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High power LED package

InactiveUS20050274959A1Heat radiation property can be improvedIncrease powerSolid-state devicesSemiconductor devicesLiquid-crystal displayEngineering
Disclosed is a high power LED package, including an LED; a silicon submount to which the LED is flip chip bonded; a reflective film formed on the silicon submount and electrically connected to the LED to increase light emitting efficiency of the LED; electrical wires connected to the reflective film to connect the LED to an external circuit; an insulating body formed below the silicon submount; a heat sink formed below the insulating body; an insulating substrate formed on the heat sink; and metal lines formed on the insulating substrate and connected to the electrical wires. In the LED package, since the silicon submount having the LED flip chip bonded thereto is directly attached to the heat sink, heat generated upon operation of the LED can be effectively radiated. Also, the LED package has a simple structure, thus having drastically decreased manufacturing costs. The high power LED can be applied to backlight units of LCDs or general illumination fixtures, and as well, to backlight units of conventional PCS phones or LED packages for key pads, therefore increasing the light properties of the LED. In particular, the LED package has an array of two or more submounts each having an LED flip chip bonded thereto, and thus, it can be applied to a module of a backlight unit for LCDs, thus having remarkably reduced manufacturing costs.
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