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Chromium-free passivation liquid for galvanized sheet and manufacture method thereof

The invention in particular relates to passivation solution without chrome which is used for galvanized sheets and a method thereof. The technical scheme thereof comprises: firstly, dissolving inorganic salt corrosion inhibitor, then, adding the inorganic salt corrosion inhibitor into a stirred tank, adding dispersant, organic acid, sealant, silicone-acrylate emulsion and water while stirring, then, using inorganic acid or alkali to regulate the pH value to be 2.0-5.0, and then stirring for 1-2 hours under the condition that the temperature is 20-30 DEG C, the content of the components of each liter is: the inorganic salt corrosion inhibitor 10-55g, additive 4-10g, the organic acid 5-20g, the sealant 5-30g, the silicone-acrylate emulsion 150-300g, and the rest is the water. The method of the invention can additionally form a layer of organic resin separate layer on the basis of forming an inorganic metal compound precipitation film, additionally, since the silicon compound is added, not only the binding force between a passivation layer and zinc coating can be increased, but also the corrosion resistance, the scrubbing resistance and the wear resistance of the passivation layer can be increased, and the coating treatment after passivation can not be affected.

Deposition of calcium-phosphate (CaP) and calcium-phosphate with bone morphogenic protein (CaP+BMP) coatings on metallic and polymeric surfaces

The invention is a medical implantable device which is coated by the method according to the invention. The surface of the substrate used for the implantable device, in the raw condition, following a cleaning regime and physiochemical pretreatments, is coated using a biomimetic process in a supersaturated calcium phosphate solution (SCPS) to obtain the desired coating coverage and morphology maintaining a ratio of calcium to phosphorus pH, as well as solution temperature plays a major role in yielding precipitation of the proper phase of CaP so that composition, morphologies, crystal structures, and solubility characteristics are optimal for the deposition process. The biomimetic coating adds the attribute of osteoconductivity to the implant device. To maximize bone growth, the implant must also induce bone growth, or possess the attribute of osteoinductivity. This attribute is acquired by the use of therapeutic agents, i.e. bone morphogenic proteins (BMP), growth factors, stem cells, etc. The preparation of the SCPS solution is slightly altered so that during the immersion of the implant in the SCPS, the therapeutic agents are co-precipitated and bonded with the CaP directly on the underlying surface of the implant device. A final dipping process into a BMP solution provides an initial burst of cellular activity. For delivering stem and/or progenitor cell, after drying the dipped solution of BMP, the cells are cultured on the surface of the implant.

Controlled degradation magnesium alloy coating bracket and preparation thereof

InactiveCN101214396AImprove mechanical propertiesExcellent pharmacological propertiesAnodisationStentsSurface cleaningPolymer chemistry
The invention relates to a controlled degradation magnesium alloy coating stent and a preparation method. The stent body is made of medical high purity magnesium or magnesium alloy by mechanical processing or laser carving; the stent body is provided with a drug-loading coating which bears curative drug; the surface of the stent body is provided with an anti-corrosive coating; the surface of the anti-corrosive coating is provided with a degradable polymer film drug-loading coating; the preparation method includes surface cleaning, preparation of the degradable polymer film drug-loading coating, and application of curative drug; through (1)surface cleaning, (2)preparation of the degradable polymer film drug-loading coating, and (3)application of curative drug, an oxide film is formed on the surface; different drugs and dosage can be fixed by regulating the molecular weight and the thickness of the polymer layer, the drug-loading quantity is more than 30 percent, which improves the fixed stability of the drug, greatly reduces the degradation speed of the magnesium alloy and controls release of the drug, delays corrosion of the magnesium alloy, extends the service life of the stent, is safe in use, and meets the clinical requirement.

Method and apparatus for preparing material coating by laser inductive composite melt-coating

The invention discloses a method and its device for laser to induce the compound melt high performance material coating. The invention heats up and coupling the laser beam and the high frequency electromagnetic induction, and realizes the process of laser compound melt with induction heating. The device includes the laser, the laser conducting device, the laser gathering device, the high frequency induction heater, numerically controlled machine tool, and the workpiece holding device. When the device works, the distance of coating of preparing to deal with workpiece surface and induction heating coil is between 1 and 10 millimeter. The versatility of the invention is strong, so it can do the surface treatment with laser to induce the compound melt high performance material coating in the surface of solid assembly of each material and inner and outer surface of tubular part. The characteristic of melt method lies in utilizing the efficiency high merit of hot spray, cold spray, or supersonic flame spray. And induction heating is done at the time of laser melt. The maximum melt linear speed amounts to 0.5-10 meters per minute, which enhances between one time and ten times to the conventional laser melt. The deposition rate of powder is improved between one time and fifteen times than existing laser melt deposition rate, moreover the melt deposit doesn't have the blowhole and the crack.

Laser additive manufacturing method and device of metal parts

ActiveCN103726049AMeet the requirements of high precision formingRealization of high-precision forming requirementsMetallic material coating processesSelective laser meltingManufacturing technology
The invention discloses a laser additive manufacturing method and a laser additive manufacturing device of metal parts. In the laser additive manufacturing method, a layered-manufactured profile-followed cylinder is used as a forming cylinder, namely before each metal part layer is manufactured, a layer of closed thin wall is manufactured, the formed cavity is used as the profile-followed cavity, the height of the profile-followed cavity is the same as that of the metal part layer to be manufactured, and the shape of the profile-followed cavity is adapted to that of the metal part layer to be manufactured, so as to provide a plane reference and a cavity for laying powder; the layered-manufactured profile-followed cylinder is used, a scanning galvanometer is used for performing selective laser melting and forming, the metal part layers are manufactured layer by layer, layers of the profile-followed cavities are finally stacked to form the profile-followed cylinder, and the layers of metal parts are stacked to form metal parts. The laser additive manufacturing device comprises a laser galvanometer melting and forming device and a thin wall preparation device which alternatively work, so as to accomplish the selective laser melting and forming process. The method and the device keep the advantages of the selective laser melting (SLM) metal additive manufacturing technology, uses the profile-followed cylinder to break the limit of the conventional SLM device fixed-size forming cylinder, and thus achieving the high-precision manufacture of the large-size even over-sized parts.
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