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Fluorene-based compound and organic electroluminescent display device using the same

The present invention relates to an organic electroluminescent (OEL) compound that comprises at least one fluorene derivative and at least one carbazole derivative. The compound has good electrical properties, light emitting properties and charge transport ability, and thus is suitable as a host material suitable for fluorescent and phosphorescent dopants of all colors including red, green, blue, white, etc., and as a charge transport material. An OEL display device that uses an organic layer that includes the OEL compound has a high efficiency, a low voltage, a high luminance, and a long lifespan because it has superior current density.

Tilting Touch Control Panel

A control panel for controlling a device in response to user indications, the control panel comprising, a position sensing element (60) having a sensing surface, and a position interface circuit (76). The position interface circuit (76) is operable to determine a position of an object (100) on the sensing surface, when the object (100) is applied to the sensing surface of the position sensing element (60). At least one pressure sensing device (54, 66) and the sensing surface of the position sensing element (60) are arranged with the effect that a displacement of the sensing surface with respect to the pressure sensing device in response to the pressure applied by the object is detectable by the pressure sensing device. As such, in one example, the position interface circuit (76) is operable to identify one or more of a plurality of user indicated signals by correlating the position of the object on the sensing surface with a pressure detected by the pressure sensing device. The sensing surface may include pre-designated and pre-determined locations representing virtual buttons so that by determining whether the object is at one of a plurality of pre-determined locations on the sensing surface of the position sensing element, the position interface circuit (76) can identify the user indicated signal by correlating the position of the object at one of the predetermined locations with the detected pressure, each of the pre-determined location corresponding to one of the plurality of user indicated signals.

Machine condition assessment through power distribution networks

InactiveUS20100169030A1Eliminate needAlters the current and vibration characteristics of the machineVibration measurement in solidsElectric motor controlEmbedded systemTelecommunications equipment
A device, which is preferably embedded in a power distribution enclosure, enables analysis of conditions of electromechanical machines and, alternatively, also their driven or driver devices. The analysis uses operating voltages and currents supplied to or from the electromechanical machines. Since these voltages and currents are available at the enclosure, wiring or any other communication means to any sensors on the electromechanical machines or on the driver or driven devices are not necessary. The embedded device may optionally transmit its results to a computing or monitoring device remote from the enclosure, preferably wirelessly. The embedded device may receive all its power from an existing, conventional potential transformer in the enclosure, so that the embedded device may be retrofitted to the enclosure without the addition of any wiring external to the enclosure.

High density NAND non-volatile memory device

Non-volatile memory devices and arrays are described that utilize dual gate (or back-side gate) non-volatile memory cells with band engineered gate-stacks that are placed above or below the channel region in front-side or back-side charge trapping gate-stack configurations in NAND memory array architectures. The band-gap engineered gate-stacks with asymmetric or direct tunnel barriers of the floating node memory cells of embodiments of the present invention allow for low voltage tunneling programming and efficient erase with electrons and holes, while maintaining high charge blocking barriers and deep carrier trapping sites for good charge retention. The memory cell architecture also allows for improved high density memory devices or arrays with the utilization of reduced feature word lines and vertical select gates.

Power supply system

A power supply system capable of smoothing photovoltaic generation output, and enabling time shift is provided. A power supply system including a DC power supply string in which a storage battery is connected in parallel to a DC power supply; and a DC / AC power conversion device for connecting the DC power supply string to a power system or a load is provided. A switch is connected between the DC power supply and the storage battery, where an output power of the DC power supply or a combined output power of the DC power supply and the storage battery is switched and supplied to the DC / AC power conversion device by the switch. The photovoltaic generation output is thereby smoothed, and time shift is enabled.
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