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Smoking article incorporating a conductive substrate

The present invention provides a conductive substrate useful for Joule heating, such as in an electronic smoking article. Particularly, the invention provides a resistive heating element formed of a conductive substrate. The conductive substrate comprises an electrically conductive material and a carbonaceous additive, such as a binder material. The conductive substrate is carbonized in that it is subjected to calcining conditions to effectively reduce the carbonaceous additive to its carbon skeleton. It has been found that such carbonized substrate has surprisingly improved resistance properties in relation a substrate of the same formulation that is not carbonized. The carbonized substrate can include an aerosol precursor material. The formed resistive heating element can be included in an electronic smoking article to simultaneously provide resistive heating and aerosol formation with a single, unitary component.

Tobacco-Containing Smoking Article

A smoking article may include a cigarette incorporated within an electrically powered aerosol generating device that acts as a holder for that cigarette. The smoking article possesses at least one form of tobacco. The smoking article also possesses a mouth-end piece that is used by the smoker to inhale components of tobacco that are generated by the action of heat upon components of the cigarette. A representative smoking article possesses an outer housing incorporating a source of electrical power (e.g., a battery), a sensing mechanism for powering the device at least during periods of draw, and a heating device (e.g., at least one electrical resistance heating element) for forming a thermally generated aerosol that incorporates components of tobacco. During use, the cigarette is positioned within the device, and after use, the used cigarette is removed from the device and replaced with another cigarette.

Electrically heated smoking system having a liquid storage portion

An electrically heated smoking system includes a shell and a replaceable mouthpiece. The shell includes an electric power supply and electric circuitry. The mouthpiece includes a liquid storage portion and a capillary wick having a first end and a second end. The first end of the wick extends into the liquid storage portion for contact with liquid therein. The mouthpiece also includes a heating element for heating the second end of the capillary wick, an air outlet, and an aerosol forming chamber between the second end of the capillary wick and the air outlet. When the shell and mouthpiece are engaged or connected, the heating element is in electrical connection with the power supply via the circuitry, and a flowpath for air is defined from at least one air inlet to the air outlet via the aerosol forming chamber. In use, liquid is transferred from the liquid storage portion towards the heating element by capillary action in the wick. Liquid at the second end of the capillary wick is vaporized by the heating element. The supersaturated vapor created, is mixed and carried in the air flow from the at least one air inlet to the aerosol forming chamber. In the aerosol forming chamber, the vapor condenses to form an aerosol, which is carried towards the air outlet.

Heating control arrangement for an electronic smoking article and associated system and method

A method is provided for controlling heating of an aerosol precursor arrangement of an electronic smoking article. An average power is directed from a power source to a heating device arranged to heat the aerosol precursor arrangement and a heating time period commensurately initiated. The average power corresponds to a selected power set point associated with the power source. An actual power directed to the heating device is determined as a product of a voltage at, and a current through, the heating device. The actual power is compared to the average power, and the average power is adjusted to direct the actual power toward the selected power set point. The actual power is periodically determined and compared to the average power, and the average power adjusted toward the selected power set point, until expiration of the heating time period. An associated apparatus and computer program product are also provided.

Electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette has two tubes that resemble a cigarette: an electronic inhaler and an electronic atomizer. The two tubes are connected through one or more electric connectors to form an electronic cigarette. Inside the inhaler is a rechargeable or non-rechargeable power source such as a battery, which supplies electric power to the electronic inhaler and atomizer and ensures that both work together like a cigarette. In addition to the power source, the inhaler also includes other major components: an electric airflow sensor to detect air movement generated by a user's inhaling or puffing act and a Single Chip Micyoco which controls the atomization process. The sensor's role is to collect an airflow signal that triggers the Single Chip Micyoco, which in turn instructs the electronic cigarette to supply electric power to the inhaler and atomizer connected through an electric connector. Inside the electronic atomizer are an electric connector, electric heating wire, liquid container, and atomizer cap with an air-puffing hole. The user inhales through the air-puffing hole at an end of the electronic cigarette to create an air inflow, which triggers the atomization process. The Single Chip Micyoco driven by a software program controls the electronic cigarette in an on / off manner according to the signal detected by the electric sensor on the airflow and completes a cycle of atomization, which converts a solution of a liquid form inside the liquid container to a gas form. This entire process achieves the emulated smoking process of a user, who is satisfied with scent taste that mimics cigarette smoking.

Smoking article

A smoking article, such as a cigarette, comprises a lighting end and a mouth end. The smoking article possesses an aerosol-generation system that includes (i) a heat generation segment, and (ii) an aerosol-generating region or segment. A mouth end piece segment can be located at the mouth end of the smoking article. A segment of tobacco cut filler, gathered tobacco paper, or other type of flavor source material, can be positioned between the mouth end piece segment and the aerosol-generation segment. Optionally, segment composed of tobacco cut filler can be positioned so as to provide a lighting end segment. The smoking article possesses an overwrap (e.g., a single paper overwrap) that extends over the longitudinally extending surface of the mouth end piece segment, the aerosol generation segment, at least a portion of the length of the heat generation segment, any segment located between the mouth end piece and aerosol generation segments, and at least a portion of the length of the optional lighting end segment. Alternatively, the smoking article possesses an overwrap (e.g., a single paper overwrap) that extends over the longitudinally extending surface of the aerosol-generating segment, at least a portion of the length of the heat generation segment, at least a portion of any segment located downstream from the aerosol-generating segment, and at least a portion of the length of the optional lighting end segment, thereby forming a cigarette rod; and the cigarette rod is connected or attached to a filter element using a tipping type of material and arrangement.
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