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Hydrogenation method for coal tar suspension bed of heterogeneous catalyst

The invention relates to a hydrogenation method for a coal tar suspension bed of a heterogeneous catalyst. The method comprises processes of coal tar raw material pretreatment and distillatory separation, coal tar heavy fraction suspension bed hydrogenation cracking and conventional light fraction oil extraction, wherein the suspension bed hydrogenation reaction temperature is between 320 and 480DEG C, the reaction pressure is 8 to 19MPa, the volume air speed is 0.3 to 3.0h<-1>, the hydrogen oil volume ratio is 500 to 2,000, the catalyst is a powdery granular coal tar suspension bed hydrogenation catalyst of a single metal active ingredient containing molybdenum, nickel, cobalt, tungsten or iron or a composite multi-metal active ingredient, the adding amount of the catalyst is based on the ratio of the metal quantity of the active ingredient to the weight of the coal tar raw materials of 0.1: 100-4: 100, most of tail oil containing the catalyst after lightweight oil is separated froma hydrogenation reaction product is directly circulated to a hydrogenation bed reactor, a small part of tail oil is subjected to catalyst removal treatment and then circulated to the hydrogenation bed reactor to be subjected to further lightweight treatment, and the heavy oil is totally or furthest circulated. The method fulfills the purposes of maximum production of the lightweight oil in the coal tar and cyclic utilization of the catalyst, and greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the raw materials and the catalyst.

Intelligent electric energy meter field test device and test method thereof

The invention relates to an intelligent electric energy meter field test device and a test method thereof. The test device comprises a micro controller, a metering unit, a communication interface unit, a memorizer, an input part, a current acquisition channel and a voltage acquisition channel, a clock module and a pulse input unit; wherein the micro controller receives a control instruction of the input part and sends out an operation signal to the communication interface unit, the memorizer, a displaying part and the clock module; the metering unit carries out filtering, amplifying, sampling and digital signal processing on analogue signals transmitted by the current acquisition channel and the voltage acquisition channel, so as to convert the analogue signals into digital signals, and the digital signals are sent to the micro controller; the communication interface unit carries out data communication with an electric energy meter and downloads a user file from a server, and the user file is uploaded to the micro controller, and data of field test is uploaded and recorded into the server. The invention has the advantage that whether all the functions of intelligent electric energy meter are in normal operation or not can be determined by virtue of field test and diagnosis without interruption of power supply, modifying field primary and secondary loops or changing the state of the relay of the electric energy meter.

Park energy-network energy optimizing management system based on microgrids and implementing method thereof

The invention relates to a park energy-network energy optimizing management system based on microgrids and an implementing method of the system. The energy optimizing management system is implemented by park energy scheduling and microgrid energy management. The micro power grid management system is in a three-layered structure including a microgrid energy scheduling layer, a microgrid centralized control layer and a microgrid, stored energy and load local control layer. Constraint conditions of the energy optimizing management method are guaranteed by the microgrid centralized control layer. The output of each microgrid or stored energy is determined by a microgrid and stored energy coordination control policy in a microgrid central controller; and an objective function includes three objective function subsets at different grades. Through computing the objective function values at various states by a multi-objective optimizing algorithm based on weight, the defect of randomness and intermittence of the distributed power source is overcome, the complementary problem among multiple microgrids and multiple micro power sources in the microgrid in the park energy network is solved, and optimized utilization of clean energy and maximization of system energy efficiency can be achieved.
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