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Synthetic resins are industrially produced resins, typically viscous substances that convert into rigid polymers by the process of curing. In order to undergo curing, resins typically contain reactive end groups, such as acrylates or epoxides. Some synthetic resins have properties similar to natural plant resins, but many do not.

Electronic part and a method of production thereof

The present invention relates to an electronic part used for mobile communications apparatuses and the like, and more particularly to an electronic part, such as an acoustic surface-wave device, a piezoelectric ceramic device or the like, which requires an oscillation space near the surface of the functional device chip thereof, and a method of production thereof. With this method, a space retainer for forming a sealed space at the functional portion of the chip can be hermetically sealed and have high moisture resistance, and the process of forming the space retainer can be carried out easily. The electronic part of the present invention comprises a functional device chip, a space retainer for forming a sealed space at the functional portion of the chip, a circuit substrate to which the chip is secured, electrode interconnection portions for establishing electric connection between the chip and the circuit substrate, and a sealing resin for covering and sealing at least the space retainer, wherein the space retainer comprises a support layer made of a synthetic resin film, provided with an opening enclosing the functional portion and joined onto the main surface, and a cover formed and joined onto the support layer so as to cover the functional portion and form a sealed space between the cover and the functional portion.

Middle or large-sized battery module

Disclosed herein is a middle- or large-sized battery module including two or more unit modules each having one or more plate-shaped battery cells, as unit cells, surrounded by a high-strength sheathing member made of synthetic resin or metal, and separable upper and lower frame members coupled with each other in an assembly-type coupling structure such that the unit modules are vertically mounted in the upper and lower frame members. The present invention has the effect of easily mounting a sensing unit that is capable of minimizing the weight and size of battery cells while effectively reinforcing the low mechanical strength of the battery cells and sensing the operation state of the battery cells to a middle- or large-sized battery module. In addition, the present invention has the effect of manufacturing the battery module by a simple assembly process without using a plurality of members for mechanical coupling and electrical connection, thereby decreasing the manufacturing costs of the battery module, and effectively preventing the battery module from being short-circuited or damaged during the manufacture or the operation of the battery module. Furthermore, the present invention has the effect of manufacturing a middle- or large-sized battery system having desired output and capacity using the battery module as a unit body.
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