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This medication is used on the hair/scalp to treat dandruff and other scaly, itchy skin conditions (psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis).

Hydrogenation method for coal tar suspension bed of heterogeneous catalyst

The invention relates to a hydrogenation method for a coal tar suspension bed of a heterogeneous catalyst. The method comprises processes of coal tar raw material pretreatment and distillatory separation, coal tar heavy fraction suspension bed hydrogenation cracking and conventional light fraction oil extraction, wherein the suspension bed hydrogenation reaction temperature is between 320 and 480DEG C, the reaction pressure is 8 to 19MPa, the volume air speed is 0.3 to 3.0h<-1>, the hydrogen oil volume ratio is 500 to 2,000, the catalyst is a powdery granular coal tar suspension bed hydrogenation catalyst of a single metal active ingredient containing molybdenum, nickel, cobalt, tungsten or iron or a composite multi-metal active ingredient, the adding amount of the catalyst is based on the ratio of the metal quantity of the active ingredient to the weight of the coal tar raw materials of 0.1: 100-4: 100, most of tail oil containing the catalyst after lightweight oil is separated froma hydrogenation reaction product is directly circulated to a hydrogenation bed reactor, a small part of tail oil is subjected to catalyst removal treatment and then circulated to the hydrogenation bed reactor to be subjected to further lightweight treatment, and the heavy oil is totally or furthest circulated. The method fulfills the purposes of maximum production of the lightweight oil in the coal tar and cyclic utilization of the catalyst, and greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the raw materials and the catalyst.

Visible heating atomizing cigarette

InactiveCN103263083AMake up for the lack ofReduce releaseTobacco devicesAdditive ingredientTar
The invention discloses a visible heating atomizing cigarette which comprises a cigarette body and a cigarette holder. The cigarette body comprises a heating area, an atomizing area and a power source area. The heating area, the atomizing area and the power source area of the cigarette body are sequentially communicated with the cigarette holder through an airflow channel. A case of the heating area is made of heat-insulating transparent materials. Tobacco shreds or remanufactured tobacco leaves are filled in the heating area. Heating wires are arranged between the case and the tobacco shreds. A liquid storing cavity is formed in the atomizing area. The liquid storing cavity is connected with an atomizer in the power source area. The power source area is formed by electrically connecting a battery, a control circuit, a pneumatic inductive switch and the atomizer. When the visible heating atomizing cigarette is burnt and smoked, a user can breathe mixed smoke which is generated after heating of the tobacco shreds and atomizing of fragrance into the mouth through suction, and the sucking effect which is the same as that of a common cigarette is achieved. The visible heating atomizing cigarette has the dual advantages of electronic cigarettes and electrical heating cigarettes and is large in smoke amount, the amount of released harmful ingredients can be reduced greatly, tar cannot be generated, harm of passive smoking and the smoke of side flowing are avoided, and the visible heating atomizing cigarette is an effective substitute of a traditional combustible cigarette.

Novel carbon heating electronic cigarette

InactiveCN103271447AImprove the problem of insufficient smoke aromaReduce releaseTobacco devicesPipe TobaccoTar
The invention discloses a novel carbon heating electronic cigarette which is formed by a carbon heating area, an electronic atomization area and a cigarette holder in sequence. The carbon heating area, the electronic atomization area and the cigarette holder are separated one another through breathable partition plates. The carbon heating area is formed by a carbolic matter heat source, an aerosol forming part and a fragrance forming part in sequence. The electronic atomization area is formed by connecting a power supply, an atomizer and a liquid storage cavity electrically. The cigarette holder is a conventional cellulore filter stick. When the novel carbon heating electronic cigarette is sucked, the carbolic matter heat source heats aerosol forming matters and pipe tobacco to form aerosol, sucked airflow triggers a pneumatic inductive switch to be opened, the atomizer works, tobacco liquid in the liquid storage cavity is atomized to form smog, and the smog and the aerosol are sucked into a mouth. The novel carbon heating electronic cigarette integrates advantages of carbon heating type cigarettes and advantages of electronic cigarettes, is novel in appearance and easy to manufacture, does not generate sidestream gas, can meet requirements for cigarette fragrance and nicotine of a consumer, and is low in the content of tar and harmful ingredients.

Novel mesoporous material for absorbing granule phase substance, coke tar, phenol and amine nitrite in mainstream flue gas of tobacco

InactiveCN101433818ANo change in microscopic morphologyNo change in macroscopic appearanceTobacco smoke filtersSilicon compoundsParticulatesToxicant
The invention discloses a novel mesoporous material for adsorbing tar, phenol and special nitrosamine in tobacco and so on, in mainstream smoke of the tobacco. The mesoporous material with high adsorption property is used as an addition material for filter tips of cigarettes; and the mesoporous material is a mesoporous molecular sieve with a three-dimensional mesh microstructure and monolithic appearance such as SBA-15,or is a SBA-15 mesoporous molecular sieve material which is plated with a liquid film or is modified by metal oxides such as zirconia and is provided with the three-dimensional mesh microstructure and the monolithic appearance. The invention adopts a more convenient and effective method to develop the SBA-15 mesoporous molecular sieve material with the three-dimensional mesh microstructure and the monolithic appearance and modify the surface/a surface layer, has good performance of intercepting environmental toxins such as interception particulate phase matters and phenol in smoke, has the characteristics of saving energy, saving time, and reducing environmental pollution during the preparation, can also reduce cost, and has remarkable economic benefit and social benefit.

Combustible material plasma high-temperature gasification technique and equipment thereof

The invention relates to a combustible material plasma high-temperature gasification technique and equipment thereof. The technique comprises the following steps: firstly, laying a coke bed layer at the bottom part of a gasification furnace; secondly, putting the combustible material, a fluxing agent and an extra coke on the coke bed layer continuously to form a fuel bed layer; then injecting a primary oxidizing agent, starting a first-stage plasma torch to generate high temperature and high heat, forming a fusing zone at the joint of the coke bed layer and the fuel bed layer, forming a gasifying zone above the fusion zone, gasifying the combustible material to generate crude synthesis gas, and discharging the generated fused slag from the bottom part of the gasification furnace; then introducing the crude synthesis gas into a gas-solid separator for removing impurities to obtain purified synthesis gas; and finally introducing the purified synthesis gas into a detarrer, injecting a secondary oxidizing agent, starting a second-stage plasma torch to generate high temperature and high heat, cracking residual tar therein to obtain fined synthesis gas. The equipment mainly comprises three parts, namely the gasification furnace, the gas-solid separator and the detarrer. The fuel has good adaptability, high gasification efficiency, few tar content in the synthesis gas and high activeingredient.
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