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Acoustic contact detecting device

An object of the present invention is to provide a coordinate input device of touch-type capable of giving an electric signal to a transducer, even if a piezoelectric vibrator having electrodes on both surfaces thereof is employed.A device according to the present invention comprises: acoustic wave transducers (piezoelectric vibrators) 3a and 4a, each functioning for oscillating a bulk wave (a first wave) toward a top surface 2 of a substrate 1; a planar wiring 7 formed on a back surface of the substrate 1 by the method such as transfer printing with conductive paste, for supplying said piezoelectric vibrator with electric power; a connecting device 8 for connecting said planar wiring with an electrode of each of said acoustic wave transducers 3a and 4a; diffractive acoustic wave mode couplers 9a–10b, each functioning for converting said bulk wave into a surface acoustic wave (a second wave) and vice versa; and a means for detecting a scatter in the surface acoustic wave (the second wave) on the top surface of said substrate. Employing the combination of the planar wiring and the connecting device can resolve the problem of fragility associated with a cable wiring even in the piezoelectric vibrator having the electrodes on both surfaces thereof.
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