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Fruit-plant fragrance-edible flower combined wine

The invention relates to a wine and in particular relates to a fruit-plant fragrance-edible flower combined wine. The fruit-plant fragrance-edible flower combined wine adopting dry or fresh fruits, plant fragrances and edible flowers as main raw materials is prepared by soaking the three dry raw materials into white spirit or red wine by 1-2 days; or the fruit-plant fragrance-edible flower combined wine is prepared by making the fresh fruits, the dry plant fragrances and dry edible flowers into extract solutions, adding auxiliary materials to the extract solution and mixing with the white spirit or the white wine in proportion; or the fruit-plant fragrance-edible flower combined wine is prepared by adding the three dry or fresh raw materials to the red wine, soaking more than 7 days, as well as filtering, sterilizing and bottling the mixture. According to the fruit-plant fragrance-edible flower combined wine disclosed by the invention, a plurality of natural nutrition components are contained in the formula based on an aromatic food therapy healthcare theory, and therefore, the fruit-plant fragrance-edible flower combined wine is aromatic, sweet after taste, unique in fragrance and healthcare; different fruit-plant fragrance-edible flower combined wines with different alcoholic strengths, different odor types and different aromas can be obtained by selecting different raw material proportions and different mixing methods; and besides, the preparation method is simple.

Traditional chinese medicine composition for curing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

InactiveCN101181600AElimination of clinical symptomsGet rid of painPowder deliveryHeavy metal active ingredientsBaical Skullcap RootWHITE MUSTARD SEED
The invention relates to a Chinese medical compound for curing cardiovascular disease, and is prepared by the following raw medicines: green tangerine peel, bupleurum, nutgrass galingale rhizome, turmeric root-tuber, pittosporm root, gentiana scabra bge, black nightshade herb, gambir plant, tuber fleeceflower root broil, radix astragali, cassia twig, ageratum, plantain seed, south dodder seed, red paeony root, szechuan lovage rhizome, kudzuvine root, malaytea scurfpea fruit, danshen root, hawthorn, safflower, pericarpium trichosanthis, blackberrykiky rhizome, tree peony bark, india madder root, dangshen, sojutsu var broil, indian buead, chicken's gizzard-membrane, combined spicebush root, cinnamon, baical skullcap root, ephedra herb, chinese magnoliavine fruit, fragrant solomonseal rhizome, radix stemonae broil, pinellia tuber broil, white mustard seed, nodakenin, sandalwood, rosewood heart wood, longstamen onion bulb, angelica, clematis root, kadsura pepper stem, ovientvine, herb pyrolae, desertliving cistanche, hairy antler, medicinal indianmulberry root, barbary wolfberry fruit, glossy privet fruit, dogwood, rhizoma anemarrhenae, amur corktree bark, spina date seed, platycladi seed, pubescent holly root, thinleaf milkwort root-bark broil, grassleaf sweelflag rhizome, silktree albizzia bark, twotooth achyranthes root, paris polyphylla, chinese date, oriental waterplantain rhizome, songaria cynomorium herb, papermulberry fruit, leech, cortex lycii radicis, earthworm, lucid ganoderma, glabrous greenbrier rhizome, magnetic stone dust, and longhairy antenoron herb with smallleaves. The invention has good curing effects on the applicable diseases.

Preparation of artificial pit mud for improving aged aroma of aroma type white spirit

The invention discloses an artificial pit mud preparation method capable of improving the stale flavor of highly-concentrated fragrance white spirit, which comprises the following steps: mixing qualified bran, water, yellow water and sodium acetate in a proper proportion, and filling the mixture in a fermentation tank for sterilization; and when the temperature of the materials in the fermentation tank drops to 36 DEG C, adding a proper amount of aged pit mud and a Daqu drug into the fermentation tank, uniformly mixing the material and the aged pit mud and the Daqu drug, adjusting the pH value, covering the surface of material liquid with grease for isolating the material liquid from oxygen, standing the materials in the fermentation tank at 32 to 35 DEG C for anaerobic culture for 72 hours, taking out a bacterium solution, adding yellow mud, peat, vinasse squeezed fluid, the Daqu drug, pit surface mud and bean dreg powder in a proper proportion into the bacterium solution, culturing the mixture at room temperature for 7 to 10 days after uniform mixing, grinding bacterium mud, adding a certain amount of double bottom grains, the Daqu drug and ending beer, stacking the materials after uniform mixing for natural fermentation at normal temperature for 30 to 40 days, and obtaining the artificial pit mud. The 'aging degree' of the artificial pit mud is the same as that of aged pit mud naturally aging for more than 10 years, and the stale flavor of the freshly brewed liquor is the same as that of white spirit stored for more than three years in a ceramic jar.

Composition for disinfection of plants, animals, humans, byproducts of plants and animals and articles infected with pathogens and method of producing and application of same

ActiveUS7163709B2Extended shelf lifeReduce pathogensBiocideFatty acid chemical modificationDiseaseIrrigated crops
The present invention discloses a composition and method of providing ionic forms or compounds of any combination of three metals to produce a product that can be used as a antimicrobial as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) such as a hard surface disinfectant and as a foliar spray or water treatment for the control of various diseases in garden row, field and tree crops, on hard surface areas such as equipment from infected fields or in hospitals, homes, etc. as well as against a wide range of human, plant and animal diseases. Additionally, the composition of the present invention is able to be used to coat and otherwise treat and disinfect food products such as but not limited to fish and shellfish, meat, milk, poultry, eggs and irrigated crops (both food and nonfood crops) as well as non food products as defined in the EPA exemption from tolerance for copper and copper products. The composition may include inerts such as surfactants, detergents and buffers to adjust the pH. The composition remains soluble in water and is useful efficacious against the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi and other pathogens within a source of water such as a reservoir or pool. Alternatively, the composition may be in aerosolized, misted, vaporized, fogged, humidified forms to produce micronized particles which are able to remain in suspension in the air for long periods of time in order to act on air-borne fungal spores and/or pathogens.
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