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Multifunctional coatings and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to multifunctional paint with the functions of water and fire prevention, lighting, noise reduction, safe escape and decoration and a preparation method thereof. The multifunctional paint comprises a polymer emulsion, a filler, a flame retardant, a long afterglow luminescent material, an addition agent and water, and the paint comprises raw materials in weight percentage: 10 to 50 percent of the polymer emulsion, 5 to 30 percent of the filler, 10 to 30 percent of the flame retardant, 10 to 60 percent of the long afterglow luminescent material, 0.1 to 5 percent of the addition agent and 1 to 50 percent of the water. The multifunctional paint is applied to a highway tunnel, an underground garage, an underground urban traffic passage, a civil defence engineering, an underground fortification, an underground warehouse, an underground production workshop and other underground buildings, can well meet the requirements of waterproof and fireproof functions and has obvious energy-saving effect; and with the characteristic of the long afterglow of the luminescent paint, the multifunctional paint exerts the function of illumination after power failure and is used to guide personnel to safely evacuate the scene of an accident. In addition, the multifunctional paint also has certain functions of noise absorption and noise reduction.

Composite biological film-coating antistaling agent

The invention provides a novel edible biological film-coating antistaling agent with good preserving effect as well as good water solubility and oxygen insulation simultaneously by adopting a novel biological safe food additive which has no toxic and side effect on a human body. The biological film-coating antistaling agent can form a layer of extremely thin film on the surface of fruit, vegetables and edible fungi, can effectively prevent gas exchange between the fruit, the vegetables and the edible fungi and the ambient environment, reduce water evaporation in food, prevent oxidation between oxygen in the air and the food, and better maintain the nutritive value of the fruit, the vegetables and the edible fungi. The coated film has good transparency so as to be capable of increasing the luster of the fruit, the vegetables and the edible fungi, and has good solubility so as to be easy to clean. Simultaneously, the coated film contains a biological antiseptic which can well inhibit and kill bacteria and fungi on the surface of the fruit, the vegetable and the edible fungi and in the ambient environment, so that the preservation period of fresh fruit and vegetables and the edible fungi can be effectively prolonged. Moreover, the novel film-coating antistaling agent adopts the biological additive, can be safely eaten, and has no toxic and side effect on the human body.

Special slow release fertilizer for eucalyptus and preparation method for fertilizer

The invention discloses a special slow release fertilizer for eucalyptus. The slow release fertilizer comprises a coated material and fertilizer granules, wherein the coated material is highly surface-activated mineral or natural macromolecular material; the fertilizer granules comprise an inorganic fertilizer, a ferment fertilizer, an aquatic fertilizer and an animal manure fertilizer; the inorganic fertilizer comprises urea, calcium superphosphate, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, zinc sulfate heptahydrate and copper sulfate pentahydrate; the ferment fertilizer is a fermented product of pitaya peels, litchi shells, longan seeds and bagasse; the aquatic fertilizer is a fermented product of fish bones, shrimp heads and crab shells; the animal manure fertilizer is a fermented product of animal manure. The invention further provides a preparation method for the special slow release fertilizer for the eucalyptus. Rich essential nutritive elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and the like are scientifically combined, wastes of fruits teeming in Guangxi, aquatic products and animals are fully utilized and turned into wealth, and composting is performed for multiple times, so that an organic fertilizer rich in medium trace elements, amino acids, humic acids and organic matters is obtained; the special slow release fertilizer has a good water-retention effect and is friendly to environment.

Water-based paint for quick-drying alcohol-resistance plastics and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a water-based paint for quick-drying alcohol-resistance plastics, comprising the following components by weight parts: 20-80 parts of modified polyacrylic ester water dispersoid, 1-25 parts of coloring pigment paste, 0-10 parts of filler pump, 5-25 parts of film formation assistant, 0.5-10 parts of assistant for water-based paint, and 10-50 parts of water. The invention further discloses a preparation method of the water-based paint, comprising the following steps: the water, the film formation assistant, polymer water dispersoid resin and the assistant for partial water-based paint are added in a make-up tank and are stirred uniformly, and then the coloring pigment paste and the assistant for the remaining partial water-based paint are sequentially added in and are stirred uniformly, the viscosity and pH value are regulated, filtering and discharging are carried out to obtain the water-based plastic paint finished products. The water-based paint is used for coating surface of the plastics, so as to achieve good decoration effect; in addition, the performance of the water-based paint is equivalent to that of solvent plastic paint, the water-based paint has good alcohol resistance and can be dried at 50 DEG C for 10 minutes, so as to meet the process requirements of manufacturers who use the solvent plastic paint at present.

High-adhesion water-based waterproof primer as well as preparation method thereof and application thereof

ActiveCN108456475AGood film formingImprove coating penetration and adhesionPriming paintsMagnesiumHardness
The invention discloses high-adhesion water-based waterproof primer as well as a preparation method thereof and application thereof. The high-adhesion water-based waterproof primer is prepared from the following components in parts by weight: 25-32 parts of composite emulsified polymer emulsion, 2.8-3.3 parts of coupling film-forming agent, 0.6-1 part of hydroxyethyl cellulose, 15-18 parts of titanium dioxide, 4-6 parts of barium sulfate, 4-6 parts of calcium carbonate, 4-6 parts of talcum powder, 1-2 parts of dispersing agent, 0.5-1 part of wetting leveling agent, 0.2-0.4 part of de-foaming agent, 0.2-0.3 part of preservative, 1.8-2.2 parts of anti-freezing agent, 0.1-0.3 part of rheological agent, 0.1-0.3 part of pH regulator, 0.4-0.8 part of thickening agent and 24-31 parts of water. The high-adhesion water-based primer has excellent film-forming property, hardness, flexibility, water resistance, chemical resistance, sealing property, seepage force and adhesion, can be effectively dissolved and permeated into an organic silicon mould release agent on novel material plates such as an art ware, a cement product, a glass magnesium board and a special cast sectional material, is inseamless engagement with the board, and achieves the practical effect of improving coating quality and field construction environment. Moreover, the preparation method is easy, is low in cost, is simple in construction way, and reduces production and construction cost.

Cellulose acetate forward osmotic membrane and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a cellulose acetate forward osmotic membrane and a preparation method of the cellulose acetate forward osmotic membrane. The preparation method comprises the following steps: preparing raw materials according to a ratio of adding 20ml-40ml of acetone, 50ml-70ml of 1,4-dioxane and 7ml-10ml of methanol into 3g-5g of cellulose acetate; adding a pore former, namely 5ml-10ml of lactic acid or 0.8g-28g of zinc chloride; uniformly mixing the raw materials and completely dissolving the cellulose acetate under room-temperature agitation; standing a membrane casting solution for more than 12 hours; immersing and treating by a sodium hydroxide solution; immersing a mixture into the membrane casting solution for 30-60 seconds; and pulling for one time and immersing into de-ionized water for carrying out phase inversion for 2-6 hours so as to obtain the cellulose acetate forward osmotic membrane, wherein a middle base membrane is a polysulfone membrane and attached cellulose acetate membranes are formed on the two sides of the base membrane. The preparation method is simple in process and the prepared forward osmotic membrane can effectively prevent solutes from entering a porous supporting layer; the cellulose acetate forward osmotic membrane has good chemical stability and high salt rejection rate and membrane flux.

Yellow-light electroluminescent material based on 8-hydroxyquinoline zinc metal complex tripolymer and controllable preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a yellow-light electroluminescent material based on an 8-hydroxyquinoline zinc metal complex tripolymer and a controllable preparation method thereof. According to the controllable preparation method, an electron-withdrawing group and an electron-donating group are simultaneously introduced to a 8-hydroxyquinoline ligand, the electron-withdrawing group has the effects of reducing the electron cloud density of a pyridine ring and enhancing the charge transmission property of the pyridine ring, and the electron-donating group has the function of enhancing the solubility of a complex. The controllable preparation method disclosed by the invention realizes the controllable preparation of a single-crystal structure of the 8-hydroxyquinoline zinc metal complex tripolymer, and the maximum absorption peak of the single-crystal structure is in a yellow-light emitting area of 588 nanometers. The yellow-light electroluminescent material disclosed by the invention has the advantages of good solubility property, good film-forming property, high yield, high luminous efficiency, good stability and low cost and can be used for conveniently processing and manufacturing a large-area display device.
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