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The Maillard reaction (/maɪˈjɑːr/ my-YAR; French: [majaʁ]) is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned food its distinctive flavor. Seared steaks, pan-fried dumplings, cookies and other kinds of biscuits, breads, toasted marshmallows, and many other foods undergo this reaction. It is named after French chemist Louis-Camille Maillard, who first described it in 1912 while attempting to reproduce biological protein synthesis.

Method for preparing tobacco sheet and application thereof

The invention discloses a method for preparing tobacco sheets and an application of the method. In the method, enzymolysis is implemented when the tobacco stalk and the tobacco powder are soaked, solid-liquid separation is implemented after extraction, the solids are made into fiber sheet substrates, liquid is made into concentrated solution by alcohol precipitation and concentration, the concentrated solution is made into coating liquid by maillard reaction and coated on the fiber sheet substrates, and the fiber sheet substrates are dried and cut into tobacco sheets. In the invention, the macromolecular compounds that influence the quality of the tobacco sheets are sufficiently degraded by enzymolysis, the content of the impure taste in the tobacco sheets is decreased, the internal quality of the tobacco sheets is improved, and better aroma is obtained by the technical solution that produces prospective aroma by the maillard reaction to provide a rich aroma for the tobacco sheets so as to obtain tobacco sheet products fitting different types of cigarette products and having better internal quality. The tobacco sheets prepared by the method have excellent compatibility and harmonywith the conventional raw materials of the cigarettes, and have the advantages of good cigarette taste, various and rich aromas and less impure taste.

Reconstructed tobacco coating liquid component-component group chemical kitchen combination, coupling preparation, and coupling preparation process

The invention relates to a reconstructed tobacco coating liquid component-component group chemical kitchen combination, coupling preparation, and a coupling preparation process. Discarded waste tobacco leaves and stems are subjected to presoaking and enzymatic leaching or extraction to make tobacco leaf or stem enzymatically-leached/extracted solution, or tobacco leaf and stem mixed leached/extracted solution, certain components and component groups such as protein, pectin, chloride, nicotine, nitrosamines, nitrates and the like in the tobacco leaf and stem leached/extracted solution or tobacco leaf and stem leached/extracted mixture can be selectively converted, reduced or removed by combination of enzymolysis, Maillard reaction conversion, membrane separation/concentration or column separation, freeze separation, ethanol precipitation and the like, and the coupling preparation process for chemical components and component groups in the chemical kitchen, and accordingly, recombination or fitting, combination, regulation and coke reduction and harm reduction of the chemical components and component groups of the reconstructed tobacco coating liquid are achieved, quality of reconstructed tobacco is improved, and industrial technical integration and innovation on combination and coupling of the reconstructed tobacco coating liquid are realized.

Chicken bone protein zymolyte and chicken essence substrate prepared by same

The invention provides a chicken bone protein zymolyte and a chicken essence substrate prepared by the chicken bone protein zymolyte, belonging to the technical field of poultry processing. The invention solves the problems of high cost for producing a chicken essence substrate, limited raw material sources, unavailable effective utilization generally by discarding leftovers, such as chicken bone, and the like, and the like in the prior art. In the invention, a novel chicken essence substrate is developed by adopting the cheap leftovers, namely chicken bone as a raw material and utilizing a biological enzymolysis technology and a hot reaction spice research technology; the chicken essence substrate is prepared by the following steps of: adopting the chicken bone zymolyte obtained after the chicken bone is subjected to double enzymolysis by pancreatic enzyme and Flavourzyme composite flavor protease as a main material, mixing the main material with hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), a yeast extract, glucose, xylose, thiamine, chicken oil and propylene glycol according to a certain proportion; and carrying out Maillard reaction in a high-pressure reactor to prepare the chicken essence substrate with vivid chicken fragrance. The chicken essence substrate has vivid chicken fragrance, rich and strong chicken fragrance and long aftertaste.

Method for preparing natural dried fruit essence by utilizing dried fruit raw materials

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The invention relates to a method for natural dried fruit essence by utilizing dried fruit raw materials, which comprises the following steps: taking peanut meal, cocoa powder, coffee powder and other dried fruit matters as raw materials; firstly extracting and concentrating flavor substances easier for volatilization in the raw materials by utilizing a natural extraction, resin adsorption and solvent desorption technology to obtain aqueous essence A; then drying and baking the raw materials remaining in the previous step, extracting with an organic solvent after fragrance is newly generated to obtain oily essence B; successively carrying out enzymatic hydrolysis on the remaining raw materials, centrifugally removing and precipitating, mixing with amino acid and reducing sugar for Maillard reaction to obtain pasty essence C; and finally spray-drying a precipitate after being subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain powdered flavor. Through all the steps, a series of dried fruit essence with different states which can be applied to different products can be obtained. The method has the advantages that the process is simple, the industrial production is convenient, the raw materials are fully utilized, the production cost can be reduced helpfully, and the fragrance is round, full, rich and natural.

Preparation method of fruit concentrate Maillard reaction product, and application of product in tobacco perfuming

The invention relates to a preparation method of a fruit concentrate Maillard reaction product, and an application of the product in tobacco perfuming. The preparation method comprises the following steps: mixing a fruit concentrate or the fruit concentrate containing reducing monosaccharide with amino acids and a reaction solvent, using an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide to adjust the pH value of a reaction system to 6-9, heating to 80-100DEG C within 20-90min, continuously reacting for 0.5-1.5h, and cooling to obtain the corresponding reaction product. The Maillard reaction product generated after reacting the fruit concentrate with the amino acids is rich in the natural perfume of fruits, can be naturally coordinates with the original perfume of tobacco, and is safe and reliable. The above reactive perfume prepared in the invention is used to process cut tobacco under certain conditions, and is added to tobacco according to different proportions, so the smoking quality of the the prepared cut tobacco is substantially improved. The fruit concentrate Maillard reaction product can improve the fullness and the softness of the smoke of cigarette, improves the smoking smell comfortableness, and highlights the delicate perfume style of the cigarette.

Chicken essence and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a preparation method of chicken essence. The method comprises the steps of weighing chicken breast and chicken skeleton, adding water, boiling at high temperature, and then, passing through a colloid mill, so as to obtain colloidal chicken juice; hydrolyzing the colloidal chicken juice, then, carrying out enzyme deactivation and filtrating, so as to obtain enzymolysis chicken juice; uniformly mixing the enzymolysis chicken juice, L-cysteine hydrochloride, ribose, L-proline, xylose, dextrose monohydrate, L-glycine, water and chicken oil, and then, adding the mixture into a reaction kettle for Maillard reaction, so as to obtain a chicken juice reactant; uniformly mixing the chicken juice reactant, salt, white granulated sugar, monosodium glutamate, modified starch, maltodextrin, cyclodextrin, water, I+G, chicken oil and chicken flavoring base, then, passing through a colloid mill, filtrating to obtain colloidal chicken cream, emulsifying the colloidal chicken cream, and then, carrying out spray drying on the emulsified colloidal chicken cream through a homogenizer, thereby obtaining the chicken essence. The invention further relates to a product of the preparation method of the chicken essence. Compared with the existing products, the chicken essence prepared by the method has the advantages that the chicken fragrance is unique, the flavor is harmonious, the taste of chicken is strong and full, and the fragrance and the flavor can be of long-term coexistence.

Technology for preparing broth powder by cooking and enzymatic hydrolysis

The invention discloses a technology for preparing broth powder by cooking and enzymatic hydrolysis, which comprises the steps of carrying out the working procedures of cooking, ultrafine smashing, enzymatic hydrolysis, Maillard reaction, micro-encapsulation, spray drying and the like on small pieces of bones and meat of plain chicken which removes the head, the paws and the internal organs and seasonings of vegetable oil, onion, ginger, garlic and the like, thereby preparing the broth powder. The cooking technology is applied for enhancing the flavor and the taste of the broth powder, thereby increasing the mellow, thick and fragrant base flavor of the broth powder; the superfine smashing is carried out on the materials, thereby increasing the enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency, increasing the content of small molecular peptides and calcium and leading the nutrition thereof to be more conductive to human body absorption; a composite enzyme preparation is added for carrying out the enzymatic hydrolysis, thereby effectively degrading meat proteins into the small molecular peptides and amino acids; and the microencapsulation is conductive to retaining the flavor of the broth powder for a long time, being easy to dissolve and extending the guarantee period. The broth powder prepared by the technology is characterized by meat flavor, mellow and thick base flavor and abundant amino acids, small molecular peptides and other nutrients, thereby being an essential cooking raw material for the hospitality industry and also an essential seasoning for home cooking.

Method for processing and seasoning prawn products by fully utilizing prawns

The invention relates to a method for processing and seasoning prawn products by fully utilizing prawns, belonging to the technical field of food science and aquatic product processing. In the method, fresh prawns are taken as raw materials, peeled prawns conditioning food is made of peeled prawns through bacteria reduction processing, deep fry, fresh-keeping liquid immersing, vacuum packing and irradiation, prawn conditioning sauce is made of leftovers obtained from the processing of the prawns through squeezing, histiocyte cataclase, enzymolysis control, solid-liquid separation, Maillard reaction, charge mixture and concentration, and the peeled prawns conditioning food and the prawn conditioning sauce are independently packaged into a flexible package so as to obtain convenient and delicious conditioning food by fully utilizing the prawns. The invention has the advantages that the utility ratio of the prawns taken as the raw materials is high, the fishy smell and the earthy taste of the prawns are eliminated, products are safe and delicious, the storage time can reach more than three months, and the invention is convenient for transportation and storage and has high economic added value, thereby being suitable for family travel, catering industry, and the like and having deep market potential.
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