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Astaxanthin /æstəˈzænθɪn/ is a keto-carotenoid. It belongs to a larger class of chemical compounds known as terpenes (as a tetraterpenoid) built from five carbon precursors, isopentenyl diphosphate, and dimethylallyl diphosphate. Astaxanthin is classified as a xanthophyll (originally derived from a word meaning "yellow leaves" since yellow plant leaf pigments were the first recognized of the xanthophyll family of carotenoids), but currently employed to describe carotenoid compounds that have oxygen-containing components, hydroxyl (-OH) or ketone (C=O), such as zeaxanthin and canthaxanthin. Indeed, astaxanthin is a metabolite of zeaxanthin and/or canthaxanthin, containing both hydroxyl and ketone functional groups.

Schizochytrium limacinum and method or fermenting and producing DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) grease utilizing high density of schizochytrium limacinum

The invention belongs to the field of microbial fermentation engineering, and discloses schizochytrium limacinum (Aurantiochytrium sp.SD116). The schizochytrium limacinum is stored in China Microbial Culture Collection Administration Committee General Microbial Center with a number of CGMCC No: 6208), and a method for fermenting and producing DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) grease utilizing high density of the schizochytrium limacinum. According to the schizochytrium limacinum and the method disclosed by the invention, a bacterial strain fermenting condition is optimized based on element supply and a fermenting control angle, a carbohydrate supplementation operation is carried out, therefore, high-density fermentation is achieved, dry cell weight finally reaches 70.43g/L, grease content reaches 50.1g/L, DHA occupies more than 35% of total content of fatty acid; moreover, bioactive substances such as beta-carotene, astaxanthin and squalene are contained. The complete set of technology is convenient to operate; higher biomass liveweight and DHA content can be obtained; fermenting cost can be reduced; and the method is suitable for industrial fermenting production.

Special penaeus orientalis functional biological feed in the thickness marking period

The present invention discloses a special penaeus orientalis functional biological feed in the thickness marking period and the functional biological feed consists of the following components: import fish meal, shrimp meal, fermented peanut meal, fermented soybean meal, yeast lysates, cuttlefish powder, high gluten flour, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, soybean lecithin, fish oil, vitamin-mineral premixes, probiotics and functional additives; wherein the probiotics consist of Bacillus subtilis subsp., Candida utilis yeast and Bifidobacterium longum; the functional additives are made of natural astaxanthin, linolenic acid, fermented chlorella and fermented spirulina. The functional biological feed aims at the physical characteristics of high density, high nutrition and fast growth of penaeus orientalis seedlings in the thickness marking period, uses high-quality animal protein, contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and bio-fermentation raw materials, is rich in lecithin, has a reasonable balance ratio of calcium and phosphorus, and fortified vitamin nutrition, adds immunoenhancers, living beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes, promotes the rapid growth, enhances disease resistance and improves survival rate of penaeus orientalis seedlings which have strong body constitution and tidy specifications, and lay a solid foundation for subsequent successful breeding.

Preparation method of highly-stable and cold water-soluble natural astaxanthin microcapsule preparation

The invention relates to a preparation method of a highly-stable and cold water-soluble natural astaxanthin microcapsule preparation. The method concretely comprises the following steps: uniformly mixing astaxanthin oil, an oil-soluble antioxidant and a water-soluble emulsifier under a heating condition to prepare an oil phase; adding a wall material, a water-soluble antioxidant and a filler to purified water, stirring and dissolving above added materials, and adjusting the pH value of the obtained solution to prepare a water phase; and adding the oil phase to the water phase, uniformly stirring the water phase and the oil phase, grinding the obtained mixture through a sand mill, and carrying out one-step granulation on the obtained emulsion through a cold spraying-starch fluidized bed drying technology to obtain the microcapsule preparation with the particle size of 40-100 meshes. The content reservation rate of the microcapsule preparation disposed at 40DEG C under RH of 75% for 6 months is greater than 95%, and 0.1g of the microcapsule preparation is dissolved in 100ml of water to form a clear, transparent and floating oil-free solution, so the microcapsule preparation can be applied in beverages and other aqueous foods.

High-calcium compound shrimp cake and producing method thereof

The invention relates to a high-calcium compound shrimp cake and a producing method thereof. The high-calcium compound shrimp cake is prepared through carrying out low-temperature chopping and uniform stirring on an all-acete chinensis paste which is prepared through a high-precision waterproof pulverization technology and proportional minced fillet, chicken breast fillet, salt, vital gluten, diced fatty meat, potato starch, monosodium glutamate, disodium 5'-ribonucleotide, sugar, a water retention agent and a quality improver so as to obtain a cake core material, preparing the cake core material into a circular or elliptic shape through a forming machine, wrapping a layer of bread powder on the outside surface of the cake core, and after the shape of the obtained shrimp cake is finalized by quick-freezing, deep-frying the shrimp cake until the appearance of the shrimp cake is golden, so that the shrimp cake is obtained. The shrimp cake prepared by the producing method is golden in appearance, and fresh, tender and slightly crisp in taste, both has the delicate flavors of shrimps, and preserves various beneficial elements such as rich Ca, P, chitin and astaxanthin in shrimp shells, so that the shrimp cake accords with the demands of people on food nutrition, health, taste, and the like.

Method for simultaneously extracting high-phospholipid krill oil and high-astaxanthin krill oil

The invention relates to a method for simultaneously extracting high-phospholipid-content krill oil and high-astaxanthin-content krill oil. The method comprises the following steps: carrying out countercurrent ultrasonic extraction on Antarctic krill meal by adopting a mixed solvent; finally, carrying out three-grade filtering and filtering krill residues to obtain filtrate, namely an extracting solution; decompressing and evaporating the extracting solution; removing an organic solvent in the extracting solution to obtain crude oil; adding an ethanol solution with the volume which is equal to that of the crude oil and has the mass concentration of 45 percent to 75 percent into the crude oil; standing and layering for 2h to 4h; collecting supernatant and subnatant respectively; decompressing and evaporating respectively to obtain the high-phospholipid-content krill oil and the high-astaxanthin-content krill oil respectively. According to the method provided by the invention, the krill oil is extracted by adopting a mixed solvent of n-hexane and ethanol, so that the dissolution rate and dissolution efficiency of the krill oil are greatly improved; the three-grade filtering and precipitation of the 45 percent to 75 percent ethanol solution are combined and the obtained krill oil has high purity; two products including the high-phospholipid-content krill oil and the high-astaxanthin-content krill oil can be obtained in one step; an extraction process is simple and the production cost is low.
Owner:徐霞 +1

Method for producing krill oil, protein peptide powder and chitosan by full utilization of Antarctic krill powder

InactiveCN106010783ARealize high-value comprehensive utilizationRealize full utilization of high valueCultivating equipmentsFatty-oils/fats productionResource utilizationAdditive ingredient
The invention discloses a method for producing krill oil, protein peptide powder and chitosan by full utilization of Antarctic krill powder. The method comprises the following steps: 1. extraction of krill oil: extracting the Antarctic krill powder by adopting an organic solvent, and carrying out low-temperature decompression desolvation, extraction and concentration on the extracting solution, wherein the contents of obtained krill oil phospholipid and astaxanthin are high; 2. preparation of protein peptide powder: carrying out compound enzymolysis on degreased shrimp meal to obtain an enzymolysis solution, and refining and then spray-drying the enzymolysis solution to obtain the protein peptide powder, wherein the peptide content of the obtained protein peptide powder is greater than or equal to 85%; and 3. preparation of chitosan: decalcifying the shrimp shell meal which is degreased by the organic solvent and is subjected to deproteinization by enzymolysis by adopting microorganism fermentation, further carrying out deproteinization, carrying out oxidative decoloration, and carrying out deacetylation to obtain chitosan and byproduct organic calcium. The method really realizes high-valued full utilization of the Antarctic krill powder, can be used for extracting nutritional ingredients in the Antarctic krill powder to the maximum extent so as to improve the resource utilization ratio, can avoid generation of waste residues, and can ensure the benefit maximization of an enterprise.
Owner:青岛南极维康生物科技有限公司 +1

Methods for extracting high-quality shrimp oil from Antarctic krill and for preparing defatted krill protein powder

The invention relates to methods for extracting high-quality shrimp oil from Antarctic krill and for preparing defatted krill protein powder. The methods comprise steps that: an Antarctic krill raw material is pretreated; the pretreated raw material is cooked; the cooked raw material is dehydrated by pressing; the dehydrated raw material is crushed and beaten, such that a cream is obtained; an organic solvent is added to the obtained cream, and shrimp oil lixiviation is carried out with a homogenization technology; shrimp oil is repeatedly lixiviated; obtained lixiviation liquids are combined; the mixed liquid is subject to a cold preservation treatment, and is filtered; an obtained filtrate is subject to vacuum evaporation, such that the filtrate is precipitated and dehydrated, and refined shrimp oil is obtained. According to the invention, water content in Antarctic krill is reduced by using a pressing technology which is used for replacing a heating drying technology, such that an energy-saving effect is substantial. With the beating crushing technology and the homogenization extraction technology, the lixiviation efficiency is substantially improved. Therefore, a low-temperature normal-pressure high-efficiency fresh krill wet lixiviation technology is realized, and the shrimp oil with high astaxanthin content can be obtained. The cream obtained by lixiviation by using the organic solvent is dried by heating, such that defatted krill protein powder with water content lower than 10% is obtained, and the solvent is recycled. The method provided by the invention has feasibility for industrialized implementations.

Coordinated process extraction method of biological active substances in crayfish by-products

InactiveCN103172763ACombined effectRetain astaxanthinCarboxylic acid salt preparationFermentationEvaporationAstaxanthin
The invention relates to a coordinated process extraction method of biological active substances in crayfish by-products, belonging to the field of a biological active substance extraction method. The coordinated process extraction method comprises the following steps of: sequentially carrying out enzymolysis treatment on crushed crayfish shells and crayfish heads which are obtained by boiling through water and removing crayfish meat, and taken as raw materials; spraying and drying a filtered solution to obtain hydrolyzed protein powder; carrying out organic acid leaching treatment on a filtered solid, and spraying and drying the filtered solution to obtain organic calcium; adding the filtered solid into ethanol to be treated; carrying out rotary evaporation on the filtered solution to obtain an astaxanthin rough product; and finally, carrying out hydrogen peroxide immersion de-coloring treatment on the filtered solid to obtain de-colored chitin. According to the coordinated process extraction method disclosed by the invention, the crushed crayfish shells and crayfish heads, which are obtained by boiling through the water and removing the crayfish meat, are taken as the raw materials, and a scientific and simple process route is utilized for sequentially obtaining the food-grade standard hydrolyzed protein powder, organic calcium, astaxanthin and chitin products; a production period is shortened, the production efficiency is improved and a product additional value is obviously improved; and a production process is clean production, wastewater emission is reduced and the coordinated process extraction method is good for environmental protection.
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