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Water-replenishing repairing cosmetic as well as preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a water-replenishing repairing cosmetic as well as a preparation method and application thereof. In the invention, a skin water-replenishing repairing cosmetic with an excellent effect is prepared by combining traditional cosmetic effective raw materials with genetic engineering product biotic factors and adopting a vacuum freeze-drying technique. The cosmetic disclosed bythe invention comprises water-replenishing repairing freeze-dried powder and water-replenishing repairing base liquid, wherein the freeze-dried powder comprises the following main components: grape seed extract, hydrolyzed red alga extract, low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, recombinant human keratinocyte growth factor, recombinant human epidermal cell growth factor and micromolecular heparin sodium; and the base liquid comprises the following main components: hyaluronic acid (HA) with molecular weight of 1500000-2500000, methyl propanediol, honey extract, PCA (pyrrolidone carboxylic acid) sodium, dissolved proteinase, 1,2-hexylene glycol, oat beta-glucan, soybean isoflavone and the like. The water-replenishing repairing cosmetic disclosed by the invention can be used for daily skin nursing, can also be used through introduction by virtue of ultrasonic and other methods, and has the beautifying effects of replenishing skin water, repairing damaged cells caused by water deficiency and enhancing skin elasticity.

Nutrient plant blending oil and production method thereof

The invention provides nutrient plant blending oil. The nutrient plant blending oil comprises components in percentage by weight as follows: 20%-40% of rapeseed oil, 10%-20% of linseed oil, 6%-12% of sunflower seed oil, 5%-15% of peanut oil, 4%-8% of wheat germ oil, 2%-10% of camellia seed oil, 1%-5% of seabuckthorn seed oil, 3%-8% of walnut oil, 2%-5% of grape seed oil, 0.1%-2% of allicin, 0.1%-2% of docosahexaenoic acid, 0.1%-2% of vitamin E, 0.1%-2% of curcumin and 0.1%-1% of resvaritrol. The production method of the blending oil comprises steps as follows: the raw materials are weighed in the proportion and then added to a mixing vessel, nitrogen is injected at the temperature of 40-60 DEG C, so that pressure in the mixing vessel can keep 0.1-0.5 Mpa, vibration and blending are performed through ultrasonic waves for 60-120min and then are left to stand for 3-5 hours, and primary blending oil is obtained; then bentonite and activated carbon in the weight ratio of 1:(2-4) are added to the primary blending oil, the mixture is stirred for 30-60min at a rotation speed of 80-100 r/min, then solid impurities are filtered out, and the nutrient plant blending oil is obtained. The blending oil integrates edible and health-care functions of various kinds of plant oil, and the nutrient plant blending oil has more nutrition and health-care functions due to addition of functional additives.

Extraction method for natural pigment

The invention discloses an extraction method for a natural pigment. The extraction method for a natural pigment comprises the following steps of: (1) washing, drying and crushing raw materials, then passing through a 100-mesh sieve, performing homogeneous extraction in the mixed solution of ethanol aqueous solution in the percentage of 60-95% by volume and hydrochloric acid aqueous solution in the concentration of 0.1 mole per litre, and filtering after the extraction, so as to obtain a filtrate, wherein the pH value of the obtained mixed solution is 2.0-5.0; and the homogeneous extraction comprises a high-speed pre-treatment phase and a homogeneous extraction phase; (2) neutralizing, centrifuging and deslagging the filtrate obtained in the step (1), so as to obtain a supernatant; and (3) concentrating and drying the supernatant obtained in the step (2), so as to obtain the natural pigment, wherein the raw materials are chestnut shells, black soya bean skins, dragon fruit peels, lychee exocarps, grape seeds, hickory exocarps, acorn shells, orange peels, hazelnut shells, nectarine peels and purple sweet potato or purple-black broomcorn shells. The extraction method disclosed by the invention is simple in process, low in requirements on production equipment, not easy to break pigment substances, and high in extraction rate.

Culture material for pleurotus nebrodensis and cultivation method of pleurotus nebrodensis

The invention discloses a culture material for pleurotus nebrodensis and a cultivation method of the pleurotus nebrodensis. The culture material is prepared from the following components by weight percent: 50-60% of corn cob, 7-12% of lotus receptacle, 8-12% of peanut shells, 10-15% of grape seeds, 5-15% of corn flour, 1-2% of vinasse, and 1-2% of calcium carbonate. The cultivation method comprises the steps of sterilizing the culture material, inoculating after cooling, culturing hypha for 25-35 days at 25-28 DEG C, keeping the humidity of the environment to be 75-95% with 1wt% of a water-soluble carbon nano tube solution, transferring the cultured hypha into a fruiting chamber after mediotrastum dispersing, growing sporocarp for 10-12 days at 13-18 DEG C and harvesting. The culture material and the cultivation method of the pleurotus nebrodensis is characterized in that the grape seeds contain rich multi-amino acids, vitamins and mineral substances, can increase the yield, improve the quality of the pleurotus nebrodensis and increase the biotransformation efficiency of the pleurotus nebrodensis; a water-soluble carbon nano tube has the effects of promoting the plant growth, preventing from damage by external conditions and the like, and can increase the yield, improve the quality of the pleurotus nebrodensis and shorten the growth period of the pleurotus nebrodensis hypha; besides, the grown pleurotus nebrodensis has the good quality and a large pleurotus nebrodensis body.

Soybean sauce mutton shashlik and preparation method thereof

The invention provides soybean sauce mutton shashlik and a preparation method thereof. The mutton shashlik is characterized by being prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 260-280 parts of mutton, 1-1.5 parts of liquorice, 2-2.2 parts of platycladi seed, 1.2-1.4 parts of semen plantaginis, 2.2-2.4 parts of white poria, 2.5-2.7 parts of thunbergia fragrans root, 3-3.3 parts of carrot leaf, 1.5-1.8 parts of morusaustralis poir, 8-10 parts of cashew nut, 10-11 parts of panicum miliaceum, 3-4 parts of cheese powder, 4-5 parts of water-soaked bamboo slice, 1-2 parts of grape seed powder, 4-5 parts of hawthorn kernel powder, 22-24 parts of soybean sauce, 50-55 parts of rock candy, 10-11 parts of grape juice, and 3-4 parts of nutrition additive. The mutton flavor is rich because beneficial components in traditional Chinese medicines can be sufficiently absorbed by the mutton through cooking, the mutton shashlik tastes sweet and refresh due to the syrup cooked by the rock candy and the grape juice, and the prepared mutton shashlik is bright in color, unique in flavor and nice in smelling, and can meet the requirement of consumers to color, flavor and taste. Furthermore, the soybean sauce mutton shashlik has the effects of invigorating spleen and replenishing qi, clearing heat and removing toxicity, tranquilizing by nourishing the heart, and resisting tumors.

Method for extracting and separating procyanidine

A method for extracting and separating procyanidine comprises the steps of: separating the coat from the kernel of grape seeds or seabuckthorn seeds; crushing the seed coat into 10 meshes to 80 meshes; adding the crushed seed coat into alkali-water solution, alkali-alcohol-water solution or alkali-acetone-water solution with the pH value of 9 to 14 according to the solid-liquid ratio of 1g:1-10ml, conducting extraction for 1 hour to 10 hours at the temperature of 10 DEG C to 50 DEG C and then filtration; repeatedly extracting and filtering a filter cake until the filtrate is colorless or pale color; merging the filtrate and concentrating the filtrate till the weight of the filtrate is 0.5 time to 2 times of the weight of the seed coat raw materials; extracting the concentrated liquid with organic solvent and separating the liquid for obtaining an organic phase and a water phase; neutralizing the water phase with acid and adding methanol or ethanol with the volume of 1 time to 10 times, stirring, standing and filtrating; evaporating the filtrate, washing the obtained solid with water and then drying the solid for obtaining an oligomeric procyanidine product; and washing the filter cake with water and then drying the filter cake for obtaining the high-polymerization procyanidine. The invention has the advantages of less raw material input quantity, high product purity, high extraction rate, green environmental protection, simple process, and convenient industrial production.
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