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Process for producing nano graphene reinforced composite particles for lithium battery electrodes

A process for producing solid nanocomposite particles for lithium metal or lithium ion battery electrode applications is provided. In one preferred embodiment, the process comprises: (A) Preparing an electrode active material in a form of fine particles, rods, wires, fibers, or tubes with a dimension smaller than 1 μm; (B) Preparing separated or isolated nano graphene platelets with a thickness less than 50 nm; (C) Dispersing the nano graphene platelets and the electrode active material in a precursor fluid medium to form a suspension wherein the fluid medium contains a precursor matrix material dispersed or dissolved therein; and (D) Converting the suspension to the solid nanocomposite particles, wherein the precursor matrix material is converted into a protective matrix material reinforced by the nano graphene platelets and the electrode active material is substantially dispersed in the protective matrix material. For a lithium ion battery anode application, the matrix material is preferably amorphous carbon, polymeric carbon, or meso-phase carbon. Such solid nanocomposite particles provide a high anode capacity and good cycling stability. For a cathode application, the resulting lithium metal or lithium ion battery exhibits an exceptionally high cycle life.

Preparation method of high-strength hydrogel

InactiveCN103739861AThe preparation process takes a short timeReduce energy consumptionPolymer chemistryDouble network
The invention relates to a high-strength hydrogel and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the steps of directly mixing a polymer, a monomer, an initiator, a cross-linking agent and water once, dissolving all the substances to form a homogeneous solution under a certain simulation condition, and then initiating and polymerizing by using heat or light to obtain the high-strength hydrogel, wherein the polymer is needed for preparation of the hydrogel and used for forming a first double network of a dual-network hydrogel; the monomer is used for polymerizing and forming a second double network of the dual-network hydrogel; the initiator is used for initiating the monomer to be polymerized; the cross-linking agent is used for performing cross-linking reaction in a monomer polymerizing process so as to form the second double network. According to the preparation method, a one-pot method is used for preparing the high-strength hydrogel, so that the method is simple and practicable; the prepared high-strength hydrogel has the characteristics of high strength and high toughness; a tensile strength of the gel is 0.6-1.2MPa, a tensile modulus is 100-200 KPa and a tensile strain reaches 1000-2680%; the prepared high-strength hydrogel can be widely applied to the fields of tissue repair, artificial organ, drug sustained release, sensors and the like.
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