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Fish soluble feed protein and processing method thereof

The invention discloses fish soluble feed protein and a processing method thereof. The processing method comprises the following steps of: mixing fish soluble and bean pulp, adding a strain into the mixture for solid-state fermentation, directly mixing the obtained product without drying and other raw materials in a formula and taking the mixed products as a feed for pigs, birds and cattle, or drying and crushing the obtained product to prepare the fish soluble feed protein used for protein raw materials in the feed industry and breeding industry after the fermentation is finished. The method has the advantages of simple process, low equipment investment and low cost; and the fish soluble feed protein is strong in fragrance and good in food attraction, improves protein content, is high in small peptide content and easy to digest and absorb, eliminates anti-nutritional factor in the bean pulp, is rich in various beneficial functional nutrient components such as probiotic and the like, plays active roles in improving weight gain and feed conversion rate, strengthening the immune function of organisms, improving production performance and the like, can greatly replace fish meal in livestock and poultry feeds and aquatic feeds, remarkably reduce feed cost, turn the fish soluble into the value from the waste, and is favorable for environmental protection as well as energy conservation and synergism.

Traditional Chinese medicine pigeon feed capable of increasing laying rate

The invention provides traditional Chinese medicine pigeon feed capable of increasing the laying rate. The traditional Chinese medicine pigeon feed is prepared from pure grain feed and a traditional Chinese medicine additive; the pure grain feed is prepared from, by weight, 30-50 parts of corn, 8-12 parts of foxtail millet, 12-25 parts of wheat, 8-15 parts of sorghum and 22-28 parts of peas; the traditional Chinese medicine additive is prepared from, by weight, 8-15 parts of lycium barbarum, 2-8 parts of kochia scoparia, 6-13 parts of honeysuckle, 7-12 parts of fructus crataegi, 3-9 parts of herba epimedii, 5-12 parts of dandelion, 6-15 parts of radix acanthopanacis senticosi, 10-20 parts of radix astragali, 10-22 parts of cordate houttuynia, 5-15 parts of medicated leaven and 3-8 parts of codonopsis pilosula; the pure grain feed and the traditional Chinese medicine additive are proportioned according to the ratio of 100 to 0.5-1. According to the traditional Chinese medicine pigeon feed, the egg-laying pigeon feed additive is prepared from the purely natural Chinese herbal medicines, a pure grain feed formula is added, therefore, harm of chemical medicine to pigeons is avoided, and indirectly brought food safety problem is solved. The traditional Chinese medicine pigeon feed can greatly increase the survival rate of the pigeons, accelerate the growth of the pigeons, effectively improve the animal production performance, increase the laying rate and improve the egg quality.

Production process for preparing hot reaction shrimp-taste essence with macrobrachium shells

The invention belongs to the technical field of food, and relates to a production process for preparing hot reaction shrimp-taste essence with pondcrafish shells, which mainly comprises the technical units of macrobrachium shell pretreating unit, a softening unit, an enzymolysis unit, a Maillard reaction unit, a drying unit, a blending unit and the like. The preparation steps are as follows: taking produced macrobrachium byproduct, namely the macrobrachium shells as raw materials, soaking the macrobrachium shells by de-fishy liquid and washing and leaching, crushing into powder after being drying, softening at high temperature, blending by adding water, adding one or more protease for enzymolysis, adding reducing sugar, thiamine and other substances in the enzymolysis liquid, carrying out the Maillard reaction at high temperature for blending, taking the clear liquid for concentration after finishing, and making into power by spray drying, and on the basis, adding natural essence powder or extract to prepare hot reaction shrimp-taste essence with specific odor type. The product shrimp-taste essence is vivid and natural, the meaty taste is mellow, thus being a healthy seasoning product, and being widely applied to production of modern food and traditional seasoning products.
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Ammonified straw and distillers' grains mixed fermented feed and production method thereof

The invention discloses a production method of an ammonified straw and distillers' grains mixed fermented feed, and relates to the field of environmental science. The method comprises the following steps: (1) crushing the straw and performing ammonification; (2) mixing the ammonified straw with distillers' grains; (3) preparing a No.1 mixed fermentation bacteria liquid, uniformly mixing the No.1 mixed fermentation bacteria liquid with materials, adding composite trace elements and fermenting for 3-5 days; (4) preparing a No.2 mixed fermentation bacteria liquid, uniformly mixing the No.2 mixed fermentation bacteria liquid with the fermented material and fermenting for 4-6 days; and (5) drying the fermented material containing water to obtain the straw and distillers' grains mixed feed. As the method adopts ammonified straw and adds No.1 mixed fermentation bacteria, namely efficient cellulose degradation bacteria, the cellulose degradation rate can be improved; the No.2 mixed fermentation bacteria can improve the nutrition content of the feed; and the mixed feed after fermentation contains 16-20% of crude proteins as well as multiple amino acids, has certain bouquet and acid flavor, and improves the palatability of the feed. The fermentation process is easy to operate, and the fermentation time is 7-11 days.

Fermented fiber feed for pigs and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses fermented fiber feed for pigs and a preparation method thereof. The fermented fiber feed for the pigs takes bran and the like as raw materials, and yeasts, bacillus subtilis, bacillus licheniformis, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus reuteri, and other probiotics are selected for compatibility as fermentation bacteria, and a multi-strain mixed fermentation process is adopted. Catabolism of microorganisms can reduce toxin content in fiber materials, increase protein content in fiber materials, and increase nutritional value of fiber materials. Secondly, various kindsof probiotics for compatibility are selected as fermentation bacteria. After solid-state fermentation of bran and other raw materials, the biological feed contains a large number of probiotics capable of improving intestinal health of animals, and the biological feed can improve micro-ecological environment of a gastrointestinal tract after animals are fed. Body's immunity is improved. In addition, the biological feed is rich in lactic acid and very mellow, palatability of the feed can be significantly improved, animal feed intake is increased, rapid growth of animals is promoted, and production capacity of an aquaculture industry is increased.

Dewatered solid combined inoculant for increasing protein level of citrus pulp feed and preparation method of dewatered solid combined inoculant

The invention belongs to the technical field of biological fermentation, and mainly relates to the field of recycling of citrus pulp wastes and the field of biological feed. Technical points of a leavening agent are as follows: choosing aspergillus niger, geotrichum candidum and rice wine yeast which are appropriate for growing on the citrus pulp; resuscitating and respectively enlarging a solid culture which is used for producing seed bacteria, and dewatering and drying at low temperature; and mixing uniformly according to the content of microorganisms in the solid seed bacteria to form a composite solid biological leavening agent containing enough active rice wine saccharomycetes, aspergillus niger spores and geotrichum candidum spores. A product obtained by fermenting the citrus pulp by using the composite leavening agent is a good feed material; the inoculant is low in cost and convenient to use; enterprises just need to proportion solid matrix materials of the citrus pulp in combination of actual production, add a proper amount of the composite leavening agent and culture at proper temperature to obtain a qualified fermented product; and the use of the fermented product as the feed material can save the grain and increase the economic benefit of the breeding industry.

New process for producing fermented feed for dairy cows by taking wheat straw and distillers' grains as raw materials

The invention discloses a fermented feed for dairy cows, which is prepared from raw materials of wheat straw and distillers' grains, is produced by using microbial fermentation and is high in content of proteins, strong in palatability and rich in saccharomyces cerevisiae, bacillus subtilis and other probiotics. In the product, the content of true proteins is about 42-48%, the content of the proteins is improved by above 12%, and the fermented feed further contains a large number of beneficial live bacteria, a variety of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, short peptides, high-quality proteins and other nutritional ingredients. The fermented feed disclosed by the invention has the advantages that 1) through the fermentation enzymolysis effect of microbes, the content of the true proteins in the product is improved, thereby being conductive to making up for the blank in the protein feed for farming the dairy cows in China; 2) the product is rich in the nutritional ingredients and has the advantages of promoting growth and development of the dairy cows, increasing the utilization rate of the feed, enhancing the immunity, improving intestinal microecology, preventing diseases, reducing environmental pollution, increasing the milk production rate and the like; and 3) the solid-state fermentation is adopted, so that the production process is simple and environmental pollution is avoided.

Bamboo charcoal viscose facial mask base cloth and high moisture retention and moisturizing facial mask

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The invention relates to a bamboo charcoal viscose facial mask base cloth and a high moisture retention and moisturizing facial mask. The bamboo charcoal viscose facial mask base cloth is prepared with the following method: 1) adding nanometer bamboo charcoal powder and sodium alga acid into dispersion solution to be dispersed evenly in bamboo charcoal serous fluid; 2) adding the bamboo charcoal serous fluid into viscose spinning solution to be dispersed evenly, and filtering and deforming to obtain mixed spinning solution; 3) carrying out wet method spinning on the mixed spinning solution toobtain the bamboo charcoal viscose, and carrying out opening, mixing, carding and lapping to obtain a bamboo charcoal viscose felt; 4) dissolving chitosan in acetic acid aqueous solution, adding gelatin to be dissolved to obtain finishing liquor, and dipping the bamboo charcoal viscose felt into the finishing liquor to carry out impregnation modification to obtain a compound fiber felt; 5) carrying out spunlace reinforcement on the compound fiber felt. The bamboo charcoal viscose facial mask base cloth has high constraint ability on serum and good water retention and moisture liberation performance; after the facial mask serum is loaded through a liquid hanging step, the high moisture retention and moisturizing facial mask is obtained, situation that serum loss due to dripping and droppingcan be avoided, and waste is avoided.

Industrial production method for simultaneously extracting tea seed oil and tea saponin

The invention discloses an industrial production method for simultaneously extracting tea seed oil and tea saponin. The industrial production method comprises the following steps: softening camellia seeds at a low temperature and separating shells and kernels to obtain camellia seed kernels; puffing the camellia seed kernels at a low temperature; extracting with an ether and alcohol homogeneous-phase mixing solvent to obtain homogeneous-phase mixing solvent extract; recycling the solvent from the homogeneous-phase mixing solvent extract; washing with water and separating by a centrifugal machine to obtain an alcohol phase and an ether phase; after recycling the solvent from the alcohol phase, separating the solvent by a foam separation tower and drying in vacuum to obtain the finished-product tea saponin; and after recycling the solvent from the ether phase, refining to obtain the tea seed oil, and adding alkali liquid to remove soap, de-coloring, deodorizing and winterizing in sequence to obtain the finished-product tea seed oil. According to the industrial production method, low-molecular-weight ether and low-molecular-weight alcohol can be mutually dissolved so that a homogeneous-phase mutually-soluble system is formed, and the tea seed oil and the tea saponin are effectively extracted; and meanwhile, tea seed meal with higher protein content also can be obtained, an application range of the camellia seeds is further expanded, the investment of extraction equipment is effectively reduced and the production cost is reduced.
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