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Coating inorganic fiber toughened MAX phase ceramic composite material, preparation method and uses thereof

ActiveCN103910532AAppropriate bonding interface strengthFree control of interface strengthNuclear energy generationContainmentAviationFiber
The present invention provides a coating inorganic fiber toughened MAX phase ceramic composite material and a preparation method thereof. The composite material adopts a MAX phase ceramic material as a matrix and adopts coating inorganic fibers as a toughening phase, wherein the coating inorganic fiber content is 0.5-90% (by volume), and the coating inorganic fibers are completely dispersed in the matrix and are inorganic fibers with the surface coated with the coating. Compared with the composite material in the prior art, the composite material of the present invention has the following characteristics that: the interface reaction between the inorganic fibers and the MAX phase ceramic can be effectively inhibited, the thermal expansion coefficient and elasticity modulus matching degree between the inorganic fibers and the MAX phase ceramic can be effective regulated, the effective improvement of the fracture toughness and the high temperature resistance of the MAX phase ceramic composite material can be achieved, the problems of high brittleness and insufficient use reliability of the MAX phase ceramic can be fundamentally solved, and the coating inorganic fiber toughened MAX phase ceramic composite material has potential application prospects in the high technology fields of civil use, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry and the like, and is especially for the fission and fusion reactor nuclear power plant inner wall structure material.

Electrolyte solution for high-capacity lithium-ion battery, preparation method and lithium-ion battery

The invention discloses an electrolyte solution for a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. The electrolyte solution includes non-aqueous solvent, lithium hexafluorophosphate, negative electrode film forming additive, positive electrode surface activity inhibiting additive and transition metal ion complexant; the negative electrode film forming additive includes organic ester negative electrode film forming additive of 1 to 10wt% of the total electrolyte solution and inorganic lithium salt negative electrode film forming additive of 0.5 to 2wt% of the total electrolyte solution; the positive electrode surface activity inhibiting additive includes fluorinated ether additive of 1 to 5wt% of the total electrolyte solution and nitrile additive of 0.1 to 5wt% of the total electrolyte solution; the transition metal ion complexant is of 0.1 to 1.0wt% of the total electrolyte solution. The electrolyte solution is adaptive to the high-capacity lithium-ion battery and is capable of optimizing the circulating performance and high-temperature storage performance of the lithium-ion battery. The invention further provides a preparation method of the electrolyte solution and the high-capacity lithium-ion battery adopting the electrolyte solution.

Lithium ion battery composite diaphragm and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a lithium ion battery composite diaphragm and a preparation method and an application thereof, belonging to the technical field of lithium ion batteries. The composite diaphragm comprises a polyolefin microporous membrane, a polymer microsphere based coating on one side surface of the polyolefin microporous membrane, and an inorganic ceramic-based coating on the other side surface of the polyolefin microporous membrane. The lithium ion battery composite diaphragm has good air permeability, liquid retaining capability and high-temperature resistance and can remarkably improve the security and the circulation property of the battery. The melting point or softening point of the polymer microsphere-based coating in the composite diaphragm is 90-140 DEG C, and when the temperature of the battery is increased, the polymer microsphere based coating is molten or swelled within a short time, then the apertures of the polyolefin microporous membrane are blocked rapidly, the thermal turn-off effect of the diaphragm is achieved, a lithium ion conveying channel is cut off, and short circuit inside the battery is prevented; meanwhile as ceramic grains inside the inorganic ceramic-based coating have the high-temperature resistance property, the polyolefin microporous membrane is effectively prevented from shrinkage, and the situation that positive and negative films directly come into contact to cause short circuit of the battery.

High-strength stretch-proof flame-retardant textile

InactiveCN101748549ASolve the difficulty of weavingSolve not easy to dyeWoven fabricsYarnCompound aEngineering
The invention provides a high-strength stretch-proof flame-retardant textile. The flame-retardant textile is formed by weaving a flame-retardant composite yarn, wherein the flame-retardant composite yarn is formed by compounding a core yarn and a leather yarn and is one of a covering yarn and a fasciated yarn; the core yarn adopts a flame-retardant filament yarn as a raw material; the leather yarn adopts a flame-retardant short fiber as a raw material; and the weight ratio of the flame-retardant filament yarn to the flame-retardant short fiber is 30-90:10-70. Compared with the conventional flame-retardant textile, the high-strength stretch-proof flame-retardant textile has higher strength and overcomes the defects of difficult weaving, difficult dyeing and uncomfortableness of the high-strength fiber; the high-strength stretch-proof flame-retardant textile has permanent flame retardance which cannot decrease after the textile is washed, and better textile strength; the textile has soft and comfortable handfeel, rich color and good strength, meets the requirements of various flame-retardant clothes and related standards; the product has rich and varied appearances and is durable; and the combustion performance of the textile can meet the national standards of flame-retardant products.

Preparation method of high-temperature-resistant aerogel and aerogel-type porous ceramics

The invention discloses a preparation method of high-temperature-resistant aerogel. The method comprises: adding high-temperature-resistant powder or crystal whiskers to sol, performing in-situ compounding of sol and high-temperature-resistant powder or crystal whiskers, and performing aging, modification and drying to obtain high-temperature-resistant aerogel. The invention further discloses a preparation method of aerogel-type porous ceramics. Porous ceramics having an aerogel hole structure kept is obtained by sintering the high-temperature-resistant aerogel. The prepared high-temperature-resistant aerogel and aerogel-type porous ceramics can resist high temperature of 1000-1800 DEC C or more, keep the nanometer hole structure from collapse, have high porosity and strength and have hole diameters which can be adjusted from micropores to large holes. The aerogel and aerogel-type porous ceramics can be used as a super thermal insulation material and can be widely applied to fields of purification separation, adsorption, chemical industrial catalytic carriers, sound absorption and damping, sensing elements and electrochemistry. The method is simple and easy to carry out and suitable for massive production, and allows high temperature resistance of aerogel to be improved and application fields of aerogel to be broadened.

Feed for early weaned suckling pigs

The invention relates to a feed for early weaned piglets, which belongs to the field of the feed. Main ingredients of the feed comprise expanded corn, full-fat soybean, fat powder, steam fish meal, acidified whey powder, fermented soybean meal, a complex enzyme preparation, a micro-ecological preparation, amino acids, complex vitamins, complex trace elements and the like. The digestive physiological characteristics of the weaned piglets are fully considered on the selection and the processing of raw materials, thereby greatly improving the palatability and the digestion rate of the feed; simultaneously, through the synergistic compatibility of an egg yolk antibody, lactein, sodium humate and the complex micro-ecological preparation, the diarrhea rate of the weaned piglets is reduced, the effects are superior to those of adding antibiotics into the feed, and the feed is the green, environmentally-friendly and nuisanceless feed. An animal feeding experiment proves that the feeding effects are ideal, the palatability is good, the piglets after weaning are high in average feed intake, fast in daily weight gain and low in diarrhea rate, and the feed has a good promoting effect for growth and health conditions of the weaned piglets and can meet the demands of most of raisers at present.

600V extra-high voltage aluminum electrolyte capacitor working electrolyte and preparation and application thereof

The invention relates to a 600V extra-high voltage aluminum electrolyte capacitor working electrolyte and a preparation and an application thereof; the working electrolyte comprises the following materials: 44.5-80.3% of main solvent, 5-15% of auxiliary solvent, 8-15% of solute, 0.5-2.5% of sparking voltage enhancer, 6-10% of stabilizer and 0.2-3% of hydrogen absorbent; the preparation method comprises the following steps: mixing the main solvent and the auxiliary solvent evenly, heating the mixture to 60-90 DEG C; adding sparking voltage enhancer, heating the mixture to 135-155 DEG C; cooling the heated mixture to 65-80 DEG C by circulating water, adding the solute and the stabilizer, heating the product to 105-135 DEG C; finally, adding the hydrogen absorbent and natural cooling to obtain the working electrolyte. Proper sparking voltage enhancer and stabilizer are added in the electrolyte to improve the high voltage resistant and high temperature resistant properties of electrolyte and to ensure the electrolyte to have low aerogenesis property; the aluminum electrolyte capacitor prepared by using the electrolyte has long service life and high voltage resistant property, and can not be broken down as the sparking voltage of the electrolyte is unstable.

Flame-retardant PP/nylon corrugated tube composite material and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a corrugated tube material and particularly discloses a flame-retardant PP (Polypropylene) / nylon corrugated tube composite material and a preparation method thereof, aiming to overcome the shortcomings in the prior art that the mechanical property of the PP corrugated tube is bad, the nylon corrugated tube is not flame-retardant, the stability is bad, and the service lifeis short. The material disclosed by the invention comprises the following substances by weight percentage: 47-75 of PP, 3-40 of nylon, 5-30 of flame retardant, 5-20 of compatilizer, 1-40 of flexibilizer, 0-10 of filling master batches, 0.2-1.5 of heat stabilizer, and 0.2-1.5 of processing agent. The preparation method comprises the steps as follows: the filling master batches are firstly preparedand then added into a twin-screw extruder to melt and mix with other materials, and pelletings are extruded out to prepare the flame-retardant PP / nylon composite material. The invention has the advantages of favorable flame-retardant property, excellent high-temperature resistance, friction resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, long service life, high surface glossiness, high electrical insulativity, simple manufacturing technology, and low cost.

Ultraviolet crosslinked expansion type flame-retardant polyolefin cable insulation sheath material and preparation thereof

The invention discloses an insulating and sheathing material of ultraviolet light crosslinking expanding type phosphorus nitrogen flaming resistance polyolefine cables and a preparation method thereof. The invention is characterized in that polyethylene/PEMA and/or ethylene vinyl acetate or maleic anhydride grafted ethylene vinyl acetate or acid amide grafted ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer are taken as base, added with expanding type phosphorus nitrogen halogen-free flame retardants, light trigger, polyfunctional group cross linker and chemical inhibitor and matched with flaming retardant synergistic agent, antismoke agent and processing aid, and then squeezed out and pelleted into photo-crosslinking flame retardant cable materials; and then the flame retardant cable materials are melted and extruded on a cable conductor wire core and clad into an insulating layer and a sheathing layer; hereupon the ultraviolet light irradiation crosslinking is carried on the insulating layer or the sheathing layer. Via detecting, the oxygen index of the insulating layer or the sheathing layer is larger than 30%, the vertical flaming experiment passes through UL-94 V0 level, the tensile strength is larger than 12Mpa, the elongation at break is larger than 350%, and the electric volume resistivity is larger than 8*10

Downhole tool for achieving efficient rock breaking through spin vibration

The invention relates to a downhole tool for achieving efficient rock breaking through spin vibration, and belongs to the technical fields of petroleum and natural gas exploitation and drilling tools. According to the technical scheme, drilling fluid drives a turbine to rotate, a turbine rotor drives a transmission shaft to rotate to drive a disc valve set to periodically rotate, the open area changes, a periodic pressure pulse is generated to act on a vibration nipple to generate reciprocating vibration, the friction resistance between a drilling column and the well wall is effectively improved, and mechanical drilling speed is increased; the lower end of a tooth-shaped impact hammer head is provided with a tooth-shaped curved surface which is meshed with a tooth-shaped curved surface of a lower-end transmission connector, and the lower-end transmission connector is driven by a transmission shaft to generate rotating motion, so that the tooth-shaped impact hammer head is driven to rotate to generate axial reciprocating impact on the lower-end transmission connector under the joint action of the tooth-shaped impact hammer head and a force accumulating spring. According to the downhole tool, the structure is simple, the friction resistance is small, effective bit pressure and effective vibration are increased, the mechanical rotating speed is increased, and the cost is reduced.
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