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Dioscorea opposite bean curd stick and preparation method thereof

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The invention belongs to the technical field of subsidiary food processing, and particularly discloses a dioscorea opposite bean curd stick and a preparation method thereof. The dioscorea opposite bean curd stick is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 140 to 200 parts of dioscorea opposite, 60 to 100 parts of glycine max, 20 to 40 parts of pueraria lobata starch, 10 to 18 parts of sesamum indicum, 12 to 20 parts of medicago, 15 to 25 parts of cannabis sativa, 8 to 15 parts of euryale ferox, 8 to 16 parts of dried scallop, 4 to 12 parts of daucus carota, 18 to 30 parts of cane sugar, 1 to 3 parts of citric acid, 0.5 to 1.5 parts of a coagulator, and 0.5 to 1.5 parts of an antifoaming agent. The invention further discloses a preparation method of the dioscorea opposite bean curd stick. The method comprises the following steps: sequentially weighing the raw materials in parts by weight, pretreating the raw materials, feeding a formed bean curd stick into drying equipment to perform drying after pretreating, and then slicing, packaging and storing the dried and formed bean curd stick, so as to obtain a finished product. The preparation method is simple in technology, nutrition ingredients cannot be lost during preparation, and the dioscorea opposite bean curd stick is rich in nutrition, has aromatic flavor, is mellow and delicious, can meet the demands of different consumer groups, and has the efficacies of invigorating the spleen and stimulating the appetite, strengthening the constitution, reducing fever, lowering the evil fire, and reducing the blood pressure and flood fat.

Method for preparing collagen peptide product by taking deer skin as raw material

The invention relates to a method for preparing a collagen peptide food product by taking deer skin as a raw material. The method comprises the following steps: using water to clean the deer skin after surface treatment, and then crushing the deer skin into skin mud with a food processer; adding water into the skin mud, uniformly mixing, adding proteases, stirring and performing enzymatic hydrolysis or performing enzymatic hydrolysis after ultrasonic treatment; adding a material after enzymatic hydrolysis into activated carbon and filtering with a diatomite cake to obtain a deer skin collagen peptide solution, wherein the deer skin collagen peptide solution can be directly taken as a raw material for beverage processing. Collagen peptide powder is obtained by concentrating and drying the obtained collagen peptide solution and can be taken as a raw material for making food rich in collagen peptides. The method provided by the invention has the benefits that deer skin resources are fully utilized, and the novel collagen peptide food product is developed. The deer skin can also be used as a base material or an excipient for other food products to be prepared into the other food products such as various beverages, baked products, meat products, protein drinks and infant food.

Compound amino acid multi-vitamin liquid micro-emulsion and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to compound amino acid multi-vitamin liquid micro-emulsion, which comprises vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin K3, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, nicotinic acid, serine, lysine, threonine, tyrosine, cysteine, glutamine, methionine, lactamine, bursin, immune globulin, poly IC, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and taurine. A component 1 is obtained by dissolving fat soluble ingredients in phospholipid; a component 2 is obtained by dissolving aqueous soluble ingredients in purified water; the component 1 is homogenated to be added into the component 2 so as to obtain a mixture; a component 3 is obtained by mixing bursin, immune globulin and poly IC and by adding thermal stabilizing agent; and when the temperature of the mixture is decreased to 40 DEG C to 50 DEG C, the component 3, xanthan gum and Arabic gum are added into the mixture to be uniformly mixed. The compound amino acid multi-dimensional liquid micro-emulsion can be rapidly dissolved in the water, high-energy substances can be rapidly absorbed, and the bioavailability is high; the stable system guarantees the validity of the multiple vitamins, amino acid and the like during the storage period; and the cost performance is high.

Healthcare wine capable of prolonging life and preparation process thereof

The invention provides healthcare wine capable of prolonging life and a preparation process thereof. The preparation process comprises the following steps: enabling raspberry, peony, black bean, cing cian, rehmanniae vaporata, epimedium, licorice, cynomorium, tuber of multiflower knotweed, divaricate saposhnikovia root, north medlar, radix polygonati officinalis, astragalus, tuckahoe, cuscuta, ligustrum lucidum, eucommia, aspartic, cinnamon, rhizoma anemarrhenae, root of straight ladybell, ligusticum wallichii, ophiopogon japonicus, achyranthis bidentatae, morinda officinalis, schisandra, mulberry, and curculigo to circulate steam to be soaked in white wine for some time, adding crystal sugar into the mixture, soaking for 30 days, taking out the medicated wine to be added with rosa laevigata, red dates, hematoxylin and cloves, and then soaking for some days to prepare the healthcare wine. The invention is based on the wine for prolonging life, is an improvement meeting the requirements of the markets on color, smell and taste and the like for mainly aiming at the characteristics of similar bands of healthcare wine markets, has the effects of reconciling yin and yang, dispelling wind and dampness, nourishing the body, building the body and beautifying the features, defering senility and the like. The medicated wine is red and transparent, has strong fragrance, 42 degrees of finished wine, good taste and the like.

Nuisanceless broiler forage and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses nuisanceless broiler forage and a preparation method thereof. The nuisanceless broiler forage is prepared from 200-220 weight parts of corn, 300-330 weight parts of whole wheat, 200-220 weight parts of puffed soybean meal, 30-40 weight parts of salad oil, 10-15 weight parts of soybean paste, 70-80 weight parts of Chinese yam powder, 20-30 weight parts of sweet potato powder, 70-80 weight parts of rice flour, 6-10 weight parts of stir-fried radish seed, 20-25 weight parts of burdok root, 4-6 weight parts of asparagus tuber, 4-7 weight parts of bamboo leaf, 4-7 weight parts of lotus plumule, 3-6 weight parts of compound of glauber-salt and liquorice, 3-7 weight parts of shinyleaf pricklyash root, 25-30 weight parts of stone flour, 25-30 weight parts of calcium hydrogen phosphate powder and 4-5 weight parts of a phagostimulant. Through use of the Chinese herbal medicines such as stir-fried radish seed, the nuisanceless broiler forage improves chicken physique and reduces medicine use amounts. Through use of edible and pharmaceutical vegetables such as burdok root, Chinese yam and the like, palatability is improved, chicken feed intake is increased and chicken growth is accelerated. The nuisanceless broiler forage produces less residues in chickens and satisfies green food requirements.
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