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Elastic tab laminate

There is provided an extensible elastic tab designed to be adhered to the edge of an article, formed using a coextruded elastic film comprising at least one elastic layer and at least one second layer on at least a first face of the elastic layer with at least one face of the coextruded elastic film attached to at least a partially extensible nonwoven layer. The partially expandable, or extensible nonwoven layer has at least one first portion with limited extensibility in a first direction and at least one second inextensible portion in the first direction. The extensible elastic tab when stretched to the extension limit of the first portion or portions in the first direction will elastically recover at least 1.0 cm, preferably at least 2 cm providing an elastic tab having a Useful Stretch Ratio (as defined in the Examples) of at least 30 percent. The Useful Stretch Ratio includes the portion of the elastic recovery length having an elastic recovery force of greater than 20 grams/cm force, but below a given extension which generally is 90 percent of the extension limit. Further the elastic tab in the region of the Useful Stretch Ratio preferably has an incremental extension force of less than about 300 grams/cm. The invention tab provides definable predictable elastic performance and is useful as a fastening tab used to join to surfaces requiring elastic engagement, particularly a person or animal. The tab is particularly useful as a diaper fastening tab.
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