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Proteins are made up of a specific sequence of amino acids; there are an almost endless amount of unique proteins. If a protein contains all nine essential amino acids, it is called a complete protein.

Method for detecting protein and amino acid in rapeseeds

The invention discloses a method for quickly detecting protein and amino acid in rapeseeds. The method comprises the following steps of: A, drying harvested rapeseeds in a drying oven, controlling the humidity for drying at 103 and 108 DEG C, controlling the time between 3 and 5 hours, and then cooling the rapeseeds to the room temperature; B, putting the cooled rapeseeds into a sample tray of a near infrared instrument to scan a near infrared spectrum, and repeating the sample loading for 2 to 4 times each time; C, averaging the spectrums measured by 2 to 4 times of a sample to calculate the average spectrum; and D, substituting the average spectrum into a model to calculating the content of crude protein and the amino acid of the sample. The method is easy to implement, is simple and convenient to operate, and has simple pretreatment of the sample. For a rapeseed manufacturer, the harvested rapeseeds are quickly measured at a certain temperature during a certain time. The method is quick and causes no damages. The acquisition time of the near infrared spectrum is very short, and the model calculation time can be basically ignored. By using the method, a plurality of components can be measured at the same time, and the content of the crude protein and the content of other amino acid in the rapeseeds can be measured at the same time.

Orange peel feed production method

The invention discloses an orange peel feed production method which comprises the following steps: washing fresh fruits, peeling off the fresh fruits, grinding and crushing, stirring and mixing, fermenting in a fermentation pond, performing degumming treatment, performing filter-press dehydration, mixing and stirring, performing secondary fermentation, performing aging treatment, blending and using, and the like. The technological process is reasonable, the processing equipment is simple, a high-energy-consumption drying process is not needed; as the fresh fruits are washed with pectinase and an acetic acid solution, are degummed, are fermented with yeast for multiple times and subjected to the action of bacillus subtilis, microelements such as phosphorus, calcium, iron and zinc, amino acid, vitamin C, and physiologically active ingredients such as, flavonoid and carotenoid can be preserved, and the content of protein in orange peel residue is up to 5-6%. By adopting the orange peel feed production method, the problem that the orange peel resource is wasted, the environment is polluted and the like are effectively solved, and compared with ordinary feed, the orange peel feed is good in palatability, low in seasonal febrile disease rate, consistent in growth period and good in economic benefit.

Production method of selenium-enriched bamboo shoots

The invention discloses a production method of selenium-enriched bamboo shoots. The production method comprises adding organic acid and sucrose into a sodium selenite aqueous solution for reaction to obtain a selenium-enriched organic acid sucrose solution; adding the pure water into the selenium-enriched organic acid sucrose solution for dilution, controlling the selenium concentration into 20 to 40 mg every kg and obtaining a selenium-enriched organic acid sucrose injection; injecting 20 to 40 ml of selenium-enriched organic acid sucrose injection into a bamboo shoot body through a syringe in an inclined mode and sealing an injection hole through the beewax; harvesting when bamboo shoots are 20 to 30 cm higher than the ground after 3 to 7 days of injection to obtain the selenium-enriched bamboo shoots. According to the production method of the selenium-enriched bamboo shoots, the obtained selenium-enriched bamboo shoots are high in nutritional value, slightly sweet and free of bitter, nutrients such as the rich protein and the amino acid, particularly the trace element selenium, are contained in the selenium-enriched bamboo shoots, the good antioxidant effect such as the cosmetic, anti-cancer and anti-aging effect is achieved, and the selenium-enriched bamboo shoots can be utilized as antioxidants or health food development raw materials.

Method for quickly and accurately discovering, identifying and preparing proteolysis provenance antibacterial peptide

The invention relates to a method for quickly and accurately discovering, identifying and preparing a proteolysis provenance antibacterial peptide, belonging to the field of the preparation and the purification of biologically-active peptides. According to the method, for example, Jatropha curcas seed protein, an ingredient containing the antibacterial peptide is prepared through hydrolysis by using a variety of proteases, and the antibacterial peptide is quickly discovered, identified and prepared and purified by using a technology which combines cell membrane affinity chromatography with a high-performance liquid phase fingerprint atlas and a mass spectrum. According to the method, the separation and the purification are divided into two steps, i.e. affinity extraction and BR-HPLC/MS/MS separation and identification, the traditional steps (usually involving 5-7 steps, such as ultrafiltration, anion and cation exchange, macroporous resin adsorption, desalting, gel chromatography and BR-HPLC) for purifying the antibacterial peptide are greatly shortened, and all of the obtained samples reach chromatographic purity. Visibly, a way with simplicity, convenience and fastness in operation, for the large-scale preparation, the accurate discovery and the fast purification of biological active substances in less content, such as the antibacterial peptide, is provided due to the establishment of the method provided by the invention.

Candida utilis strain UCY-11 and application thereof in preparation of fermented hybrid paper mulberry feed

The invention relates to a candida utilis strain UCY-11 and application thereof in preparation of fermented hybrid paper mulberry feed. The candida utilis strain UCY-11 can effectively solve the problems of degrading macromolecular proteins contained in the feed, increasing the content of crude proteins and peptides in the crude proteins, reducing the content of anti-nutritional factors such as cellulose and lignin, improving the nutritional value of the feed and meeting the actual needs of breeding animal husbandry when the fermented hybrid paper mulberry feed is prepared by using the strain.The candida utilis strain UCY-11 is obtained by an ultraviolet mutagenesis technology, and the strain is used for fermenting the hybrid paper mulberry feed, so that the content of the crude proteinsand the peptides in the crude proteins can be effectively increased, the nutritional quality of the hybrid paper mulberry feed is improved, and the utilization efficiency of animals on the hybrid paper mulberry feed is improved; and meanwhile, the intestinal microecological balance of the animals is improved, the development of animal health and breeding industry is promoted, the needs of people on animal proteins in life are met, and the candida utilis strain UCY-11 has remarkable economic and social benefits.
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