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Loose, watery stools that lasts for more than 2 weeks.

Compound probiotics fermented Chinese herbal medicine active health care liquid and preparation method thereof

The invention provides compound probiotics fermented Chinese herbal medicine active health care liquid and a preparation method thereof. The health care liquid is prepared by the following raw materials: folium ginkgo, gingko pollen, fructus lycii, tea leaves, bacillus natto, saccharomyces cerevisiae, lactobacilli, acetobacter xylinum, bifidobactirium, white granulated sugar, brown sugar, defatted soy flour, honey, oligosaccharide, sodium chloride, deionized water and the like. The compound probiotics fermented Chinese herbal medicine active health care liquid integrates disease treatment and health care functions of several single products, contains Chinese herbal medicine active ingredients with the functions of preventing and treating hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and hypertension, preventing tumors and cancers, enhancing memory, protecting livers, improving immunity, preventing and treating coronary heart diseases, and also contains probiotics groups and metabolic products of the probiotics groups which can regulate balance in the stomach and intestines, resist aging, prolong the life, facilitate digestion, expel toxin for beauty, and prevent and treat thrombi, constipation and diarrhea. The health care liquid integrates health care and treatment, is very wide in market prospect, and conforms to the existing medical viewpoint of people that the prevention, health care, treatment and recovery are combined.

Compound feed for teaching piglets to eat foods other than breast milk

InactiveCN102178115AHealthy micro-ecological balance environmentAvoid damageFood processingAnimal feeding stuffDiseaseSucrose
The invention provides compound feed for teaching piglets to eat foods other than breast milk, which is used for weaning piglets and teaching the piglets to eat foods other than breast milk, and comprises the following components in part by weight: 212.4 parts of corn starch, 154.0 parts of bulked corn, 100.0 parts of 46 percent of bulked bean pulp, 40 parts of fish meal, 100 parts of wheat flour, 5 parts of calcium powder, 21 parts of calcium hydrophosphate, 2 parts of table salt, 20 parts of soybean oil, 5 parts of lysine, 2 parts of threonine, 1.5 parts of choline chloride, 10 parts of premix, 0.2 part of complex enzyme, 0.3 part of pig Duowei, 0.2 part of sweetener, 0.3 part of flavouring agent, 3 parts of baking soda, 20 parts of cane sugar, 30 parts of glucose, 50 parts of egg powder, 70 parts of soy protein concentrate, 50 parts of fermented bean pulp, 6 parts of acidizer, 100 parts of whey powder, 0.5 part of mould removing agent, 0.3 part of antioxidant and 0.3 part of mildewpreventive. In the invention, the problems of incomplete immune functions, low disease resistance, inadequate digestive ferment, incomplete upper gastrointestinal development, low digestion and absorption ability, susceptibility to diarrhea and the like of piglets.

Compound micro-ecological preparation

ActiveCN101558824ABest effective ratioThe effective ratio is reasonableAnimal feeding stuffAccessory food factorsBiotechnologyDisease
The invention belongs to the field of feed additives, more particularly relates to a compound micro-ecological preparation. The compound micro-ecological preparation contains probiotic bacteria, probiotics, saccharicterpenin and carriers according to the weight proportion of 1:1-2:0.1-1:1-10. The compound micro-ecological preparation realizes the optimally-effective proportioning of the probiotic bacteria, the probiotics and the saccharicterpenin, and the proportioning is reasonable and can fully give the synergy of the probiotic bacteria, the probiotics and the saccharicterpenin; the compound micro-ecological preparation can be taken as a substitute product of antibiotics while being used as a feed additive, eliminates drug residues and improves the quality of products, such as meat, eggs, milk, and the like; and the compound micro-ecological preparation can be also used for preventing and curing various animal diarrheas, improving immunity and disease resistance and reducing the death ratio of animals, can improve the feed conversion ratio and the animal production performance (increase the output of meat, eggs and milk), has better effects to livestock and poultry in all growth stages and is convenient for purifying barn environment and protecting and improving the ecological environment.
Owner:福建大北农华有水产科技集团有限公司 +2

Novel compounds as rearranged during transfection (RET) inhibitors

ActiveUS20170298074A1Organic active ingredientsOrganic chemistry methodsDiseaseFunctional diarrhea
This invention relates to novel compounds which are inhibitors of the Rearranged during Transfection (RET) kinase, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them, to processes for their preparation, and to their use in therapy, alone or in combination, for the normalization of gastrointestinal sensitivity, motility and/or secretion and/or abdominal disorders or diseases and/or treatment related to diseases related to RET dysfunction or where modulation of RET activity may have therapeutic benefit including but not limited to all classifications of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) including diarrhea-predominant, constipation-predominant or alternating stool pattern, functional bloating, functional constipation, functional diarrhea, unspecified functional bowel disorder, functional abdominal pain syndrome, chronic idiopathic constipation, functional esophageal disorders, functional gastroduodenal disorders, functional anorectal pain, inflammatory bowel disease, proliferative diseases such as non-small cell lung cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, follicular thyroid cancer, anaplastic thyroid cancer, papillary thyroid cancer, brain tumors, peritoneal cavity cancer, solid tumors, other lung cancer, head and neck cancer, gliomas, neuroblastomas, Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome and kidney tumors, breast cancer, fallopian tube cancer, ovarian cancer, transitional cell cancer, prostate cancer, cancer of the esophagus and gastroesophageal junction, biliary cancer, adenocarcinoma, and any malignancy with increased RET kinase activity.

Meat chick granulated feed containing active bacterium fermentation ingredient and traditional Chinese medicine ingredient

The invention discloses a meat chick granulated feed containing an active bacterium fermentation ingredient and a traditional Chinese medicine ingredient. The meat chick granulated feed comprises 5-15 percent of the active bacterium fermentation ingredient, 0.3-1 percent of the traditional Chinese medicine ingredient and the balance of a full value chicken feed. The active bacterium fermentation ingredient is prepared by adopting the following method of: adding an aspergillus niger culture solution, a probiotics culture solution and a yeast culture solution to a fermentation medium respectively according to an inoculation quantity of 5-15 percent for fermentation comprising primary anaerobic fermentation and secondary aerobic fermentation; and after the fermentation, carrying out low-temperature drying at 55 DEG C and smashing on the culture solution to obtain the active bacterium fermentation ingredient. Proved through tests, the feed provided by the invention can be used for obviously improving the food consumption and the daily gain of meat chicken and reducing the feed conversion ratio and the diarrhea rate, does not contain antibiotics, has no toxic and side effects and environmental pollution and can be used for providing high-quality green livestock and poultry products.

Traditional Chinese medicine combination and preparation method thereof for dysentery treatment

The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine combination and a preparation method thereof for dysentery treatment; the traditional Chinese medicine combination mainly includes the following raw medicines: the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, bighead atractylodes rhizome, rhizoma atractylodis, mangnolia officinalis, medicated leaven, sunburn frankincense, sunburn myrrh, rhizoma alismatis, plantain seed, fructus evodiae, dried tangerine, angelica, white paeony root, scutellaria baicalensis, oyster, red halloysite, starwort root, rhizoma cyperi, gorgon fruit, Chinese yam, drgon's bones, radix sophorae flavescentis, ash bark and codonopsis pilosula and the like. The traditional Chinese medicine combination can be prepared into any type of common oral preparation according to the conventional traditional Chinese medicine preparation method. The invention can significantly improve the symptoms of diarrhea, dysentery, bellyache, tenesmus, dyspepsia, difficult diet and loss of appetite, and also has definite clinical curative effect, significant curative and quick effect. As the traditional Chinese medicine combination basically combines medicinal and edible medicine sources specified in the National Formulary, the traditional Chinese medicine combination has low cost and basically has no toxic and side effect.

Synbiotics of bacillus licheniformis and oligosaccharide class prebiotics and composition and formulation thereof

The invention relates to a synbiotics of bacillus licheniformis and oligosaccharide class prebiotics and a composite and a formulation thereof, being characterized in that the synbiotics comprises bacillus licheniformis medical live bacterial powder and the oligosaccharide class prebiotics, wherein the bacillus licheniformis medical live bacterial powder contains live bacteria about 30 billion/gram; the weight ratio of the bacillus licheniformis medical live bacterial powder to the oligosaccharide class prebiotics is 1:1 to 76; the weight ratio of the medical live bacterial powder of the composite, the oligosaccharide class prebiotics and auxiliary materials is as follows: 1.25-5 percent of the bacillus licheniformis medical live bacterial powder, 5-95 percent of the oligosaccharide class prebiotics, 20-50 percent of preferable oligosaccharide class prebiotics, 30-65 percent of diluting agents, 1-20 percent of bonding agents, 1-15 percent of disintegrating agents, 0.1-3 percent of lubricating agents, 1-10 percent of coating agents, 0.01-0.1 percent of flavoring agents, 0.0001-0.001 percent of coloring agents, and 0.1-15 percent of suspending agents. The synbiotics composite is prepared into oral common tablets, oral cavity disintegration tablets, dispersing tablets, enteric-coated tablets, granular formulation, enteric-coated granular formulation, capsules, enteric-coated capsules, dry supensoid agents and external tablets according to a conventional process; and an in vitro test shows that each formulation can promote the growth and the reproduction of the synbiotics of bacillus licheniformis, restrain the growth of harmful bacteria, enhance the immunizing power of parasitifers, reduce diarrhea and enhance the health care.

Chinese medicinal herb additive for meat chickens and application

The invention discloses a Chinese medicinal herb additive for meat chickens and application. The Chinese medicinal herb additive comprises heterophylly falsestarwort root, nutgrass galingale rhizome, amur corktree bark, coptis root, medicated leaven, sanguisorba, hawthorn, Indian Buead, officinal magnolia bark, largehead atractylodes rhizome, tangerine peel, malt, indigowoad root, swordlike atractylodes rhizome, indigowoad leaf, cyrtomium fortune, chatoyancy and calamus; and mixture of the compositions is added with calcium bicarbonate, phytase, mulitivitamin for birds and lysine. The Chinese medicinal herb additive effectively promotes absorption of nutrient, can resist bacteria and virus, strengthen immunity of the meat chickens, effectively prevents bird flu, has obvious curative effect on diseases having respiratory tract symptoms as the major symptom, and has inhibiting function on familiar newcastle disease, colon bacillus, Pasteurella, enteritis, diarrhea, feather pecking, hair shedding, anus pecking, coccidiosis and the like. The additive cannot restrict the growth and disease resistance of the meat chickens, the meat quality of the meat chickens fed by the additive is obviously better than that of the meat chickens fed by the prior feed additive, the average daily gain of the meat chickens is improved by 23 to 28 percent than that of the meat chickens fed by the prior feed additive, the cultivation cycle is obviously shortened, and no harmful substance is deposited.
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