine therapy lasting for thousands of years, so that the concept of green health is truly reflected.
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