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Ultraviolet light-heat dual-curing gloss oil, and preparation method and application thereof

The invention relates to ultraviolet light-heat dual-curing gloss oil for a transfer film, and a preparation method and application thereof. The ultraviolet light-heat dual-curing gloss oil comprises the following components by part by weight: 20 to 70 parts of resin composition, 10 to 50 parts of diluting monomer, 1 to 10 parts of photoinitiator, 0.01 to 5 parts of polymerization inhibitor, 1 to 10 parts of flatting agent, 1 to 10 parts of defoaming agent and 1 to 10 parts of base material wetting agent, wherein the resin composition is a composition of polyurethane acrylic ester resin containing isocyanate group and resin comprising hydroxyl group. The ultraviolet light-heat dual-curing gloss oil is applied to the transfer film industry, so that the problems of low glossiness of printing ink and low resistance and wear resistance of the surface ink layer are effectively solved, the delay curing characteristic of a gloss oil protective layer is improved, the protective layer gloss oil can be extended on the surface of a three-dimensional object completely to form a transfer pattern with good glossiness, the service life is prolonged, and the ultraviolet light-heat dual-curing gloss oil can be stored for 12 months under the conditions of normal temperature and dark place.

Chicken essence and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a preparation method of chicken essence. The method comprises the steps of weighing chicken breast and chicken skeleton, adding water, boiling at high temperature, and then, passing through a colloid mill, so as to obtain colloidal chicken juice; hydrolyzing the colloidal chicken juice, then, carrying out enzyme deactivation and filtrating, so as to obtain enzymolysis chicken juice; uniformly mixing the enzymolysis chicken juice, L-cysteine hydrochloride, ribose, L-proline, xylose, dextrose monohydrate, L-glycine, water and chicken oil, and then, adding the mixture into a reaction kettle for Maillard reaction, so as to obtain a chicken juice reactant; uniformly mixing the chicken juice reactant, salt, white granulated sugar, monosodium glutamate, modified starch, maltodextrin, cyclodextrin, water, I+G, chicken oil and chicken flavoring base, then, passing through a colloid mill, filtrating to obtain colloidal chicken cream, emulsifying the colloidal chicken cream, and then, carrying out spray drying on the emulsified colloidal chicken cream through a homogenizer, thereby obtaining the chicken essence. The invention further relates to a product of the preparation method of the chicken essence. Compared with the existing products, the chicken essence prepared by the method has the advantages that the chicken fragrance is unique, the flavor is harmonious, the taste of chicken is strong and full, and the fragrance and the flavor can be of long-term coexistence.

Polyurethane aqueous dispersion and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a polyurethane aqueous dispersion and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: firstly, mixing trimethylolpropane or glycerol and acid anhydride and preparing a carboxylic acid type hydrophilic monomer; on the basis of molar parts, adding 20-60 parts of polymer dibasic alcohol, 4-10 parts of carboxylic acid type hydrophilic monomer and 30-60 parts of a diisocyanate monomer into a reactor, heating to 60 DEG C-100 DEG C and carrying out heat preservation; adding1-10 parts of small-molecular dibasic alcohol, 2-10 parts of a non-ionic hydrophilic chain extender and 1-6 parts of a cross-linking agent and reacting until the content of NCO is less than 5%; and adjusting the viscosity of the reactant, cooling, adding a neutralizing agent for neutralizing, adding water for emulsifying, adding an amine chain extender and removing the solvent by distillation to obtain the polyurethane aqueous dispersion. The carboxylic acid type hydrophilic monomer has stable performance and low cost, the polyurethane aqueous dispersion prepared from the carboxylic acid type hydrophilic monomer has high content of solids and the coating has relatively high hardness and excellent chemical product resistance.

Freeze-dried fermented glutinous rice and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a preparation technique of freeze-dried fermented glutinous rice, which comprises the following steps: elutriating glutinous rice to remove impurities, and soaking; boiling, and cooling to 28-30 DEG C; dispersing, evenly spreading, adding sterilized water, adding distillery yeast, evenly mixing, and fermenting; after finishing fermentation, carrying out solid-liquid separation, pre-freezing the solid part, and carrying out vacuum freeze-drying and vacuum packaging; and carrying out microwave sterilization and vacuum packaging on the liquid part. In the invention, the solid part is subjected to vacuum freeze-drying, so that the original quality of the material is maximally maintained, and the storage time of the freeze-dried fermented glutinous rice is longer. The sweet wine is subjected to microwave sterilization, so that the growth and development of microbes in the sweet wine are postponed, and the microbes can even die, thereby effectively protecting the massive effective constituents in the sweet wine from damage, and maintaining the original shape, color, flavor and nutritional ingredients of the product; and the freeze-dried fermented glutinous rice has the characteristics of energy saving, consumption reduction, no harm to human health, and favorable rehydration property. The technique provided by the invention is simple and convenient to operate; the prepared fermented glutinous rice is free of preservative, has the advantages of no loss of nutritional ingredients, good flavor and long storage time, and is convenient and quick to eat; and the invention is applicable to industrial production.

Nucleic acid cross flow test strip-based method for detecting single nucleotide polymorphism

ActiveCN102134596AThe result is accurateMeet the requirements of clinical testingMicrobiological testing/measurementGene typeBuffer solution
The invention relates to a nucleic acid cross flow test strip-based method for detecting single nucleotide polymorphism, comprising the following steps: firstly, preparing the nucleic acid cross flow test strip; secondly, obtaining a sample to be tested, denaturing and annealing; obtaining water, a nano-gold probe solutions, a connecting probe, Taq DNA ligase buffer solutions and Taq DNA ligase, and blending uniformly to obtain a mixed solution; adding KIF-1 and KIF-2 or the mixed solution of the two to the mixed solution, and blending uniformly; adding the sample to be tested, carrying out hybrid connection, denaturing, and annealing; and finally dropping obtained solutions on the binding area of the nucleic acid cross flow test strip, immersing the immersion area of the test strip into the running buffer solutions, and observing. The method achieves easy operation and low cost, is characterized by specificity, fastness as well as high resolution and sensitivity, and can be applied to the detection on the single nucleotide polymorphism and gene type as well as the identification on different pathogenic microorganisms of genes in hereditary diseases, communicable diseases, tumour and angiocardiopathy in clinical medicines.

Medical information management system based on two-dimensional code and cloud service and method thereof

InactiveCN105303495ASolve the incomplete collection of informationThe solution cannot be sharedPayment architecturePaymentData management
The invention discloses a medical information management system based on a two-dimensional code and a cloud service. The medical information management system comprises an information acquisition module, a payment module, a two-dimensional code generation module and a cloud-side data management module. The information acquisition module is used for acquiring all examination and diagnosis and treatment information of a hospital and compressing and encrypting the information and then storing the information in a cloud-side database. The payment module is used for generating a two-dimensional code with a payment function for each piece of examination and diagnosis and treatment information in the cloud-side database for a user to complete payment. The two-dimensional code generation module is used for generating a unique identity two-dimensional code for the user completing payment. The cloud-side data management module is used for establishing a cloud platform for saving the examination and diagnosis and treatment information, managing the examination and diagnosis and treatment information of the user in the cloud-side database and browsing, downloading, management and uploading for the user. The invention also discloses a medical information management method based on the two-dimensional code and the cloud service.

Special color dough for children's handcraft dough molding

The invention discloses a special color dough for children's handcraft dough molding, which comprises 4 parts of wheat flour, 2 parts of glutinous rice flour, 1.5 parts of glycerin, 0.1 part of wheat starch, 0.6 part of edible preservative, 0.1 part of common salt, 0.2 part of honey and appropriate mount of edible pigment and water. The special color dough can be prepared by a method comprising the following steps of: putting the wheat flour, the glutinous rice flour, the wheat starch, the edible preservative, the common salt and the honey into a container; adding a appropriate amount of water, uniformly stirring and standing still for 20 minutes; smearing one half of the glycerin on a disk, placing the proofed dough on the disk, and steaming for 50-60 minutes with boiling water to obtain pulpy dough; cooling the dough till not scalding hands, mixing the rest half of glycerin in the dough; and finally adding the edible pigment. The invention improves the formula of traditional dough molding so that the finished color dough overcomes the defects of the traditional color dough which is not transparent, has dark color and is difficult to color after pigments are added. By the invention, the cost is reduced and the teaching requirements are met, the prepared finished dough product has better quality, no toxicity and no odor, and is suitable for childerns to use for a long term.

Method of mold silicone filling, making and peeling animal specimen

Provided is a method of mold silicone filling, making and peeling animal specimen. The method of mold silicone filling, making and peeling the animal specimen is characterized in that Sumianxin is injected into animal muscle to enable an animal to be conducted mercy killing, scarfskin of an animal body is peeled and separated from both a head and the animal body, corrosion prevention powder is coated on the inner surface of the scarfskin which is peeled; the animal muscle and bones are posed to be cooled and frozen and the design is finalized; the model is completely coated by oil mud, the animal body model coated inside is taken out after the oil mud is dried, release agent is coated on the inner surface of the model; model silicone and curing agent are mixed and poured into the model, specimen prosthesis is taken out after silicone is molded; original scarfskin of the animal is coated on the silicone prosthesis, incision in stomach is sewed, ocular prosthesis is assembled on the eye portions, and modeling is finished. The method of mold silicone filling, making and peeling the animal specimen has the advantages of being capable of eliminating the problem of being damaged by worms, reducing environment pollution due to the fact that high toxic preservation is not used, prolonging storage time of the specimen, and increasing sense of reality and hand feel of the specimen, meanwhile fast in drying, free from deformation, low in manufacturing cost and convenient to operate.
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