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Aluminum-silicon series deforming alloy and manufacturing method thereof

InactiveCN101144134AReduce contentContent adjustmentImpurityHeat treated
The present invention discloses aluminum silicon deformable aluminum alloy and the preparation method thereof. According to the weight percentages, the alloy contains 9.0-12.6 percent of silicon, 1.5-4.0 percent of copper, 0.3-0.6 percent of magnesium, 0.1-3.5 percent of bismuth, less than 0.30 percent of iron, less than 0.20 percent of zinc, less than or equal to 0.15 percent of impurity, and aluminum as the residual. The raw material is molten and fined in a reflecting smelting furnace, after Al-Sr intermediate alloy modification to the alloy liquid, cast rods are obtained through semi continuous casting, and after hot extrusion and deformation to the cast rods, the aluminum silicon deformable aluminum alloy is produced through forging and T6 heat treatment. After adding the element bismuth into the alloy, the present invention greatly enhances the wear-resisting performance of the alloy, leads the alloy to have self lubricating property, prolongs the service life of the product produced with the alloy, reduces the use cost, and leads the alloy to have the tensile strength of above 390 MPa, the elongation rate after breaking of 6 percent, and the hardness degree of 136-141 HB. The present invention is mainly used for producing vehicle components of wheels, pistons, bearings, and two-side swash plates of vehicles and motorcycles which have high demands on the intensity, the toughness and the abrasion resistance.
Owner:李贞宽 +1

Preparation of active nano calcium carbonate composite modified asphalt material

The invention discloses a method for preparing an active nano calcium carbonate compound modified asphalt material, which comprises the following steps in turn: heating base asphalt to be 120 to 190 DEG C till the base asphalt can fully flow, adding definite amount of SBS and active nano calcium carbonate into the base asphalt, stirring the mixture for 30 minutes at low speed, adding definite amount of stabilizing agent, emulsifying and shearing the mixture for 30 minutes. Based on the prior SBS modified asphalt, the method adds the definite amount of the active nano calcium carbonate as compound modifier. Because the surface of the active nano calcium carbonate is subjected to organic active treatment and has better oleophilic property, the active nano calcium carbonate has better compatibility and dispersion property in the asphalt. The high-temperature property and the dynamic stability of the asphalt can be remarkably improved by adding the definite amount of the active nano calcium carbonate into the modified asphalt; and simultaneously because the active nano calcium carbonate is already subjected to large-scale industrialized production, the cost is relatively low, and the active nano calcium carbonate after adding can lower the production cost of the modified asphalt remarkably.

Heating furnace mending material and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102010212AImprove sintering strengthImprove high temperature performanceSlagSodium silicate
The invention relates to a heating furnace mending material and a preparation method thereof in the field of refractory materials. The heating furnace mending material is prepared by uniformly mixing 2 to 20 weight percent of sodium silicate and/or sodium metasilicate serving as a bonding agent, 97 to 80 weight percent of corundum, bauxite or mullite serving as a main raw material, and 0.5 to 8 weight percent of silica micropowder, alumina micropowder or bauxite micropowder serving as a sintering aid. The mending material has the advantages that: 1, the addition of water is avoided, namely, the mending material can be used for dry mending, so the influence of factors, such as maintenance, baking and the like, on the performance of the mending material is avoided; 2, the mending is simple and convenient to construct without stopping a furnace, namely, the mending material can be spread for furnace mending at normal temperature and thrown for the furnace mending at high temperature; 3, the mending material does not produce any harmful gas in the mending so as to meet the requirement of environmental protection; 4, the mending material has a wide curing and sintering temperature range, and can be quickly cured and sintered at 150 to 1,200 DEG C; 5, the mending material has relatively higher cohesiveness with an original furnace lining material, and does not produce layering after the mending; and 6, the mending material has slag resistance, abrasive resistance and high thermal shock resistance, and the furnace has long service life after being mended.
Owner:北京利尔高温材料股份有限公司 +2

Method for enhancing performance of electric heating tube

The invention relates to a method used for improving electric heating management performance, belonging to the manufacture technique of an electric heating device. The method of the invention comprises the steps as follows: a: austenitic stainless steel pipe is taken as the external pipe of the electric heating pipe; after electric heating wire and MgO powder are filled in the external pipe by a routine method, the diameter of the external pipe is shortened by the pipe contracting disposal; b: after the pipe contracting disposal, the half finished product is disposed by high temperature once; c: after the high temperature disposal, the pipe-bending process is carried out by a bending deformation method so as to bend the external pipe as bent shape; d: routine moisture-removal disposal or stress-removal disposal or secondary high-temperature disposal is carried out on the half finished product after the pipe-bending process; e: the pipe port is closed after the moisture-disposal disposal or the secondary high-temperature disposal. The method of the invention adds the high temperature polishing disposal or high temperature oxidation disposal or high temperature oxidation disposal process in suitable procedure of the processing technology of the electric heating pipe, thus achieving the objects of improving the high temperature performance, reliability and prolonging the service life of the electric heating pipe by most economical processing steps.
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