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Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO), more commonly known as isomalto-oligosaccharide, is a mixture of short-chain carbohydrates which may have a digestion-resistant property. IMO is found naturally in some foods, as well as being manufactured commercially. Although isomaltose is found in some foods, such as honey, as a disaccharide, it behaves like all other disaccharides and is easily digested. Because of a confusion over nomenclature, such disaccharides have frequently been described as IMO, however to truly be called an "oligosaccharide" the molecules must have a degree of polymerization (DP) of three or more. Historically, the best documented source of IMO was found in sourdough breads wherein proper oligosaccharides are produced. IMO is currently produce by two distinctly different methods. One is based on a conversion of starch using enzymes. The raw material used for manufacturing IMO is starch, which is enzymatically converted into a mixture of isomaltooligosaccharides. However, IMOs produced via this method result in a very high proportion of isomaltose disaccharides (approximately 50%) and a majority of panose (IMO DP3) as the end product. These IMO preparations have been shown to be highly digestible and generally do not exhibit much if any, digestion resistance. The second method uses bacterial fermentation and bio-conversion of sugar and starch to create an IMO variant maltosyl-isomaltooligosaccharide (MIMO). Typically the end product ranges in molecular complexity from DP3 (<10%) to DP9 with an average molecular weight near DP5. MIMO preparations exhibit very good digestion resistance and also intestinal microbiota selectivity.

Sterile polymerized covering dressing for wound surface

The invention provides a sterile polymerized covering for a wound surface-medical wet dressing for a burn wound, a preparation method of the dressing, and application. The dressing comprises the following components: 10 to 30g of chitosan, 30 to 80g of polyving akohol, 5 to 10g of alginate, 5 to 15g of isomaltose hypgather, 2 to 6g of carbomer 940, 2 to 5g of gelatin, 5 to 10g of sodium carboxymethylcellulose, 10 to 30g of glycerol, and 0.01 to 0.2g of menthol; 15 to 60g of condensed tannin which is remarkable in treatment can be selectively added; and a skin penetration enhancer or an appearance conditioning agent also can be selectively added. The dressing can be prepared into an irregular dressing in order to be suitable for the wound surfaces in irregular and special positions and also can be prepared into a solid plate-shaped dressing which can be shorn at random. According to the sterile polymerized covering dressing for the wound surface, the freezing and thawing technology and the irradiating technology are combined and cross-linked to realize the preparation, and the defects of the prior art can be overcome. The dressing is high in biocompatibility, free from toxicity and sensitization and high in mechanical strength and comfort level, is out of adhering during the process of being replaced after being attached for a long time, and is a nonantigenic protective barrier which has the effect of resisting and inhibiting bacteria.

Method for brewing a yellow wine using enzyme preparation and multi-bacteria

The invention provides a method for brewing a yellow wine using enzyme preparation and multi-bacteria, characterized in that: the concrete steps are that: soaking glutinous rice in clean water and adding lipase; steaming the glutinous rice and cooling, and adding alpha-amylase and neutral protease into the mixture and incubating and liquefying the mixture; adjusting the pH of mash and adding acid-resistant glucoamylase and incubating, saccharifying and cooling the mixture; adding bran koji, saccharomyces cerivisiae, ester-producing yeast and saccharifying and fermenting the mixture until the alcohol content is 12 degrees; continuously fermenting the mixture until the alcohol content is larger than 15 degrees and squeezing and filtering the mixture; adding stachyose, oligoisomaltose, honey,medlar leach solution and lycopene antioxidant into the filtered solution; processing the above mixture using a microwave alcoholic ripening machine and adding diatomite absorbent into the mixture and quickly freezing the mixture to clarify the mixture and then using a diatomite filter machine to filter the mixture and finally using membrane micro-straining technology to strain and degerm the product. The advantages of the invention are that: the wine taste is rich and strong; the wine body is full and soft and the wine is a health-care wine capable of adjusting the micro-ecological balance of the human digestive system.

Litchi vinegar drink and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102524865AGood biological stabilityShorten clarification timeFood preparationBiotechnologyPectinase
The invention relates to a litchi vinegar drink and a preparation method of the litchi vinegar drink. The preparation method comprises the following steps: crushing pulp of fresh litchi fruits after removing fruit shells and seeds, juicing, adding acid and pectinase, standing to improve clarity at low temperature, filtering the supernatant with a cross flow filter and then storing in a freezing tank at low temperature; warming the clear juice to 20-25 DEG C, inoculating wine active dry yeast to perform alcoholic fermentation; adding lactose and inoculating active dry Lactobacillus bulgaricus to perform lactic acid fermentation at 20-25 DEG C, inoculating acetic acid bacteria to perform surface acetic fermentation at 20-25 DEG C, and removing microorganism in fermented mash with a cross flow filter to obtain original litchi vinegar; mixing the original litchi vinegar, clear litchi juice, honey, isomaltooligosaccharide, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid and pure water in a certain ratio; clarifying, filtering, deoxidizing, membrane filtering and filling to obtain the litchi vinegar drink. The method of the invention is unique in that the fermentation process employs multiple microbial strains, low temperature and long period, so that the litchi vinegar drink prepared by the method has rich fruity flavor of litchi and strong taste, integrates the nutritional and health care functions, and is a novel nourishing, skin caring and pollution-free green drink.
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Application of whey protein and reducing oligosaccharide Maillard product to microcapsule wall materials and embedded probiotics

The invention takes protein and a reducing oligosaccharide Maillard product as microcapsule wall materials and applies the protein and the reducing oligosaccharide Maillard product to the production of probiotic microcapsules. A wall material solution is prepared by reaction of following components: the whey protein and isomaltooligosacharide are mixed according to the mass ratio ranging from (1:1) to (10:1) to form a solution, heating treatment is carried out at a constant temperature of 85-95 DEG C for 2-4 hours, Maillard reaction is carried out to generate grafts with different contents, which are used as a wall material solution. The concentrated probiotics are used as a core material, and an endogenesis emulsification gel method and a spraying and drying method are used for producing the probiotic microcapsules. The microcapsule wall materials comprise the milk-based protein and the prebiotics, have nutritional and functional properties and have a wide application range. A Maillard product is used as a wall material structure and is dense, so that the protection capability is enhanced; the fixed point releasing capability is enhanced in the presence of intestinal canal enzymes and intestinal canal microorganisms; and after the releasing, the microcapsule wall materials can provide nutrients for the probiotics. The prepared microcapsules are used as function factors, have a good market prospect and can be used for medicine, food and feed industries.

Functional probiotic solid beverage capable of maintaining intestinal health and improving immunity and preparation method thereof

The present invention belongs to the technical field of functional foods and relates to a functional probiotic solid beverage capable of maintaining intestinal health and improving immunity and a preparation method thereof. The functional probiotic solid beverage is composed of the following components in parts by weight: 20-30 parts of sorbitol, 10-30 parts of skim milk powder, 10-20 parts of stachyose, 1-20 parts of resistant dextrin, 1-15 parts of whole milk powder, 1-15 parts of isomaltitol, 1-10 parts of isomaltooligosaccharide, 1-10 parts of oligofructose, 0.01-1 part of bifidobacteriumlongum powder, 0.01-1 part of bifidobacterium lactis powder, 0.01-1 part of lactobacillus acidophilus powder, 0.01-1 part of lactobacillus rhamnosus powder MP-108, 0.01-1 part of lactobacillus paracasei powder and 0.01-1 part of lactobacillus fermentum powder. The present invention also provides the preparation method of the functional probiotic solid beverage. The functional probiotic solid beverage is prepared by using a modern technology, convenient to carry and high in safety. Clinical trials show that compared with the probiotic group and the prebiotic group, the functional probiotic solid beverage has remarkable effects on maintaining the intestinal health and enhancing the immunity.

Compound type biological active peptide product for livestock and poultry and application thereof

The invention discloses a compound type biological active peptide product for livestock and poultry, which is formed by mixing the following components in percent by mass: 1%-7% of functional active peptide, 10%-40% of probiotics, 5%-20% of prebiotics, and the balance of auxiliary materials, wherein the functional peptide is one or a combination of several of collagen peptide, glutathione, muramyl dipeptide, soybean protein peptide and casein phosphopeptide. The probiotics refers to one or a combination of several of lactic acid bacteria, saccharomycetes, photosynthetic bacteria, actinomycetes, bacillus and streptococcus faecalis. The prebiotics is one or a combination of several of isomalto-oligosaccharide, fructo-oligosaccharide, galactooligosaccharide and xylo-oligosaccharide. The auxiliary materials refer to one or a combination of several of silkworm chrysalis, fish meal, montmorillonite, diatomite, zeolite powder, corn flour, bran and bean pulp. Additive amount of the product accounts for 0.1%-0.2% of the amount of feed, and the feed can be directly fed after the product is added and uniformly mixed. The compound type biological active peptide product disclosed by the invention belongs to the micro-ecological technical product and is green and environment-friendly.

Oligosaccharide oat beverage capable of treating hyperlipoidemia and hyperglycemia and improving gastrointestinal tract

The invention provides an oligosaccharide oat beverage capable of treating hyperlipoidemia and hyperglycemia and improving gastrointestinal tract function and a manufacturing method thereof by hydrolysis of three enzymes and fine grinding. The manufacturing method comprises the following steps: carrying out fine grinding on the oat meal to obtain the powder of which the average particle size is less than about 100 mu m, dissolving the oat powder in water to form oat slurry, and adding alpha-amylase, beta-amylase and trans-glucosidase to carry out enzyme treatment, thereby obtaining the oat beverage with rich functional components. The oligosaccharide oat beverage integrally reserves oat beta-dextran, and also contains oligo-isomaltose component of which the content is higher than that in common oat products. The manufacturing method can integrally reserve the nutritional components of the whole oat grains and omit the filter operation, thereby being beneficial to increasing the utilization ratio of raw materials; and the method is completed under the conditions of fermentation and sterilization in the optimal short time, thereby avoiding the possibility of rancidity of oat slurry in the processing procedure. When the oligosaccharide oat beverage is used for human testing for assessing physiologic effect, the test proves that the oligosaccharide oat beverage can lower the total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglyceride and fasting blood-glucose value in blood. The oligosaccharide oat beverage tastes savoury, thick and smooth like milk, and maintains the natural flavor of oat; and thus, the invention changes the traditional way for eating oat, greatly raises the nutrition health-care value of oat processed products, and has the potentials of preventing and treating hyperlipoidemia, hyperglycemia and other life-style related diseases and improving the gastrointestinal tract function.
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