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Tackifiers are chemical compounds used in formulating adhesives to increase the tack, the stickiness of the surface of the adhesive. They are usually low-molecular weight compounds with high glass transition temperature. At low strain rate, they provide higher stress compliance, and become stiffer at higher strain rates.

Water-based polyurethane composite adhesive for tanning and preparation method and application of composite adhesive

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The invention discloses water-based polyurethane composite adhesive for tanning and a preparation method and application of the composite adhesive, belongs to the technical field of water-based polyurethane composite adhesive preparation methods, and in particular relates to a method for preparing composite adhesive in the fields of artificial leather and synthetic leather. The method for preparing the water-based polyurethane composite adhesive for tanning is characterized by comprising the following steps of: reacting polyol polymer and isocyanate, adding chain extender, hydrophilic chain extender, cross linker, catalyst and solvent, reacting, cooling and emulsifying, to obtain emulsion; and mixing the emulsion, curing agent, wetting agent, tackifier, adsorbent and thickening agent uniformly, and thus obtaining the hot-melt adhesive for artificial leather adhesive layers. The water-based polyurethane composite adhesive for tanning is used for compounding polyvinyl chloride (PVC) / cloth for artificial leather of luggage and clothes. The prepared water-based polyurethane composite adhesive for tanning has high adhesive fastness and good water and solvent resistance, and can be applied to processes of knife coating, roll coating and the like of binding materials of middle layers of artificial leather and synthetic leather in the fields of textiles, leather processing and the like.

Adhesive polyethylene compositions and multi-layer laminated films using the same

Disclosed is a specific adhesive polyethylene composition comprising [1] a modified ethylene/alpha-olefin copolymer resin or elastomer obtained by modifying a specific ethylene/alpha-olefin copolymer resin or elastomer, each of which comprises ethylene and an alpha-olefin of 3 to 20 carbon atoms, with an unsaturated carboxylic acid or anhydride, ester, amide, imide or metallic salt derivative of a unsaturated carboxylic acid thereof, [2] an unmodified ethylene/alpha-olefin copolymer resin and/or an unmodified ethylene/alpha-olefin copolymer elastomer and [3] a tackifier. Also disclosed is a multi-layer laminated film of 3 or more layers in which a layer of the above composition is interposed between an ethylene polymer layer and either a polyamide resin layer, an ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer layer or a layer of a mixture of polyamide resin and ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer. The adhesive polyethylene composition shows excellent adhesion strength to ethylene polymers, polyamide resins and ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymers, high heat-sealing strength and heat resistance. The multi-layer laminated film shows excellent strength, heat resistance and gas barrier properties, and besides this film has heat shrinkability, so that the film is suitably used as a shrink film.

Acrylic amide modified graft copolymer, preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses an acrylamide modified graft copolymer and a preparation method and usage thereof. The invention is characterized in that 20 parts of acrylamide, 1-20 anionic monomer and/or cationic monomer, 0.1-15 macromonomer, 0.05-10 ionic lyophobic monomer and 50-1000 deionized water are added into a three-necked reaction bottle, the pH value is adjusted to be 3-9, N2 is introduced for 30min, then 0.002-0.5 part of initiator persulfate is added at 30-75 DEG C, the reaction lasts 8-36h, then copolymer PAB is obtained, and finally water is used for dilution to obtain strong PAB solution. During polymerization, no surfactant is used, and the macromonomer with a long chain and the ionic lyophobic monomer with intermolecular association function are introduced into the copolymer PAB, so the capabilities of cooperative tackification and salt-resistance between the rigid conformation of a molecular chain and the intermolecular association can be played optimally, the PAB exhibits unique solution property and has higher colloidal viscosity in high saline solution than in fresh water, and the PAB obtains the capabilities of tackification, salt resistance, low surface tension and strong molecular association and can be used for the oil-displacing acrylamide modified graft copolymer. The copolymer is prepared into water solution with mass concentration of 0.2-3.0g/L and surfactant concentration of 0.01-2 mmol/L, then the water solution is added into a mixing vessel by a stirring device, and then a polymer oil-displacing agent with tackification, salt resistance and cutting resistance is obtained. The PAB has the functions of both a tackifier and a macromolecule surfactant. The copolymer PAB is prepared into water solution which has mass concentration of 0.05-7%, so the macromolecule surfactant with excellent surface activeness can be obtained and then applicable to an emulsifier, an emulsion splitter, a solubilizer and a wetting agent.

Organic silicon rubber encapsulating material for high-power LED

The invention relates to an organic silicon encapsulating material for a high-power LED and a preparation method thereof. The organic silicon encapsulating material is prepared by mixing a component A containing vinyl polysiloxanes, a silicone resin component B, a component C containing hydrogen polysiloxane, a platinum catalyst component D, a component E of catalytic inhibitor of acetylene alcohols and a tackifier component F. The obtained encapsulating silicon rubber with different refractive indexes of level 1.4, level 1.5 and the like can be used for the encapsulation of various high-power LEDs and the encapsulation of other optical application. The organic silicon rubber encapsulating material for the high-power LED takes the silicone resin component B as a filling material, which not only enables that the silicone rubber has high transparency, high strength and high light transmittance, but also improves the temperature resistance, the yellowing resistance, and the durability of the high light transmittance of high-power LED products. The organic silicon rubber encapsulating material for the high-power LED can be prepared into two encapsulating forms of a single component and bi-component, which improves the adaptability and the encapsulating efficiency for encapsulating equipment and process procedures, and has the characteristics of reduced cost and convenient use.
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