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Inflatable heating device for in-situ repair of conduit and method for repairing conduit

The apparatus of the present invention is generally characterized by a heating / inflation module having pressurizable interior and an attached heat curable pre-preg. In particular, an elastomeric, seamless composite is provided that includes a heating element disposed within a thermoset resin matrix. The composite adapted to maintain a consistent temperature profile and an internal air pressure. A first end piece is attached to a first end of the composite and has an air port for communication with a compressed air source, a vacuum port for communication with a vacuum supply source and at least one electrical cable port for communication with a power supply source. A second end piece attached to a second end of the composite. The apparatus further includes a pre-preg removably attached to an outer surface of the composite. The pre-preg includes a structural fiber matrix supporting a heat curable resin. The composite is constructed by applying a liquid silicone matrix to at least one layer of braided or wound and / or tape fibers, wherein a portion of the fibers are electrically conductive. The layer of braided fibers is introduced into a mold, and a removable, expandable inner bladder is then loaded into the mold. The inner bladder is inflated to conform the layer of braided fibers to an interior surface of the mold. An electric current is caused to flow to the conductive fibers to cure the silicone matrix into a stable, elastomeric state. The composite is removed from the mold. A method for repairing a damaged section of a conduit is also disclosed.

High-thermal-diffusion-coefficient high molecular material and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN104559148AImprove thermal conductivityGood radiation cooling performancePolymer scienceAntioxidant
The invention discloses a high-thermal-diffusion-coefficient high molecular material and a preparation method thereof. The high-thermal-diffusion-coefficient high molecular material is prepared from the following steps: 20-65 parts of matrix resin, 35-65 parts of high-thermal diffusion heat-conducting filler, 0.1-5 parts of carbon fiber composite, 0.1-10 parts of a flexibilizer, 0.1-2 parts of coupling agent, 0.1-2 parts of antioxidant and 0.1-15 parts of other auxiliaries. According to the high-thermal-diffusion-coefficient high molecular material, the heat conduction capability of the high molecular material is remarkably enhanced by virtue of the positive synergetic hybrid effect of a three-dimensional heat-conducting network formed by the high-thermal-diffusion-coefficient heat-conducting fillers different in shape in the processing course, and therefore the problems of poor heat conduction and thermal diffusion properties of the high molecular material for the existing LED lamp cooling housing are solved; in the preparation process, the compatibility between the surface modified high-thermal-diffusion-coefficient high molecular material and a resin matrix is improved, the viscosity of the synthetic resin melt is reduced and the dispersity of the filler is improved to enhance the processability; as a result, the product has excellent surface quality and mechanical properties; the high molecular material further has the advantages of high thermal conductivity and high tenacity.
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