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Fish soluble feed protein and processing method thereof

The invention discloses fish soluble feed protein and a processing method thereof. The processing method comprises the following steps of: mixing fish soluble and bean pulp, adding a strain into the mixture for solid-state fermentation, directly mixing the obtained product without drying and other raw materials in a formula and taking the mixed products as a feed for pigs, birds and cattle, or drying and crushing the obtained product to prepare the fish soluble feed protein used for protein raw materials in the feed industry and breeding industry after the fermentation is finished. The method has the advantages of simple process, low equipment investment and low cost; and the fish soluble feed protein is strong in fragrance and good in food attraction, improves protein content, is high in small peptide content and easy to digest and absorb, eliminates anti-nutritional factor in the bean pulp, is rich in various beneficial functional nutrient components such as probiotic and the like, plays active roles in improving weight gain and feed conversion rate, strengthening the immune function of organisms, improving production performance and the like, can greatly replace fish meal in livestock and poultry feeds and aquatic feeds, remarkably reduce feed cost, turn the fish soluble into the value from the waste, and is favorable for environmental protection as well as energy conservation and synergism.

Instant lipid-lowering glutinous rice flour and processing method thereof

The invention discloses instant lipid-lowering glutinous rice flour and a processing method thereof. The instant lipid-lowering glutinous rice flour is prepared from following raw materials including, by weight, 300-350 parts of glutinous rice, 20-40 parts of gleditsia sinensis seeds, 30-50 parts of barley seedling powder, 15-20 parts of horse radish tree leaves, 60-80 parts of tartary buckwheat, 4-6 parts of camellia nitidissima, 2-3 parts of pueraria lobata stems, 2-3 parts of male flower of eucommia ulmoides, 2-3 parts of lotus leaves, 2-4 parts of siraitia grosvenorii flowers, 2-3 parts of rose fruits, 10-15 parts of mulberry leaf micro-powder, a proper amount of pomegranate wine, 8-15 parts of peony seed oil and 8-10 parts of food additives. The instant lipid-lowering glutinous rice flour is rich and balanced in nutrition, is mellow and sweet in mouthfeel and is rich in dietary fiber components. By means of a synergetic effect with various traditional Chinese medicine beneficial components, the instant lipid-lowering glutinous rice flour can accelerate metabolism, can reduce blood glucose and blood fat, is especially suitable for patients suffered from hyperlipidemia or diabetes, and has a body reinforcing and health caring effect when being eaten often.

Food therapy and health care compound fruit and vegetable rice flour composition, preparation method and applications thereof

ActiveCN104256411AImprove stubborn diseasesImprove stubborn diseases such as mouth ulcersFood ingredient functionsFood preparationFlavorAdditive ingredient
The present invention discloses a compound fruit and vegetable rice flour composition with food therapy and health care efficacy, a preparation method and applications thereof. The compound fruit and vegetable rice flour composition comprises the following raw materials by weight: 85 to 99 parts of rice, 1 to 10 parts cabbage powder, and 0.1 to 5 parts of other vegetable powder and/or fruit powder. The compound fruit and vegetable rice flour composition in the present invention has homology of medicine and food, is natural and safe; is suitable for general people, can be compounded according to different people so as to process and produce compound fruit and vegetable rice flour with different food therapy and health care efficacy and suitable for different people; has balanced and comprehensive nutrition, reasonable nutrition structure, has good conditioning and preventing effects on mouth ulcer and effects of invigorating stomach and nourishing stomach, loosening bowel to relieve constipation, and enhancing immunity with validations; has pure and delicate taste, can well make up the disadvantages that the nutrients and the color of traditional rice flour are single, and meets the requirement of consumers for taste, flavor and nutrition.

Composite blueberry powder and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses composite blueberry powder which is prepared through the following raw materials, by weight, 200-250 parts of blueberry, 30-40 parts of watermelons, 20-30 parts of peas, 50-60 parts of starch of purple sweet potatoes, 70-80 parts of whey protein powder, 10-15 parts of konjaku flour, 8-10 parts of green tea powder, 40-50 parts of powdered sugar, 15-20 parts of fructus alpiniae oxyphyllae, 8-10 parts of fructus cannabis, 2-3 parts of polygonatum odoratum, 1-2 parts of platycodon grandiflorum, 3-4 parts of sesame seed hulls, 1-2 parts of lalang grass rhizomes, 1-2 parts of mango leaves, 1-2 parts of the fruit of Chinese wolfberry and 3-4 parts of pungens. According to the composite blueberry powder, the blueberry and multiple nutrient substances are processed and prepared into composite fruit powder, the composite blueberry powder is fine and smooth in taste, sweet and delicious, and more balanced and comprehensive in nutrition. The composite blueberry powder gathers effective constituents after being prepared, weight is relieved obviously, volume is obviously reduced, and the composite blueberry powder is convenient to carry, good in instant dissolving performance and convenient to drink, and further has the functions of skin whitening, macula removing, water moisture preserving, oxidation and aging resistance, pore shrinking and the like.

High protein pure natural feedstuff of green leaves

InactiveCN101341925AHigh biological valueHas the effect of preventing and curing diseasesFood processingAnimal feeding stuffNon toxicityGARLIC POWDER
The invention relates to green leave high-protein pure natural feed which is characterized in that the weight proportion of the raw materials of the feed is as follows: 10 to 80 of Chinese preserving melon leaf, 2 to 6 of wormwood, 3 to 12 of artemisia leaf, 10 to 90 of pine-needle powder, 3 to 12 of cyrtomium fortunei, 4 to 12 of forsythia, 2 to 6 of cactus, 2 to 4 of purslane, 1 to 3 of aloe, 2 to 15 of wild hawthorn, 8 to 20 of malt, 2 to 5 of polygonum hydropiper, 1 to 8 of curious kadsura root or stem, 2 to 6 of duchesnea indica whole grass, 2 to 8 of bracken, 2 to 4 of tea hawthorn, 2 to 15 of yam, 2 to 8 of rumex madaio, 2 to 6 of nogra, 3 to 6 of southernwood, 3 to 4 of cortex meliae, 1 to 4 of kosam, 2 to 10 of citrus aurantium, 2 to 5 of radix-polygoni multiflori cane leaves, 2 to 7 of radix codonopsitis, 1 to 3 of garlic powder, 1 to 4 of eupatorium adenophorum, 4 to 12 of grass meal, 1.5 of salt, 1 to 3 of magnolia bark, 6 to 15 of soybean (fried), 20 to 40 of horsebean (fried), 10 to 15 of pea, 2 to 5 of brown rice, 4 to 15 of corn cob regulating flour, 5 to 15 of panpax notoginseng, 2 to 5 of rice bean, 1 to 5 of grain sorghum, 200 to 250 of corn and 60 to 80 of wheat. The green leave high-protein pure natural feed has rich nutrition, can prevent and cure diseases, assists in increasing weight, and is safe and non-toxicity.

Towel gourd planting method

The invention belongs to the technical field of agriculture, particularly relates to a towel gourd planting method and provides a perfect towel gourd planting technology which can increase the survival rate of towel gourd seedlings and the yield of towel gourds. The high-yield towel gourd planting method comprises the following steps: 1, selection of improved varieties: varieties that are suitable for being cultivated in summer, namely, the varieties insensitive to short days, are selected; 2, seedling cultivation and transplantation: summer towel gourds are not suitable for direct seeding, and field parcels with good drainage are selected for seedling cultivation and transplantation; 3, selection of the field parcels: the towel gourds are fertilizer-favorite, so that sunward loam or clay loam field parcels with fertile and moisture soil, high organic matter content and high moisture and fertility retaining capacity are selected for planting; 4, land preparation and planting; 5, field management: during continuous raining and water accumulation on bed surfaces, all that is needed is to press blades instead of stems by clods, vines can be also fixed for rooting, and rot due to stem pressing is prevented; 6, plant regulation: after planting survival, a pergola is erected timely for vine leading, vines are bound timely after climbing onto the pergola, and vine leading is performed in a zigzag shape.

Special food for pet cats and preparation method of special food

InactiveCN107259164ARich marine animal and plant nutritionIncreased nutrition of marine animals and plantsAnimal feeding stuffAccessory food factorsSalvia miltiorrhizaDisease
The invention relates to a special food for pet cats. The special food consists of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 3-5 parts of rice flour, 20-25 parts of whole grain wheat flour, 15-20 parts of salmon meat paste, 5-10 parts of chicken meat paste, 2-5 parts of animals' livers, 5-10 parts of soybean flour, 0.5-0.8 part of radix salviae miltiorrhizae, 15-20 parts of angelica keiskei, 6-10 parts of haws, 3-8 parts of sunset abelmoschus flowers, 0.02-0.1 part of composite vitamins, 0.1-0.5 part of probiotics microorganisms, 1-2 parts of a malt extract, 5-8 parts of milk, 2-5 parts of puffed powder, 2-5 parts of taurine, 3-10 parts of corn flour, 1-3 parts of butter, 5-10 parts of nanoscale shrimp shell powder, 5-8 parts of eggs, 0.5-2 parts of edible oil, 5-10 parts of dried marine algae powder, 0.02-0.05 part of citric acid, 0.1-0.2 part of L-lysine, 0.05-0.1 part of pantothenic acid and 0.01-0.05 part of folic acid. According to the special food disclosed by the invention, the nutrition is balanced, and besides, the selection of feeds in the daily raising process is considered, so that the immunity of the cats is enhanced; the radix salviae miltiorrhizae, the angelica keiskei, the haws and the sunset abelmoschus flowers are added for comprehensive compatibility, then the probiotics microorganisms, the taurine and the like are matched for use, so that the special food has the efficacy of coordinating the intestines and the stomach and strengthening disease resistance.

Green pig feed capable of increasing feed utilization rate

The invention relates to a feed and particularly relates to a green pig feed capable of increasing the feed utilization rate. The feed is prepared from following raw materials in parts by weight: 60-70 parts of corns, 12-15 parts of tomato seed meal, 8-10 parts of bagasse, 5-8 parts of tagetes erecta dregs, 12-15 parts of bean pulp, 12-15 parts of ryes, 10-12 parts of pea straws, 4-5 parts of chlorella powder, 2-3 parts of zeolite powder, 2-3 parts of aspongopus powder, 2-3 parts of fish visceral meal, 8-10 parts of barley grass, 2-3 parts of roasted malts, 6-8 parts of dried crataegus pinnatifida bunge, 2-3 parts of bunge cherry seeds, 2-3 parts of platycodon grandiflorum, 1-2 parts of vinegar-fried endothelium corneum gigeriae galli, 8-10 parts of dried sweet potato leaves, a proper amount of table salt and 4-5 parts of a phagostimulant. The feed is abundant in raw material varieties, and has comprehensive and balanced nutrition; Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients including the roasted malts, the dried crataegus pinnatifida bunge, the bunge cherry seeds and the like are added so that the digestion function is promoted and the appetite of pork pigs is prevented from being reduced; the growth of the fed pork pigs is accelerated and the weight is increased obviously; a material-to-weight ratio is reduced and the feed utilization rate is effectively increased; all the raw materials are pure natural green raw materials so that the green pig feed has no drug residues.

Lung-moistening biscuit with tea perfume and processing method thereof

The invention discloses a lung-moistening biscuit with tea perfume and a processing method thereof. The lung-moistening biscuit with tea perfume is composed of the following materials in parts by weight: 30-50 parts of oat powder, 20-40 parts of common buckwheat, 200-300 parts of wheatmeal, 15-20 parts of snow pear, 8-15 parts of Phyllanthus emblica fruit, 10-15 parts of honey, 6-8 parts of lily root flour, 30-40 parts of lotus seed, 10-15 parts of agaric, 6-10 parts of spina date seed, 6-10 parts of yerba mate, 1-2 parts of mountain ash, 2-3 parts of lemon grass, 1-2 parts of radix asparagi, 1-2 parts of radix glehniae, 2-3 parts of purple bergenia herb, 1-2 parts of astilbe chinensis, 10-15 parts of nutrition additive and 8-15 parts of coix seed oil. The lung-moistening biscuit with tea perfume is integrated with unique fresh tea perfume, sweet and crisp, special in flavor, abundant and balanced in nutrition, applicable to all kinds of people, added with multiple traditional Chinese medicines and compatible with multiple food materials, has the effects on clearing away the lung heat, relieving cough, moistening the lung and strengthening the spleen and clearing away heat and reducing fire, and improves the lung function, thus being healthy.

Quinoa porridge suitable for 'three-high' (high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high blood lipids) people and preparation method of quinoa porridge

The invention belongs to the technical field of foods, and particularly relates to quinoa porridge suitable for 'three-high' (high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high blood lipids) people and a preparation method of the quinoa porridge. The quinoa porridge is prepared from the raw materials including quinoa, millet, pumpkin and Chinese yam by the processes of raw material processing, cooking, volume fixing, and filling. The quinoa porridge is rich in dietary fiber, and balanced and comprehensive in nutrition, can meet the requirements of people in fast-paced life on coarse grain health foods, can be eaten for a long period of time, and is capable of achieving the efficacy of reducing blood pressure and blood lipids. The quinoa porridge is low in total heat, relatively high in dietary fiber content and balanced in nutrition, is capable of fully ensuring various nutrients of a human body, does not cause negative effects on the organism caused by excessive energy, and has the efficacies of supplying nutrition in balance, enhancing the body function, repairing the constitution, adjusting the immunity and internal secretion, improving the stress ability of the organism, preventing diseases, resisting cancers, losing weight, assisting treatment and the like, and is suitable for people suffering from chronic diseases such as high blood glucose, high blood pressure, high blood lipids and heart disease in special constitution.
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