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Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof

A connection method for materializing a high-performance semiconductor system which is small-sized and high dense, is capable to three-dimensionally connecting a plurality of different kinds of semiconductor chips through piercing electrodes with shortest wiring lengths. The connection method enables high-speed operation with low noise, so as to obtain reliable and excellent connection in a short TAT at low costs. In a three-dimensional chip lamination composed of different kinds of semiconductor chips laminated one upon another with an interpose chip being interposed therebetween for connecting the upper and lower semiconductor chips, the semiconductor chips and the interposer chips are polished by grinding or the like at their rear surfaces so as to have thin thickness, holes are formed at rear surface positions corresponding to external electrode parts on the device side (front surface side) so that the holes extend to front surface electrodes, by dry etching or the like, and metal plating films are applied to the side walls of the holes and rear surface side, metal bumps of another semiconductor chip laminated at an upper stage being press-fitted into the holes applied with the metal plating films through deformation and being geometrically calked in the through holes formed in the semiconductor chip so as to electrically connected thereto.

Fabrication method of double-side PERC crystalline silicon solar cell

The invention discloses a fabrication method of a double-side PERC crystalline silicon solar cell. The fabrication method comprises the following steps of (1) removing damage of a silicon wafer, and performing texturing and cleaning; (2) performing diffusion to form a pn junction and performing front-surface laser doping; (3) etching and removing PSG; (4) plating a back-surface passivation thin film; (5) plating a front-surface anti-reflection film; (6) printing boron source paste on a back surface; (7) performing back-surface laser doping and windowing; (8) performing back-surface electrode printing; and (9) performing front-surface electrode printing. A laser doping technology is applied to a process of a selective emitter formed on a front surface and local boron doping on the back surface, only two processes of laser doping and boron source paste printing are added on the basis of a conventional PERC battery process, and the conversion efficiency of the double-side PERC cell is greatly improved; moreover, with the adoption of a secondary printing alignment laser printing MARK point mode, the back-surface metallization of the double-side PERC cell is achieved; and by the method,the problem of difficulty in alignment of a back-surface aluminum grid line to a laser windowing grid line of the silk-screen printed double-sided PERC cell is completely solved.
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