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Chinese herbal medicine feed additive for pig fattening as well as preparation method and application of Chinese herbal medicine feed additive

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The invention discloses a Chinese herbal medicine feed additive for pig fattening. The formula of the Chinese herbal medicine feed additive comprises the following components in parts by weight: 15-30 parts of polygonum multiflorum, 20-35 parts of radix paeoniae alba, 20-25 parts of pericarpium citri reticulatae, 10-25 parts of medicated leaven, 4-10 parts of fructus crataegi, 5-15 parts of rhizoma acori graminei, 10-15 parts of cyrtomium fortunei, 10-20 parts of rhizoma atractylodis, 15-25 parts of Indian buead, 15-30 parts of andrographis paniculata, 20-30 parts of astragali radix, 10-25 parts of scutellaria baicalensis and 10-15 parts of glycyrrhiza uralensis. The invention further discloses a preparation method and the application of the Chinese herbal medicine feed additive. The formula of the Chinese herbal medicine feed additive has the efficacy of invigorating spleen and supplementing qi, removing dampness to restore normal functioning of the stomach, promoting digestion to eliminate stagnation, clearing away heat and purging pathogenic fire, activating blood and regulating the qi flowing in the channels, clearing away heat and toxic materials, killing roundworms, improving the body immunity, and enhancing disease resistance and the like, and promotes growth and fattening of pigs.

Medicament for treating uterus cancer

The invention discloses a medicament for treating uterus cancer, which comprises raw materials: ganoderma, bighead atractylodes rhizome, red paeony root, amur corktree bark, radix bupleuri, costus root, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, centipede, scorpion, pillworm, honeysuckle, finger citron, caulis spatholobi, oldenlandia diffusa, Chinese lobelia, gecko, Indian strawberry, paris rhizome, purple flower violet, fructus forsythiae, sparganium root, zedoary rhizome, corydalis tuber, wined rhubarb, ground beetle, poria, pseudo-ginseng, bletilla, motherwort, oriental wormwood, houttuynia cordata, fried pangolin scale, immature bitter orange, salvia chinensis, field thistle, garden burnet, wolfberry seed, astragalus, privet fruit, spica prunellae and licorice root. The medicament consists of pure nature Chinese medicinal herbs, does not have toxic side effect, is used for treating uterus cancer under the conditions of eliminating pathogenic factors without hurting original immunity and strengthening body resistance without boosting pathogenic factor growth in a discrimination manner, and can be used by weak patients in early period, middle period as well as late period. Nourishing ingredients in the prescription can improve the self immunity function of human bodies. When the medicament is used during chemoradiotherapy, the toxic side effect of the chemoradiotherapy can be relatively alleviated.
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